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Laptop Sleeve 14 Inch

Do you have a 14 inch laptop? Then the practical laptop sleeve from R2B is ideal for you! The 14-inch laptop sleeve is perfect for safely transporting your laptop.

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Laptop Sleeve 14 inch

✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

✓ Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✓ Easy returns

R2B Laptop sleeve suitable for Laptops and tablets up to 14 inches - Model Lelystad


Buy Laptop Sleeve 14 Inch

When choosing a laptop sleeve for a 14-inch laptop, it is important to look for a sleeve that is not only the right size, but also offers sufficient protection and storage options. A 14-inch laptop sleeve from R2B combines functionality with style, and is designed to transport your laptop safely and easily. Look for sleeves with ample padding, water-resistant materials, and adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

Which Sizes of Laptops Fit in This?

The 14 inch laptop sleeves are specifically designed to accommodate laptops up to 14 inches. This means that most laptops with a screen diagonal of 14 inches or slightly smaller, such as 13.3 inch models, fit comfortably in the sleeve. It is important to compare the dimensions of your laptop with the interior dimensions of the sleeve to ensure a proper fit. Extra space for tablets or e-readers is also worth considering when choosing the right sleeve.

Extra Additions Laptop sleeve R2B

The R2B laptop sleeve distinguishes itself with unique extras that improve the user experience. Consider special compartments for accessories such as chargers, mice, and notepads. Security features such as a built-in lock or RFID protection can also be part of the sleeve, giving your devices and personal data extra security. The R2B Laptop Sleeve also has a padded laptop compartment. A padded laptop compartment helps protect the outside of your laptop.

Choose Sustainability and Style with R2B

When selecting a laptop sleeve, it is also important to think about durability and style. A laptop sleeve from R2B not only offers protection and functionality, but also a modern design that suits both professional and casual settings. Whether you choose a laptop backpack, laptop shoulder bag, or leather laptop sleeve. A wide range will always give you the option between different choices. High-quality materials ensure the sleeve can withstand everyday use, while various color options and designs ensure there is a style to suit everyone's preference.

By investing in a quality laptop sleeve, you will not only protect your laptop in the short term, but you will also carry a stylish accessory that will stand the test of time. In addition to a 14-inch laptop sleeve, are you also looking for other laptop sleeves or laptop stands? Then take a look at the laptop sleeve 15.6 inches from R2B Store here, for example!