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Tablet Holders

Frequent use of a tablet can cause neck or back problems. With the help of the tablet holders from R2B store, this is no longer a concern!

✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

✓ Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✓ Easy returns


✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

✓ Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✓ Easy returns

The best tablet holders from R2B

More and more people are using tablets and this is causing neck and back problems for many people. Therefore, buy a tablet holder from R2B and prevent neck and back problems. Thanks to R2B's tablet holders, you can now operate your tablet ergonomically. You can also use the tablet holders for in the car to entertain the children or other passengers in the back seat during a long drive!

Our range of tablet holders includes different variants that can be used for different purposes. The first option is a tablet holder for the back of the headrest of your seat in the car. With this phone tablet holder, people in the back seat can use the universal tablet holder and, for example, quietly watch a movie. The second option is to purchase a tablet holder that can be used to conveniently place your tablet on your desk, table, kitchen counter and more!

A tablet is the perfect balance between a phone and a laptop. The large screen offers more options compared to standard smartphones, and the tablet is easier to carry than a laptop. Using a tablet holder makes it easy to use your tablet without having to hold it. Ideal during work or to install on the headrest in the car, so that the children in the back seat can enjoy themselves during a long car journey. All tablet holders can also be used as a mobile phone holder, provided the phone meets the dimensions.

The ideal tablet holder for the back seat of the car

R2B store sells two types of tablet holders for the car. The tablet holder car model “Apeldoorn” is suitable as an iPad holder for the car, but also for all other tablets. The only condition is that the tablet or phone must be between 4 and 11 inches (12 to 20 cm). The “Apeldoorn” model can easily be mounted on the headrest. The tablet can then be placed in it and the 360-degree rotation function allows it to be placed in the desired position. It is not necessary to remove the tablet from the protective case before placing it. After installation, a video can be played immediately and the children will keep quiet until the end of the ride. The tablet can be charged because the tablet car holder has an open bottom. Finally, the tablet holder fits on headrests with bars 10.5 to 15 centimeters apart.

Tablet holder with adjustable arm

The variant of the “Apeldoorn” model is the car tablet holder model “Nijmegen”. The "Nijmegen" model has an adjustable arm. Thanks to this handy arm, it is possible to pull the tablet towards you. This function makes using the tablet holder on the back seat even easier. This function is also ideal if you want something show to the person sitting next to you in the car. This tablet holder can be used as a universal iPad holder in the car for the iPad pro, iPad mini and the iPad air. Also for all other tablet models such as Samsung galaxy tab, Lenovo, The universal holder is suitable for Nokia, HTC and more. The tablets with a size of 12 to 20 centimeters (4 to 11 inches) are suitable for the “Nijmegen” model. The tablet can also be easily charged while using the holder. .

Tablet stand with adjustable arm for home or office use

The range of tablet holders and tablet stands from R2B store is completed by the "Arnhem" model. This ergonomic tablet stand is ideal for people who sometimes suffer from neck pain while using the telephone or tablet. This stand restores the upright posture, which can cause back and neck complaints. be solved or even prevented. Due to the flexible arm, this iPad stand is suitable for almost all tables and desks, you can adjust the tablet to the correct position and ideal viewing angle. The tablet stand is completely adjustable, which means that it has a 360 degree rotation function and a maximum length of 43 centimeters. This means that the iPad support can easily be adjusted to the desired height. The universal tablet holder can be perfect for reading the newspaper at home, for example, or to place next to your laptop as an extra screen. The “Arnhem” model can also be used as a tablet holder for in bed. With the mounting system, the tablet can be mounted as standard on most beds to make it easier to use the tablet from your bed. Finally, this adjustable tablet stand can also be used as a stand for people in wheelchairs.

Excellent quality and service when buying a tablet holder from R2B store

Whether you choose the tablet holder for the car or the tablet stand for your desk. By purchasing a tablet holder at R2B store you guarantee yourself a product of the best quality. Do you have any questions about the tablet holders or are you interested in other holders such as a phone holder for the car or a bicycle phone holder ? Then ask your question by email: e-mail or call telephone number: 0299-779453. Don't wait any longer and order the best tablet holder now!