Where do I leave my keys while running? Take a quick look here!

Where do I leave my keys while running? Take a quick look here!

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For many, running is a nice way to clear their heads and stay in shape. I also like to walk, but a recurring challenge is always: where do I leave my keys? It may sound trivial, but it can be quite difficult. How many times during my run have I thought, "Are they still in my pocket?" If this sounds familiar, then this blog is for you. I have selected and tested some practical solutions. Hopefully it helps you as it helped me. Simple tips, but they make the difference.

Tip 1: Purchase a sports bracelet

It's no secret that many runners like to take their phones with them while running. Whether it's for music, tracking or just for safety. But where do you put that, plus your bank card and that oh-so-important key?

Enter: the sports bracelet. This handy gadget, namely a running belt, sits firmly around your arm, so you hardly notice it is there. The biggest advantage? There are special compartments for your phone, bank card and key. Everything you need, within reach and safely stored. This way you can concentrate on your run and not have to worry about items lying around. Add to that the comfort and ease of use, and you'll understand why this is my number one tip for every runner. Would you like to view the entire range of sports bracelets? Then click here to view all options on Bol.com!

Tip 2: Sportswear with pockets

If you run regularly, it's worth the investment to opt for sportswear that's specifically designed with functionality in mind. Nowadays, many sports brands have tights, shorts and even tops with specially designed pockets. The most common and practical design is a small pocket in the waistband of your tights. This pocket is often just large enough for essential items such as a key, change or a bank card. Because it fits so close to your body and the materials are tight and elastic, everything stays in place, even during intense workouts. The big advantage of this is that you do not need any additional accessories. You simply put on your sportswear, put your things in the compartment and you are ready to go.

So if you have to buy new running clothes, make sure they have pockets! View the entire range of running clothing on Bol.com here.

Tip 3: Attach the key to your shoelace

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Don't have a sports bracelet at hand or are you looking for a minimalist solution? Then consider the good old method of tying your key to your shoelace. It goes like this:

  1. Detach your house key from your key ring. After all, you don't want to be running around with a whole bunch of keys, as that is uncomfortable and noisy.
  2. Thread the key through your lace, halfway up your shoe.
  3. Tie your laces as you normally would with a double knot in them, but make sure the key is secure and cannot move.

Voila! Your key is securely held and close to your feet, reducing your risk of losing it. It's a quick and practical solution, especially if you decide to go for a run at the last minute.

Actually, there are plenty of creative ways you can leave your key when you go for a run. For example, women often store small items in their sports bra. In addition to being able to take your keys and phone with you, do you also want to be more visible in the dark? This is possible thanks to the running vests with lighting from R2B Store. View the running vest with lighting here!


Dit is een van mijn grootste irritaties aan het hardlopen!!! Hopelijk zal de sportarmband dit probleem oplossen……

Freek Jansen

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