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How do you take your phone with you while running?

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Have you actually run if you haven't measured it? It is becoming increasingly popular to measure your times and distance while running. But it is also useful to take your phone with you for listening to music or receiving an important call or app. But how can you conveniently take your phone with you?

In this blog we show different ways to take your phone with you while running. From running bracelets to running belts. Enjoy reading and leave your personal preference in the comments!

5 Ways to Take Your Phone While Running

Our smartphone is indispensable nowadays, you want to listen to music or remain accessible to friends and family. We would also like to take it with us when exercising. With the help of these four tips you can easily take your phone with you while exercising. This way you can measure your performance and listen to music, among other things!

Take your phone with you in your clothes

This is the most obvious option. If you wear a vest or sports pants, they often have pockets in which you can easily store your phone. But is this the best way for you? Your pocket must be big enough and the fact that your mobile phone can go up and down quickly is often seen as annoying by the runners. Nowadays more and more clothing is being released that has special pockets for things. This also applies to running leggings, which often have a pocket on the back where you can store your phone or keys.

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Phone in a sports bracelet

The sports bracelet is the most popular way to carry your mobile phone while running. You can carry your phone with you and measure your performance using a band around your arm. You can buy two different types of sports bracelets. You can opt for a waterproof phone holder for while exercising. This allows you to ensure that you safely take your phone with you in all weather conditions. Moreover, a running phone holder is also useful for walking and hiking. You also remain clearly visible in the dark thanks to the reflective strip on the tire.

You can also opt for a sports bracelet that is not waterproof . The functions of your phone such as the touchscreen are often easier to operate. Make sure you buy a sports bracelet that fits comfortably on your arm. It is important that the running phone holder fits tightly and that it does not interfere with your running. Therefore, pay close attention to which size sports bracelet you buy. You want your phone to fit properly in the running bracelet. For example, there are often sports bracelets suitable for up to 6 inches and suitable for up to 7 inches.

Phone in your backpack

A safe and convenient way to take your phone and other items with you while exercising is a backpack. This is easy to carry because it sits on your back. It is advisable to use a backpack mainly during long distances. A special running backpack offers the comfort you are looking for in a backpack for running. These backpacks are often equipped with a tube through which you can drink water while running.

Phone in a hip belt/running belt

The running belt is another alternative to carrying your cell phone. The running belt is placed around your waist and is therefore also called a hip belt. The running belt often also has a compartment where you can store drinks. The running belt can be more comfortable than a sports bracelet, this is because the items are often on your back while running. This means that carrying things does not affect your posture. View the 5 here best running belts .

Mobile phone in your hand

Finally, you can take your phone in your hand when you go running. This is the cheapest and easiest way. Only in our opinion this is the worst way. Carrying your cell phone in your hand is not safe. As soon as you start sweating, you will notice that your grip on your phone becomes less. The risk of falling from your hand and breaking your cell phone when you go running only increases.

Yet there is also an advantage. If you encounter something special during your run, or see a beautiful view that you have to take a photo of. Then you can access your phone easily and quickly. But we wonder whether this is worth it. Especially because your posture will bother you, as it is important to keep a relaxed posture while running. And with a mobile phone in your hands, little remains of this. But we all want to take our phone with us while running.

It is up to you what is the best choice to take your phone with you when you want to go for a run. Some runners would like to run with a sports armband, while others find it very pleasant to regulate their good running posture with a running belt that is attached to your body. An experienced runner may have a different product. But with the help of this blog it is up to you to make the right choice for yourself.

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