Tablet holder desk

Do you regularly suffer from neck and back problems? Prevent these complaints and improve your posture while using your tablet/phone with the R2B tablet holder!

✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

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Tabletholder desk

✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

✓ Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✓ Easy returns

R2B Tablet holder with adjustable arm for desk, kitchen, etc. - Model Arnhem


The best tablet holder for your desk

Using the tablet holder "Arnhem" from R2B store you can easily place the tablet at your desired height. Using the tablet holder with adjustable arm, it is possible to sit upright and use your tablet. This is ideal for people who suffer from neck and back problems when using a tablet/phone. If you have not yet experienced any complaints, it is also a good idea to use this tablet holder, so that this does not occur in the future. This ergonomic tablet holder ensures an improved posture, which has a positive impact on productivity, energy and concentration. A number of examples will be mentioned where using the tablet standard is a good idea.

Use the tablet as standard in the office or at your home workplace

The tablet holder offers the possibility to easily keep your tablet at hand while working. Ideal if you need an extra screen while working. Using the clamp it is possible to attach the tablet to your desk as standard. The 1kg heavy base and strong clamp help keep the stand in place. For example, the tablet can be used as a device to follow a meeting. For example, you can take notes on your laptop and the meeting is hosted from the tablet. You can adjust the tablet to the desired height, so that you get a perfect view.

Use the tablet as standard in the kitchen

It is becoming increasingly common for people to want to cook a recipe at home that comes from the internet. With the help of this tablet stand it is easy to use the tablet when cooking. By mounting the tablet holder on the edge of the kitchen worktop, for example, it is possible to place the tablet at the perfect height and easily read the recipe. Cooking tutorials are also becoming increasingly popular and via the tablet stand you can easily follow these videos while cooking. Ideal when trying new recipes.

Easily use the tablet in bed

The tablet holder from R2B store can also be used to make reading in bed easier. By mounting the tablet as standard on the headrest or the edge of the bed, the holder can easily be placed in front of the body. This way you can read a book or watch a movie from bed, without holding the tablet. The adjustable arm allows you to place the tablet at the correct height.

The tablet stand offers options for people in wheelchairs

This tablet stand can also be mounted on a wheelchair. We recently helped a disabled person install the tablet stand on an electric wheelchair. When we visited our office, we looked together at the options for mounting the clamp to the wheelchair. By mounting the clamp to one of the armrests it is now possible to use the tablet from the wheelchair. At R2B Store we are always open to thinking about solutions for anyone who would like to use a tablet!

Countless possibilities with the R2B tablet holder

No tools are required to install the tablet holder. No holes, no drill, just a sturdy clamp that can be easily installed on the chair, desk or at the head of your bed. An Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or one of the other Android tablets, the tablet holder from R2B Store is compatible with many tablet models. The tablet holder can also be used as a phone holder. In the kitchen, at your desk or in bed, the holder makes it easy to use your phone. Every day we spend a lot of time behind our phones and tablets. To ensure that this does not affect your posture, it is important to create an ideal body position. Ensuring that your hands are free will help you adopt a better posture and this will also improve your productivity.

Free delivery in the Netherlands and 1 year warranty

Whether you choose to mount the tablet holder on the edge of the bed or on your desk, by choosing one of the tablet holders from R2B Store you ensure the best quality. You can also opt for comfort on the back seat of your car with a tablet holder car from R2B . After confirming the order, the tablet holder will be delivered the next working day. You are given a 30-day reflection period to return the product and you are entitled to a 1-year warranty at R2B Store. Need help with installation or other questions? You can always reach us via or 0299-779453.