The 3 most beautiful cycling routes through Schoorl

Natural beauty meets adventure on the Schoorl cycle route . This beautiful part of the Netherlands, located in the province of North Holland, is known for its vast dunes, fresh forests and breathtaking coastal scenery. For every cyclist, this is a place where the great cycle paths take you on an unforgettable journey through amazing nature.

I am a fanatical cyclist who likes to visit the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands. Today I will discuss a number of cycling routes near Schoorl, thanks to these cycling routes I was able to discover the Schoorl dunes since I was young. I will recommend some routes and give some useful tips on discovering this beautiful area.

Get on your bike, breathe in the fresh sea air and prepare for an adventure that will take you beyond your wildest expectations. Be inspired and discover the beautiful Schoorl cycling route with us.

Cycling through the widest dune area in the Netherlands

The dunes are a typical Dutch landscape, which is why I have been cycling through them with pride for years. Along the way you will encounter different types of nature, from cycling under the trees to cycling on a beautiful open plain in the dunes. I think the best thing about cycling through the dunes is when you want to get a breath of fresh air, the wind can be strong so be prepared to pedal hard. But it is certainly worth it, with some effort, to cycle this beautiful cycle route in North Holland.

View this fantastic Schoorl cycling route here.

Schoorlse dunes

Cycling route past various villages

Is the wind blowing too hard? Or do you prefer driving through villages? Then this route is perfect for you! This cycle route takes you past the most beautiful villages and towns around the Schoorlse dunes, such as Bergen, Alkmaar and Heiloo. You have beautiful views everywhere and you pass a number of special places for North Holland. Take in some sights and sit down on a terrace for a delicious cup of coffee. The villages around the Schoorlse dunes are known for their museums such as the cheese museum and the beer museum.

View the most beautiful cycling route to discover the villages here

Discover the climbing dune & the bear pit

The last cycle route discussed is, in my opinion, the most beautiful cycle route. This route takes you past all the splendor that the Schoorlse dunes have to offer, but be prepared to stop a few times to properly take in the surroundings.

The route starts at a place where almost all routes start, the Schoorlse Duinen outdoor center, where you can ask all your questions about the area. Then you go past the climbing dune, this is perhaps the most famous attraction of the Schoorlse dunes, there are things to see and do here for young and old. As soon as you have finished at the climbing dune, you can go straight to the bear pit, this is a place in the middle of the dunes where you can eat or drink something. Take a seat and consider how you want to continue the route.

View the recreational cycling route here

Supplies for the Schoorl cycle route

We recommend, with the unpredictable weather in the Netherlands, to always bring an extra layer of clothing. It is also important to take a charged phone with you to follow the route and capture the beautiful view. The route can also be followed via the signs. If you want to ensure that you can easily operate your phone while cycling, we definitely recommend using a phone holder. I can no longer get on my bike without a phone holder, you can easily follow the route and keep track of your statistics. Do you also want a phone holder? Below are 3 phone holders that we recommend to make the cycling route even more fun!