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Fatbike boosting prohibited - Throttle Buying a fatbike becomes illegal!

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Fat bikes have become extremely popular in recent years, mainly due to their versatility and ability to ride on different terrains such as dirt roads. A fat bike is an electric bicycle with wide tires or fat tires. We have noticed that the popularity of the fat bike goes hand in hand with the popularity of boosting a fat bike.

Boosting a fat bike is becoming increasingly popular. But in the short term, new rules will be introduced that will make riding a fat bike illegal. Even owning a throttle or booster kit becomes illegal.

What were the reasons for making the staging of a fat bike illegal:

Boosting an electric fat bike has been made illegal for several reasons:

  • Danger to your own safety: Speeding up the fat bike can create speeds of up to 60 km/h, and yet a bicycle helmet is not mandatory. This creates dangerous situations for yourself.
  • Danger to others on the road: Other cyclists experience a lot of inconvenience from these large bicycles on the road. You are overtaken at high speeds and you often do not hear the fat bike coming.
  • Increase in the number of traffic fatalities: The increase in sales of electric bicycles is accompanied by the number of traffic fatalities. As many as 34% of traffic fatalities due to bicycle accidents are caused by an electric bicycle.

The most important part, the fatbike throttle

What is a fat bike throttle?

A fat bike throttle is a device that attaches to the handlebars of the electric bicycle and allows the rider to control the speed and power of the bicycle's electric motor. A throttle allows the rider to control the electric fat bike's powerful motor without pedaling, which can be useful when starting, climbing, or when extra power is needed.

There are several types of throttles available for fat bikes, including:

  • Twist throttles: These are similar to motorcycle throttles and allow the rider to control speed by turning the handle.
  • Thumb throttles: These are operated with the thumb and are usually mounted on the left side of the handlebar.
  • Push Button Throttles: These have a simple push button that allows the rider to turn the engine on and off.

    Regulations and laws for electric bicycles

    In the Netherlands there are specific rules and classifications for electric bicycles to ensure safety on public roads and to provide clarity to users and enforcement officers.

    • Maximum speed:
      • Electric bicycle (e-bike): This has pedal assistance up to a maximum of 25 km/h. These bicycles do not require a helmet, driver's license or license plate, and they are considered regular bicycles. The police now also have a roller bench for electric bicycles, click here for more information about this new roller bench.
      • Speed ​​pedelec: This has pedal assistance up to a maximum of 45 km/h. A moped license plate, third party liability insurance and a special speed pedelec helmet are required for this category. In addition, the driver must have at least a moped driver's license.
    • Engine power:
      • In the Netherlands, a maximum motor power of 250W applies to both e-bikes and speed pedelecs.
    • Activation:
      • Electric bicycle (e-bike): The motor only provides pedal assistance, which means you have to pedal to activate the motor. Even if a throttle is suitable, it is not allowed.
      • Speed ​​pedelec: As with e-bikes, the motor only offers pedal assistance. A throttle is not allowed.
    • Insurance:
      • No special insurance is required for e-bikes, although it is advisable given the value of the bike. Fewer and fewer insurance policies are being taken out for Fatbikes, so check carefully with your insurance company what exactly you can insure.
      • Speed ​​pedelecs must be third party insured.
    • Owning a boost set/throttle:
      • Owning a booster kit/throttle will also become illegal in the short term. It takes too much time for the police to check if it is in use and there are numerous ways to quickly disable the throttle. So watch out for a fine!

    It's crucial to be aware of Dutch regulations before making any changes to your electric fat bike, especially if you're considering adding a throttle or boosting the motor. Failure to comply with the rules can lead to fines, confiscation of the souped-up fat bike, or even legal consequences in the event of an accident.

    Is there a throttle lever as standard on a fat bike?

    Fat bikes, like other types of bicycles, come in different configurations and specifications, so whether or not a throttle is included as standard may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, this is usually not a standard configuration.

    How fast can you go with a fat bike?

    According to Dutch law, you can drive a maximum of 25 km/h with your electric fat bike.

    Do you have to wear a helmet while cycling with a fat bike?

    Wearing a helmet while riding a fat bike is highly recommended. In the Netherlands it is not yet legally required to wear a bicycle helmet while riding a fat bike.

    How much is the fine for speeding on a fat bike?

    The fine for speeding on an electric bicycle or a fat bike can amount to 290 euros. Owning a performance set can also result in a fine.


    Hi Ton,

    Als je een duimgashendel op de Ouxi V8 hebt geïnstalleerd en deze niet goed werkt, zijn er enkele stappen die je kunt overwegen:
    1. Controleer de installatie: Zorg ervoor dat de duimgashendel correct is geïnstalleerd en stevig is bevestigd aan de scooter. Probeer de duimgashendel opnieuw te installeren volgens die video hierboven.

    2. Zorg ervoor dat de firmware van de scooter up-to-date is.

    3. Als je problemen blijft houden neem dan contact op met de verkoper van de duimgashendel of van de Ouxi V8. Zij kunnen meer informatie geven over het specifieke model.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
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    Rick - R2B Store

    Heb de duimgashendel plug en play maar werkt niet hoe nu verder moet ik wat doen in het menu is een ouxi v8

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