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Together with our customers, we are committed to a green and sustainable future! Through various initiatives, we are working on making oceans and rivers plastic-free. These efforts are essential to keep our natural water sources clean and safe. Would you like to know more about our commitment to a more sustainable world? Then click 'read more'!"

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De beste mountainbike is een fiets waar je op kan vertrouwen. Daarom hebben wij verschillende mtb's getest en zijn wij zorgvuldig tot een top 5 gekomen!

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on April 23, 2024

Wil je weten hoe je een screenshot maakt op je laptop? Lees dan snel verder en bekijk alle tips en tricks om je screenshot te maken!

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on April 23, 2024

Are you tired of uncomfortable workouts due to the wrong support? Say goodbye to those worries with our selected top 5 best sports bras!

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on April 20, 2024
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R2B Store | The specialist in all types of telephone holders and more! has been the specialist in all types of phone holders and more since 2018. Three young entrepreneurs started a small business during their studies that has grown into a leading and reliable store in the telephone accessories market. At R2B Store you have come to the right place for the best quality phone holders, laptop stands, phone cases, touchscreen gloves and more! Each product is extensively tested for quality, lifespan and sustainable production before it is included in the range. This means you are always assured of the best telephone accessories and laptop accessories in the Netherlands and Belgium! Which product are you looking for? Below you will find an explanation of all products!

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Phone holder Car

We offer different types of phone holders for the car. We know how important it is to have a good phone holder that is suitable for both your car and your phone. Every phone is of course different, which also applies to every type of car. For example, every car has a different dashboard or ventilation grille and every telephone has a different size. It is important to choose a holder that best suits your needs! Fortunately, R2B is the right place for the best phone holders for the car. We guarantee to have a car phone holder that will meet all your needs. This allows you to always travel safely hands-free through traffic. In addition, this also prevents the risk of a high and unnecessary fine!

Bicycle phone holder

Are you a fanatical cyclist or more of a day trip cyclist? A bicycle phone holder is the perfect bicycle accessory for everyone. With a high-quality bicycle holder you can easily navigate hands-free during your cycling route. Did you know that it is even illegal to cycle with your phone in your hand and you can receive a high fine for this? The telephone holders for bicycles are also suitable for use on most scooters and motorcycles. Purchase a bicycle phone holder, motorcycle phone holder, or scooter phone holder to travel safely, hands-free and without fines!

Laptop stand

Nowadays, a laptop stand is indispensable when working behind your laptop. It doesn't matter whether you work at home or in the office, an ergonomic laptop stand is indispensable these days. A poor working posture can be very annoying and cause very unpleasant physical complaints in the long term. Of course you want to prevent this! At R2B you will find a wide range of the best laptop stands. This means there is always a laptop stand that meets your needs. Did you know that our laptop stands can also be used as a tablet holder? You simply place your tablet on one of the laptop stands to work ergonomically on your tablet!

Tablet holder car/Tablet holder desk

A tablet holder for the car can be a huge solution for both short and long car journeys. At R2B you will find various tablet holders that you can easily attach to the headrest in the car. Ideal for children or other passengers to watch their favorite movie or series. Are you a taxi driver? A tablet holder is also ideal for transporting passengers to their destination! Did you know that a tablet holder for the desk is also very useful for using your phone/tablet during work and making a video call? This mobile phone and tablet stand can also be used at the table or in the kitchen to view your favorite recipe!

Ring lamp

Do you like to create content or would you like to apply your makeup flawlessly? A ring light always gives the best end result. At R2B you will find a ring lamp with a tripod that provides a beautiful glow of light. This allows you to make your face look optimal and your eyes sparkle in every situation. A ring lamp is a nice telephone accessory that makes both yourself and others very happy. Will you take your videos to the next level today?

Laptop bag

If you have just got a new laptop, you naturally want to take it with you safely. A sturdy and high-quality laptop bag is indispensable. R2B sells a laptop bag that optimally protects your laptop/tablet. This allows you to always safely take your laptop and accessories with you during your trip by car, train, bus or plane. R2B's laptop bags are available in different sizes, so there is undoubtedly a laptop bag suitable for your device!

Phone cases

Are you looking for a phone case for your latest iPhone 14 or other iPhone model? We offer different types of phone cases suitable for iPhone. Case model “Utrecht”, for example, has a handy card holder for your phone, making it easy to take your most important cards, such as your debit card and driver's license, with you in your phone case! Are you more of a design case? Then take a look at the marble collection of covers!

Running phone holder

Do you enjoy sports and do you want to be able to carry your phone comfortably with you? Then a sports bracelet for your phone is indispensable. R2B offers different types of running phone holders , so you can always safely take your phone with you while running, cycling, walking and more!

Touchscreen gloves

If you use a phone holder on your bike, scooter or while running, you still want to be able to operate it in cold weather. This is no problem thanks to the best touchscreen gloves from R2B ! Thanks to these winter gloves for men and women, you can always operate your phone optimally. There are different models and sizes of gloves with touchscreen function. Are you looking for gloves for the wet and cold autumn weather or for the extreme winter cold? No problem, there are undoubtedly touchscreen gloves that match your needs!

Benefit from fast delivery and the best service

Have you found mobile phone accessories or useful gadgets for your tablet or laptop? Then you can buy your laptop, tablet or telephone accessories directly online. Delivery is free and fast: you do not pay shipping costs within the Netherlands and you will receive your order the next working day. Are the products not completely satisfactory? Then you have the option to return it within a trial period of 30 days. We also offer a generous one-year warranty under normal use. In addition to quality, we also believe that smooth and thoughtful customer service is important. That's why you can reach us quickly and easily if you have any questions or would like to receive more information before you buy the best phone accessories or other gadgets at R2B Store!

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