Good customer service is “key”!

Good customer service ensures that (potential) customers get value for their money. It helps consumers with any uncertainties during a purchase. In addition, good customer service helps with questions afterwards, or to share positive experiences. To differentiate yourself from the competition, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure excellent customer service in all aspects of your business. We can always be reached via email, telephone, live chat, social media and more. In this blog you can read all about good customer service and how R2B Store deals with this!
Email and telephone are crucial
Good email and telephone service are crucial to communicate quickly and clearly with your customers. You can immediately gain customer trust through these channels. By emailing, the exchange between the company and the customer is automatically saved. This makes it easy to see how satisfied the customer was with the help. In addition, you can easily ask for feedback and see exactly how communication went at an earlier stage. A good telephone line allows you to speak to customers more personally and provide advice where necessary. Naturally, as a customer you do not want to wait long for a response. We therefore always respond quickly to all your questions! You can reach us by e-mail at or by phone: 0299-779453 .
Live chat is convenient and fast
Live chat is a great way to help existing and potential customers quickly and easily. For example, you can help potential customers who are browsing your website. It is also easy to help customers via chat who have purchased something, but still have questions afterwards. At R2B Store we are always ready to answer all your questions via chat on working days. Of course, you can also just say hello via our chat 😉!
Social media increases reach and opportunities
A major difference between social support and other channels is that most questions and answers are public via social media. This makes them visible to everyone. In this way, every interaction with a customer on social media becomes a unique opportunity to show who you are and what you stand for as a company. We can therefore be reached via multiple social media channels. Follow us on Instagram , Facebook or Linkedin . We also really appreciate it if you leave a nice message about our quality and service!