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Walking safely in the dark

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It can sometimes be tempting to take a walk in the evening after sunset, when the streets are quieter and the hustle and bustle of the day has died down. However, walking in the dark comes with its own challenges. Who hasn't almost made a mistake due to poor visibility or noticed that you are less visible to other road users? For these reasons, I thought it would be useful to share some considerations and tips for anyone who likes to prepare well. Below are five suggestions that you may find useful if you enjoy walking safely in the dark.

5 tips so you can walk safely in the dark:

Tip 1: Provide good lighting - for you and your four-legged friend

One of the biggest challenges of walking in the dark is visibility. It is crucial to be clearly visible, both for your own safety and that of others. That is why investing in good lighting is a must. Consider a reflective vest or a reflective jacket.

A reflective vest is a simple but effective solution that can be worn over regular clothing. Reflective clothing with reflective elements makes you stand out, even from a distance, especially when vehicle headlights are shining on you. Reflective material is therefore very important when you walk in the dark. Would you like to take a closer look? Then view the entire range here on Bol.com!

But let's not forget our four-legged friend! If you like to go out with your dog, it is just as important to ensure that your dog is clearly visible. There are numerous collars with lights available, which are not only functional, but also look stylish. These luminous collars ensure that your dog is clearly visible to other road users.

In summary: So make sure you have a good reflective vest for yourself and an LED collar for your dog when you go for a walk in the dark. View the entire range of dog collars with lighting on Bol.com here!

Tip 2: Wear a headlamp when walking in the dark

A lot of light is very important if you want to walk safely in the dark. That is why it is also wise to wear a headlamp at night. If you would like to keep your hands free, but at the same time increase your vision while walking in the dark, opt for a headlamp instead of a flashlight. Nowadays, almost every phone has a flashlight function, this way you have both types of lighting. View the full range of headlamps on Bol.com here!

Tip 3: Take advantage of the full moon

By going for a walk during the full moon it will be a lot less dark. This will improve your own vision, but also that of other road users.

Tip 4: Determine a walking route in advance

By making sure you make eye contact, you can always dodge when an unexpected situation suddenly arises. Eyes also reflect when traffic comes your way in the dark.

Tip 5: Check the weather

The weather can also cause dangerous situations if you go for a walk in the dark. For example, heavy rain can obstruct the view of moving traffic. Of course, it can also obstruct your own vision, and because it is already dark, you could slip or fall. Therefore, always check the weather forecast first. You can only prepare well for unexpected weather conditions by, for example, taking an extra jacket with you when you go out.

Hopefully the next time you go for a walk in the dark you will use the 5 tips above so that your walk is safe. In addition to being clearly visible in the dark, do you also want a handy way to take your phone with you while running? Then view the range of sports bracelets from R2B Store here.

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