These are the 9 best tips for taking a selfie! | R2B Store

Everyone knows it: you scroll through your social media apps and you are immediately confronted with it: selfies.

How is it that some people can create the perfect selfie every time, while your selfies look unflattering (to say the least)?

Whether you want to take a selfie every now and then or you aspire to a career as an influencer on social media: everyone can learn to produce the perfect selfie. You just need to know what the secret formula is. Below are nine tips to make every selfie a success:

1 Seek the light

It may seem obvious, but the first rule of creating the perfect selfie is to pay attention to the lighting. For example, when there is too little light, the photo appears to be blurred. Light can make certain elements of the face come to life, such as the eyes or strengthen the jawline by playing with shadows.

Always turn your face towards the light, this will give you higher quality photos. The better the light, the better the photo. Preferably do not use a flash, unless this is necessary. Natural light works best for a selfie.

If this is not possible, for example because you are indoors, you can also manipulate this more or less by using a lamp. However, a regular lamp does not provide the same glow as natural light. An R2B Ring Lamp can do this. The lamp can be set to 30 different types of light modes, so you will always find the perfect light. The ring lamp works similar to a selfie stick, the big difference is that selfie sticks are easier to move. Ring lamp tripod

2 Take multiple photos

Quality over quantity. Well, in this case the kite doesn't fly. Always take several photos and only see at the end which photo is the best. This is much more efficient than looking at the photos every time and taking new photos. Ultimately, there is always one or more that are good enough for your profile photo or an Instagram post, for example.

3 Pay attention to your surroundings

Provide a calm background, even if the photo is (partly) about the background. Ultimately, a selfie is about a self-portrait, so make sure you have a background with as little distraction as possible. For example, you can ensure that you take a new profile photo with a selfie stick.

4 Focus

That immediately brings us to the next point: setting the correct focus. With a background with a lot of distractions, it is difficult for digital cameras to focus. A tip: smartphones have a focus function. Simply tap the part of the phone screen that needs to be focused and the phone will do the rest. Also look at the other camera settings to discover new possibilities.

5 Hold the camera in the correct position

How you hold your digital camera is important for every photo, this applies to different devices. If you take a selfie, always try to have the camera take a photo from above. Don't hold the camera too close, because then the photo will be distorted and people will look less beautiful. By using a universal selfie stick you can also photograph from above. A selfie stick is indispensable if you often take selfies.

6 The correct posture with the body

If a photo is taken straight from the front, the body is usually wider than if you turn the body a little. Moreover, this ''turn'' immediately indicates a more active attitude. Use a selfie stick to see what posture is best for different camera positions.

7 Photograph your best side

No one is symmetrical. Everyone has a ''better side'' that looks better in the photo. No idea what your 'better side' is? Test it out! Have someone else take pictures of you and see which side is your best side. You can also take a selfie from different angles using the selfie stick.

8 The correct position of the head

It is important to adopt the correct pose with the head. Make sure you don't lift your head up, because then you'll be looking at two nostrils. Tilt your head slightly; this gives the photo a more playful look.

9 Use the rear camera

Okay, maybe it doesn't quite count as a real ''selfie'' and besides, taking a selfie this way is a lot more difficult, but the camera on the back of the phone is many times better than the front camera. This produces better quality photos. Using the ring light makes it easier to take a photo with the rear camera. You give yourself different options.

So there is quite a bit involved in taking selfies. All you can do is practice, practice and practice. It may feel a bit awkward at first, but practice makes perfect. Good luck!