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Take a look at all our products that have to do with charging your device! From handy wireless power banks to phone holders with which you can charge your smartphone, you will find it all in the R2B Store webshop.

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✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

✓ Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✓ Easy returns

R2B Store: provides all your charging needs on one page

Looking for a simple solution for all your charging needs? At R2B Store we have everything you need to charge your devices, all on one convenient page. From power banks to adapters and charging cables, discover our extensive range and find the perfect solution to always stay connected. With R2B Store, you don't have to look any further for high-quality charging products that meet all your needs.

  • Power banks Whether you are on the road, traveling or simply do not have a socket nearby, our power banks offer the perfect solution to power your devices. With different capacities and functions, such as Magsafe compatibility, our power banks ensure that you never run out of power.
  • Adapters: For those on the go, we offer convenient adapters to ensure you always stay connected. With options for both USB-C and USB-A devices, our adapters provide versatile and reliable charging options wherever you go.
  • USB-C cables Our USB-C charging cables are designed with durability and quality in mind. Whether you need a short cable for on-the-go or a longer cable for more flexibility, our USB-C charging cables provide fast and reliable charging for all your devices.
  • Phone holder with wireless charging: Add convenience and functionality to your car or office with our phone holder with wireless charging function. Easily charge your smartphone while using navigation apps or making hands-free calls, without the hassle of cables. This handy accessory ensures that you always stay connected and your smartphone stays charged, wherever you are.

Why power banks are indispensable in modern life

In a world where we want to stay connected anytime and anywhere, power banks play a crucial role. These portable charging devices provide a reliable solution to power your electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets and wireless earbuds, even when there is no electrical outlet nearby. Whether you're sitting in a cafe, relaxing in the park or on public transport, you can charge your devices wherever you want. With a power bank in your bag or pocket, you can charge your devices anytime, anywhere, so you never miss important calls, messages or navigation.

R2B Store offers a range of powerful power banks with different capacities to meet all your charging needs. Our power banks feature USB and USB-C inputs, making them compatible with a wide range of devices, from smartphones to tablets and more. Whether you're on the go or simply don't have a power outlet nearby, our power banks offer reliability and convenience wherever you are.

Reliable USB-C cables for charging with ease

At R2B Store we offer high-quality USB-C charging cables designed for reliability and convenience. Our cables are available in 1 meter and 2 meter lengths, giving you flexibility when charging your devices, whether you're close to a power socket or need a little more space to move around. With their durable construction and fast charging capabilities, our USB-C cables ensure your devices charge quickly and efficiently, wherever you are.

Choose the correct input for your adapter

When choosing the right input for charging your device, it is important to know which connection you need.

USB-C Input: This input is becoming increasingly popular and is used by many modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and wireless earbuds. If your device has a USB-C connection, you will need a USB-C cable or adapter for charging.

USB Input: For older devices that have a USB-A connection, you need a USB cable or adapter with a USB-A input. This type of input is still used by many devices such as older smartphones, power banks and accessories.

USB-C and USB Inputs: Some devices have both a USB-C and USB-A connection. In this case, an adapter with both USB-C and USB inputs offers the flexibility to charge different devices without the need for multiple cables or adapters.

Convenience with a phone holder with wireless charging function

A phone holder with wireless charging function offers ultimate convenience for travel and home use. Therefore, get to know our charging phone holder, model Alkmaar. Thanks to wireless charging technology, you don't have to worry about messy cables or finding a power outlet. Simply place your smartphone in the holder and charging starts automatically. Whether you're navigating in the car, working in the office or relaxing at home, a phone holder with wireless charging keeps your smartphone safely in place and fully charged, so you're always connected and ready for action.

What is the best way to charge my phone wirelessly?

Charging your phone wirelessly is a convenient and efficient way to ensure your device is always ready to use. Here are a few tips to get the most out of wireless charging:

  1. Choose the right wireless charger: Make sure you choose a wireless charger that is compatible with your phone model. Make sure your phone is Qi certified, as this is the standard for wireless charging.
  2. Place your phone correctly on the charger: Make sure your phone is properly aligned with the charging coil of the wireless charger. Correct placement ensures a more efficient charging process and prevents your phone from not charging.
  3. Remove any cases or covers: Some thick or metal cases can hinder your phone's wireless charging functionality. If possible, remove the case before charging your phone wirelessly for optimal performance.
  4. Provide a good power source: Connect the wireless charger to a reliable power source, such as an electrical outlet or a USB port on a computer. This ensures a stable power supply and prevents interruptions during the charging process.