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Phone holders

Do you already have a handy mobile phone holder to take your phone with you hands-free? Don't hesitate and choose a phone holder from R2B that best suits your needs!

R2B Car phone mount - For window/dashboard - Model Beemster


R2B Car phone holder for ventilation grille - Model Amsterdam


R2B Waterproof Phone Holder Bicycle - Also suitable for scooter and motorcycle - Model The Hague - Black/Red


R2B Car phone holder with suction cup - For window/dashboard - Model Purmerend


R2B Robust Bike Phone Holder, mtb, scooter and motorcycle with safety lock - Model Delft


R2B Car phone holder with 360 degree rotation - For ventilation grille - Model Hilversum


R2B Phone mount bike, for scooter and motorcycle with click system - Model Gouda


R2B Wireless Car Charger with suction cup - Phone holder - Model Alkmaar


R2B Bicycle Phone Holder, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model The Hague - Black


A mobile phone holder is now indispensable in everyday life

Everyone uses a smartphone and we are increasingly on the road. Whether in the car, on the bike or in public transport, a phone holder makes our lives a lot easier and safer. To navigate your phone safely and hands-free, you need the best different phone holders. Do you want to be sure that you choose the best quality holders? Then you've come to the right place at R2B Store! R2B has a wide range of different phone holders. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a mobile phone holder for a car, a mobile phone holder for a bicycle or whether you are looking for a running phone holder, you will find them all at R2B! Are you unsure whether a specific phone holder model is suitable for your device? Our customer service is always happy to help you make the best choice!

Are you looking for a robust car phone holder?

If you are looking for a smartphone holder for the car, you can choose from many different types. Each car phone holder has its own properties, so there is always a holder that suits your needs. For example, are you looking for a phone holder car ventilation grille? Then you can choose from various compact models. For example, we have a ventilation grille holder that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Would you rather be looking for a car phone holder window or dashboard? We also have several options here. You may also prefer to use a magnetic phone holder. Take a look at model “Edam” or model “Volendam” and choose your favorite phone holder car magnet! Do you also want wireless charging in the car? This is possible with the "Alkmaar" model, this sturdy phone holder not only ensures safe use but also ensures a full phone. Did you know that the fine for phone use in the car is currently 350 euros and that the government recommends the use of phone holders? Choose your own safety and that of others and avoid an unnecessarily high fine!

Do you like cycling and would you like to follow your route via the navigation on your phone? Then choose the best phone holders for cycling!

Are you looking for a sturdy bicycle phone holder , so that you can call and navigate hands-free anywhere during your daily bike ride? Then stop searching! At R2B you will find the best bicycle holders on the market. With a phone holder on your bike you can continue to operate your smartphone easily and safely. You can choose from several types of holders, each with its own properties. Are you looking for a waterproof bicycle mobile phone holder? Then you can choose the “The Hague” model or the “Leiden” model. Would you rather opt for an extra robust road bike phone holder? Then it is best to choose the bicycle holder model “Delft”. It does not matter for which type of bicycle you are looking for a holder. A smartphone holder for the bicycle is often universal and suitable for almost every type of bicycle and all popular brands of telephones. Do you have a mountain bike, racing bike, cargo bike, E-bike, city bike, tricycle or any other type of bicycle? You can easily choose the most suitable bicycle mobile holder from our diverse range. The holders are also suitable if you are a motorcyclist or scooter rider. The bicycle holders can also easily be used as a motorcycle phone holder or scooter phone holder. You can easily mount the holders on, for example, the scooter mirror of your Vespa, Piaggio and more!

Are you an avid runner and don't know where to leave your phone while running to listen to music or a podcast? From now on, run with a running phone holder from R2B!

A sports bracelet for your phone is indispensable. R2B offers different types of running phone holders, so you can always safely take your phone with you while running, cycling, exercising and more. Are you looking for a waterproof sports bracelet or an iPhone holder for running that can rotate 360 ​​degrees? At R2B you can choose from different types of telephone holders. You simply attach the band around your arm, so that your phone doesn't get in the way, for example in your sports shorts. Do you often have the problem that you don't know where to put your house key or debit card? No problem, phone holder bracelet model “Enschede” has a handy storage compartment, so you can take all your essentials with you along with your phone! Your iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 fits perfectly in our phone holders. All our phone holders are also suitable for all other brands and other iPhone models.

We can imagine that after reading the above story you still have plenty of questions about our different types of phone holders. Are you still unsure about something or do you have questions about one of our products? Please feel free to contact our product experts via email/chat or simply by telephone at 0299-779453. We take the time to help you honestly.