The benefits of working on a tablet

Many households now own a tablet. Most people use it as an extra screen on the couch. That means: to surf the internet, watch videos, play games or quickly check your email. But is a tablet also suitable for working?

Benefits of a tablet
Ease of operation

You purchase a tablet because of its ease of use. The touch and operating system is aimed at allowing you to quickly access or look up something. Ideal if you need to quickly review a presentation, document or note. Moreover, it is easier for people with a graphic background to draw something than with a mouse on the laptop or PC.

For laptops, the threshold is somewhat greater: you are less likely to pick it up for smaller jobs. Laptops with a touchscreen also do not match the ease of use of a tablet.

Battery life

The average battery life of a tablet lasts a long time. This is because less demanding programs run on a tablet, meaning the battery can easily last twelve to twenty hours. Laptops usually don't survive this, although there are positive exceptions. A longer battery life is nice, especially if you are on the road for a long time and there is no charging station available.


The tablet is a lot lighter and more compact than a laptop, which makes commuting a lot easier. Tablets are even smaller and lighter than a notebook, so they basically fit in any bag. This does not mean that every bag is suitable. A suitable bag is recommended as it protects the tablet from drops and scratches. This laptop bag features a padded layer and a soft fleece lining for impact and shock absorption. Need more tips for finding the right laptop bag? Click here .

Laptop bag

While commuting, you may need to read a document or presentation. Instead of taking the tablet on your lap and peering down, it is wiser to attach the tablet to a headrest at eye level. This prevents excessive tension in the neck and shoulders, which leads to physical complaints.

car phone holder

The tablet holder offers the ideal solution. The tablet holder can be attached to most headrests. The tablet is held firmly in place by clamps on both sides. Due to the width of the clamps, it is not necessary to remove the tablet from the protective case and it is also suitable as a phone holder. Moreover, the holder is made in such a way that it can rotate 360 ​​degrees, allowing viewing from all kinds of angles and positions.

The tablet holder is light and easy to store, so it does not take up much space. The ideal gadget for when you need to quickly read something in the car, but also on the train or other means of transport. Super handy!

Disadvantages of a tablet

A disadvantage of a tablet is that it is less easy to create documents or other programs such as Excel. It is simply easier to type a document with a physical keyboard than with a touch screen.

However, this is easy to solve. By purchasing an extra keyboard, a mouse and a tablet stand, you can convert the tablet into a ''computer'' in a few seconds. These subtle adjustments suddenly make it a lot easier to type a document or draw up an Excel sheet.

Another advantage of these accessories is that an ergonomic position can be adopted behind the tablet. This not only ensures that you have fewer joint and muscle complaints, but also that you can continue working behind a desk or table for longer. This is safer for the body and therefore also for your health. See our previous blog about working ergonomics.

However, in terms of performance, the tablet cannot match a laptop. The computing power of the average laptop is much higher, making laptops better suited to running demanding programs. In addition, laptops usually have a larger memory for storing files. Where a tablet is available from 8 GB to 256 GB approximately, the memory of a laptop starts from 256 GB to 1000 GB. A laptop is therefore more suitable for 'heavy work'. For the time being, the tablet is lagging behind in terms of performance, but this may change in the future.

In short, the tablet can certainly offer a solution for people who do not run very demanding programs for work. A tablet is very easy to operate, lasts a long time and has high mobility. With some extra tools such as a tablet stand, mouse and keyboard, you can turn the tablet into a computer. In terms of performance, the tablet cannot yet match its big brother, but the technology is not standing still either. A tablet is therefore definitely worth considering for people who do not run heavy programs.