The Best Steering Wheel Lock Car: View Our Advice For Extra Safety

The Best Car Steering Wheel Lock: Check Out Our Recommendations For Extra Security!

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Every time I park my car, I want to make sure it's safe. Car theft is a concern that many of us share, so we tested different steering wheel locks to see which ones are really worth it. Using a steering wheel lock is not only an effective way to deter thieves, but it also provides an extra sense of security. But which steering wheel lock is really the best choice? In this blog we share our findings and give you a clear overview of the steering locks that we believe offer the best protection for your car. Most car steering wheel locks can also be used as a camper steering lock. Pay close attention to the size of the lock compared to the size of the handlebars, or to other mounting options!

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1. What do we think is the best car/camper steering lock?

After many car rides and testing in various parking lots, we have examined a wide range of steering wheel locks. What we discovered was remarkable: not all of them are equally effective! In this blog we share our top 5 steering wheel locks that actually gave us the confidence that our cars were safe. Discover with us which steering wheel locks are really worth it!

1.1 Gtrise Steering wheel lock

We have extensively tested the 'Gtrise' steering lock and it has convinced us. Gtrise is a well-known brand in the world of steering locks, so we couldn't avoid testing this product. Fortunately, this product convinced us and secured a place in our blog about the best car steering wheel lock.

Read our detailed review below!

High quality

The Gtrise steering lock is clearly of high quality. The steel felt sturdy and seemed resistant to attempted break-ins. In addition, the leather is of high quality, which contributes to the durability of the product.

Ease of installation

Another plus we noted was how easy it was to install the steering lock. The lock was installed in an instant and the car was secured. I didn't have to make much adjustment with the Allen key, so this made installation extra quick!


We appreciated the addition of three keys, which is useful for families or situations where multiple people use the car. The included storage bag is also a nice touch, making it easy to store the lock when not in use. Of course, extra keys are always useful as a spare!


After our extensive testing, we can say with confidence that the Gtrise steering wheel lock is a reliable and effective solution for anyone who wants to protect their car against theft. The combination of high-quality materials, ease of use and additional features makes it a top choice for car owners.

1.2. Carpoint Steering Wheel Lock (Belt-Lock)

Another type of steering lock that we have tested is a steering lock with a belt-lock system. This Carpoint lock performed best in our test. This lock works in a different way than the Gtrise lock. This lock from Carpoint is a lot cheaper, but also has completely different features. So think carefully about what you prefer!

Unique mounting system

When testing the Carpoint steering lock, we immediately noticed the unique mounting system. Unlike traditional steering wheel locks, this lock is threaded through the steering wheel with a loop and the end clicked into the seat belt mounting. This provides another dimension of security.

Quality and Protection

The hardened steel cable gave us a feeling of strength and durability. The striking red protective cover also prevents damage, which is a plus for the aesthetics of the car's interior.

Ease of use

The steering wheel lock is easy to handle and leaves no marks on the steering wheel. However, one point to note is that the lock may be too short for drivers who have their seats far back.


The Carpoint Steering Wheel Lock Belt-Lock offers an innovative security solution for cars. The unique mounting method and the quality of the material make it a reliable choice. However, it is important to check that the length of the lock is suitable for your specific seating position in the car.

1.3 Defa Steering Lock Disk

The last lock that we have included in our blog is the steering wheel lock from Defa. Anyone who is into security, especially in the field of steering columns, knows Defa. This is a top brand with good quality locks. The price is a lot higher than average, but according to the reviews and stories you get top quality for that. We were curious and share our findings below!

Well-known and Reliable Brand During our test sessions, we noticed that the Defa Steering Lock Disk-Lok comes from a renowned brand that is also recommended by other well-known authorities, such as the ANWB. This immediately gave us a feeling of confidence.

Quality and Protection The quality of the steering lock is unmistakable. The use of steel in combination with plastic ensures a robust and durable construction. The fact that this steering lock has been the best in various tests for years speaks volumes about its reliability.

Installation and Use The steering lock is designed for handlebars with an outer diameter of 35 to 39 cm and from 42 to 44 cm. Installation went smoothly and the lock felt sturdy once attached to the handlebars.

Value for money Although the price of the Defa Steering Wheel Lock Disk-Lok is on the higher side compared to other steering wheel locks, the excellent quality and brand trust justifies this investment. It is a premium product that is worth its price.

Conclusion The Defa Steering Wheel Lock Disk-Lok is a top choice for those who are looking for a reliable and high-quality steering wheel lock. Although it has a higher price tag, it offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind. Highly recommended for those who want the best of the best in car security.

2. Most frequently asked questions about buying a car steering lock or camper steering lock

2.1 What should you pay attention to when buying a car steering lock

When choosing the best car steering wheel lock, it is crucial to pay attention to several factors. First of all, the quality of the material is essential; you want a steering wheel lock that is made of robust and durable material that can withstand burglary attempts. In addition, user-friendliness is important. A good steering lock should be easy to install and remove, without compromising security. It is also important to check whether the steering lock is compatible with the size of your steering wheel. Finally, it is advisable to read ratings and reviews from other users to get a good idea of ​​the reliability and effectiveness of the lock.

2.2 How do I know which lock is best to use as a camper steering lock?

Choosing the best steering wheel lock for your RV requires some additional considerations due to the size and type of vehicle. It is important to choose a steering wheel lock that is specifically designed for larger vehicles such as campers. In addition, you should pay attention to the durability and strength of the lock, since campers often contain valuables. It is also advisable to choose a steering lock that is recommended by reliable sources, agencies or experts in the camper world.

2.3 How can I verify the effectiveness of a steering wheel lock for my car or camper?

An effective steering wheel lock for cars and RVs should be clearly visible from the outside, deterring potential thieves. Moreover, you can verify its effectiveness by looking for certifications or approvals from reliable bodies. It is also valuable to consult feedback and reviews from other users. They can often provide insight into the practical aspects of the lock, such as durability and user-friendliness. When assessing the steering locks in this blog, we have taken all important aspects into account.

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