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Are you looking for quality accessories for your phone, tablet or laptop? Then you've come to the right place with the bestsellers!

Best phone accessories, laptop accessories and tablet accessories!

At R2B you will find a wide range of high-quality accessories, such as the best phone holders for the car, for cycling, for sports and more. You have also come to the right place if you want to purchase an ergonomic laptop stand or tablet holder. All items on our website have been extensively tested, so that we know for sure that we only offer products that are made of high-quality materials and have a long lifespan. On this page you will find a selection of R2B's bestsellers from telephone accessories, laptop accessories, tablet accessories. This contains some articles that are experienced as very positive by us, but especially by our customers. We'll highlight some of our bestsellers so you can make a better decision when choosing an item.

Phone holder for the car model “Beemster”

Are you looking for a smartphone holder for the window or dashboard of your car? Then the Beemster model might be a good option. This phone holder has a very robust suction cup, so that the holder is always firmly attached to the window or smooth dashboard. This car mobile phone holder is suitable for phones from 5.5 to 9 cm wide. This makes this holder suitable for any brand of phone, such as Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Sony and more! Are you curious about this smartphone holder for the car? Then click here to see more about this car phone holder!

Phone holder for bicycle model “The Hague”

Are you a cycling fanatic and would you like to use your navigation, for example? Then the bicycle holder model The Hague is ideal. You can use this bicycle holder in all weather conditions, thanks to the waterproof design. This mobile phone holder for the bicycle also has a handy storage compartment in which you can take valuables with you. This includes a power bank, your keys, bank cards and more. With this phone holder you can always travel worry-free with your bike or scooter. Look here for more information about model The Hague!

Tablet holder headrest for the car model “Nijmegen”

Do you often travel with children or other passengers in the car? Then a tablet holder for the car is recommended for you. You can easily mount a tablet holder to the headrests of your car. This allows children or other passengers to watch their favorite movies or play games while on vacation or visiting family. Phone holder/tablet holder model Nijmegen has an adjustable arm. This also allows you to easily pull the phone, tablet or Nintendo Switch towards you. This makes it easier to operate the device from the back seat. Are you interested in the tablet holder model Nijmegen? Then click here!

Laptop standard model “Den Bosch”

It is very annoying if you work behind your laptop while the screen is not directly in front of your face. You get problems with your neck and back because you do not maintain a good working position. A laptop stand, such as the Den Bosch model, offers a solution in such a situation. You can always place your laptop at the right height, which allows you to work better behind your laptop. When you use a separate keyboard and mouse, your laptop screen works just as well as a normal screen. You can also fold and unfold the laptop holder very easily, making it easy to take the stand with you in your laptop bag. View model Den Bosch here for more information!

Running phone holder model “Hengelo”

If you often run or play sports, a sports bracelet for your phone is a solution. This means you can always take your phone with you hands-free while exercising. Model Hengelo has a handy 360 degree rotation function. This makes this phone holder also ideal for other purposes. You can use this holder for warehouse scanners, mobile payment terminals and more! This means you always have a hand free while working. This sports bracelet is therefore multifunctional in addition to running! Do you want to purchase a running belt for exercise or for your employees? Then take a look at the product page here or contact us for more information!

Touchscreen gloves model “Gent”

Being able to continue operating your phone in the winter without taking off your gloves, how ideal does that sound? It is possible thanks to handy touchscreen gloves. Model Gent is one of our models that you can use to continue operating the touchscreen of your phone. The gloves are great for cycling on a cold autumn day, for example. These gloves are suitable as women's gloves and men's gloves. These gloves are also available in different sizes S/M/L and XL. Take a look at model Ghent to choose your size!