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Bike Phone Holder

Bike Phone Holder

Bicycle phone holders ensure that you can always use your phone safely and hands-free on the handlebars of your bicycle, scooter, motorcycle and more!

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Bicycle phone holder

✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

✓ Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✓ Easy returns

R2B Waterproof Phone Holder Bicycle - Also suitable for scooter and motorcycle - Model The Hague - Black/Red


R2B Robust Bike Phone Holder, mtb, scooter and motorcycle with safety lock - Model Delft


R2B Phone mount bike, for scooter and motorcycle with click system - Model Gouda


R2B Bicycle Phone Holder, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model The Hague - Black


R2B Phone Holder Bicycle, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model The Hague - Black/Blue


Phone holder bike, scooter and motorcycle with elastic system - Model Rotterdam


R2B Robust phone holder bike, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model Leiden


With a bicycle phone holder you can avoid unnecessary fines

With us you will find a wide range of high-quality bicycle phone holders. Are you looking for a waterproof holder or an extra robust holder for mountain biking? There is always a solution for using your phone on the bike! Nowadays we can no longer live without our telephone. Nowadays everyone navigates via their phone, as this is convenient and fast. However, it is important to navigate safely while cycling. Traffic accidents are increasing due to telephone use. Unfortunately, this also applies to accidents involving cyclists. Prevent this and travel safely with the best bicycle holder phone from R2B! The fine for holding your phone on the bike has been increased to 160 euros as of January 1, 2024. This is a huge waste of money! In addition to safety, this is of course also a good reason to purchase the best bicycle phone holder.

Want to buy a universal bicycle phone holder? The holders are suitable for all types of bicycles and telephones

The bicycle holder telephone from R2B is suitable for different types of bicycles. For example, you can think of a mountain bike, racing bike, cargo bike, electric bicycle, city bike, tricycle or any other type of bicycle. We have ensured that your phone fits perfectly on every bicycle. The various bicycle holder telephones from R2B are also universally suitable for different types of telephones. This is because the best phone holder can be adjusted in length and width. This makes it possible to use many different telephones in the holder! With the "Gouda" model we have ensured that the click system is neatly processed. Do you want to charge your phone (wirelessly) while cycling? With all the best phone holders it is possible to reach the USB port.

What type of bicycle holder are you looking for? Below you will find an explanation of all the features of the R2B bicycle smartphone holders!

Waterproof bicycle holders

In the Netherlands it can sometimes happen that you cycle in the rain. This is not always pleasant, but you probably won't let a splash of rain stop you. When you cycle in the rain, you naturally want to be able to use your navigation without your phone getting wet. The R2B waterproof phone holder for bicycles are model “The Hague” and model “Leiden”. These are designed to keep your screen usable while in the waterproof case. This ensures that your smartphone has a safe and dry ride on the bike! The waterproof phone holder is available in the colors black/red, black and black/blue. The included mounting part makes this lightweight phone holder suitable for any handlebar. So it doesn't matter whether you have a thick handlebar or a thin handlebar.

Mobile phone holders for the bicycle with space for a power bank

Do you often go on a long bike ride and do you want to prevent your phone from running out of battery by using navigation, for example? Then using a bicycle phone case with storage space for a power bank is very useful. In the R2B range you will find both the “The Hague” and the “Leiden” models, which have room for a power bank . Thanks to a handy compartment, you can take your power bank with you worry-free and waterproof. There is also room to store keys, bank cards or other important items!

All smartphone holders for the bicycle have a 360 degree rotation function

The best bicycle phone holder within our range has a handy 360 degree rotation function! No matter how your smartphone is placed on your bike, thanks to the smart design, the screen is always perfectly visible for optimal ease of use. Your phone sits securely in the bike phone holder, even if you rotate your screen.

Bicycle telephone stand with safety lock mounting system

Thanks to a unique "Safety Lock" mounting system, your phone is always protected in the right holder. Best phone holder bicycle model “Delft” has this robust feature. This makes this smartphone holder ideal during a normal bike ride, but also as a scooter phone holder and as a motorcycle phone holder !

We can imagine that after reading the above story you still have plenty of questions about our different types of bicycle phone holders. Are you still unsure about something or would you like to learn more about one of our other holders such as phone holders for the car or tablet holders? Please feel free to contact our product experts via email/chat or simply by telephone. We take the time to help you honestly.