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We are as passionate about cycling as you are. And we know that a good bicycle mirror can make the difference between a stressful ride and a smooth ride. So, what did we do? We got our hands dirty and tested a bunch of mirrors! We looked at things like how bright they are, whether they stay steady on a bumpy road, how easy you can adjust them and of course how long they last. Continue reading this blog and discover what we have learned in our search for the best bicycle mirror.

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1. What do we think is the best bicycle mirror?

We spent many hours on the bike and tried out different mirrors. Believe me, not all mirrors are equal! In this blog we highlight our top 5 bicycle mirrors that really impressed us and made our bike rides a lot more enjoyable!

1.1 Mirage Bicycle Mirror

We recently tested the 'Mirage Bicycle Mirror' and it convinced us on several fronts. Mirage is a recognized brand in the bicycle accessories industry and generally receives many positive reviews on various sales platforms. This is also one of the reasons that we wanted to test this mirror ourselves.

Read our extensive review below!

Design & Assembly
The Mirage Bicycle Mirror radiates quality with its stylish design. Assembly was child's play. Within minutes I had the mirror securely attached to my handlebars, ready for the first ride.

Visibility & Adaptability
What immediately stood out while cycling was the clear and wide field of view of this mirror. The adjustment was fluid, allowing me to find the perfect angle for optimal viewing in no time.

Value for money
What really sets this mirror apart is its excellent value for money. For the price you get a mirror that impresses in both design and functionality. Partly due to this excellent ratio, the Mirage Bicycle Mirror De Luxe has secured a place in our top 5 bicycle mirrors.

This mirror is versatile and can be mounted on various bicycles, including city bikes, touring bikes and e-bikes. Whether you're cycling through the city or on a long trip, this mirror is a reliable choice.

After extensive testing, we can say with confidence that the Mirage Bicycle Mirror De Luxe is a top choice for any cyclist looking for quality without paying the top price. Not only does it offer excellent visibility, but its value for money and versatility make it an absolute must-have.

1.2. VWP Bicycle mirror

We also tested the VWP Bicycle Mirror. We have seen this product several times online, which made us very curious whether this mirror is a good choice to use on your (new) e-bike or other bicycle!

A sleek appearance
First impression? This mirror has style. The minimalist design is a breath of fresh air and almost seems predestined for the modern e-bike, but surprisingly it also fits well on other bicycles.

Worry-free installation
I had the bicycle side mirror mounted in no time. No hassle, no frustration. And that's exactly what you want after a new purchase. A small side note: the mounting may seem less suitable for handlebars thicker than 22.2 mm.

Clarity on the Way
During my first ride I immediately noticed the quality of the field of view. Just as clear and wide as the Mirage, but with its own unique touch.

Why specifically for E-bikes?
The VWP Bicycle Mirror feels really tailored to the e-bike user. But the great thing is that, despite its specialization, it also works well on other bicycles. Clearly thought has been given to what cyclists need and you notice this in every detail. This makes the electric bicycle mirror an excellent choice.

VWP vs. Mirage: A Short Reflection
Although the Mirage impressed with its universal approach, the VWP has something special for e-bike enthusiasts. It is that specific attention to detail that gives the VWP a place in our selection of top bicycle accessories.

1.3 Dyken Bicycle Mirror

We have now arrived at our third mirror in the test. This is the Dyken Bicycle Mirror. Dyken is a renowned brand on, among others, when it comes to bicycle mirrors. We were therefore very curious about this mirror. The online reviews were great, so let's discuss our own test below!

Modern and Compact
The Dyken Bicycle Mirror has a modern and compact design. It is immediately noticeable that this mirror protrudes less than some other models, such as the VWP and the Mirage.

Installation and Adaptability
Installation was quite simple, similar to the other two mirrors. However, an important note: pay close attention to the maximum diameter of your handlebars. As with the VWP, the mounting may be less suitable for thicker handlebars. The diameter of this mounting is 22 – 25 mm. Pay close attention to this!

Visibility and Ease of Use
Here I encountered two small challenges. Due to the shorter arm of the mirror, I noticed that, with my long arm, I sometimes looked more at my own arm than at the traffic behind me. I also experienced slight vibrations on some roads, although this was ultimately not too bad and less noticeable than with the Mirage.

Dyken vs. VWP & Mirage: A Quick Comparison
The Dyken is distinguished by its compact design. While the Mirage and VWP both have their own strengths, such as the versatility of the Mirage and the e-bike specialization of the VWP, the Dyken offers a minimalist and modern option for cyclists looking for a less conspicuous mirror.

The Dyken Bicycle Mirror is a solid choice for those looking for a modern and compact mirror. While there are a few caveats, it still provides a good viewing experience, especially for cyclists with shorter arms.

1.4 Mirage Best Mirror for Right (Speed ​​Pedelec)

Speed ​​Pedelecs are becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. These super-fast bicycles must have a license plate and are allowed to drive on public roads, just like mopeds. Cycling on a Speed ​​Pedelec therefore entails additional danger. As a result, we have also tested a mirror that is suitable for use on a Speed ​​Pedelec on the right side of the handlebars!

Installation and Adaptability
As with the other bicycle rearview mirrors we tested, installation of the Mirage was quite simple. The multi-adjustability is a big plus, allowing you to always find the perfect viewing angle.

Light Dimming: A Gamechanger
The light dimming technology is what really sets this mirror apart from the rest. For speed pedelecs, which often travel at higher speeds and on busier roads, it is crucial not to be dazzled. This speed pedelec bicycle mirror ensures that you always have a clear and undisturbed view.

The Best Choice for Speed ​​Pedelecs
We believe this is the best mirror option for speed pedelecs. The light dimming technology ensures an unparalleled driving experience, especially at high speeds where every detail counts.

Mirage vs. Dyken & VWP: A Brief Reflection
While the Dyken and VWP have their own unique features, the Mirage is in a class of its own, especially because of its light dimming. It is this innovative feature that puts the Mirage one step ahead of the competition.

For speed pedelec riders who are looking for a mirror that is both functional and innovative, the Mirage Mirror with Light Dimming is the speed pedelec mirror. It not only provides clear vision, but also protects you from dazzling light, which is essential for safe rides.

2. What should you pay attention to when buying a bicycle mirror?

Fitment and Compatibility
When we started our search for the perfect bicycle mirror, we quickly realized how important the mounting location is. Whether you choose a mirror on the handlebars, the brake lever, or even a version for your helmet or goggles, it should feel good. And believe me, nothing is more frustrating than finding a mirror you love, but it doesn't fit your handlebars. So a tip from us: always check compatibility!

Design and Visibility
Appearances are important, but a bicycle mirror is all about visibility. We've seen rearview mirrors in all shapes and sizes. Some are subtle and stylish, while others offer a panoramic view. And for those who, like me, are sometimes blinded by that bright winter sun, a mirror with light dimming is a real game changer.

Functionality and Sustainability
During our testing we noticed that a mirror that is easy to adjust makes life so much easier. And no one wants a vibrating mirror during a ride, right? A folding bicycle mirror is also recommended. As for durability, a mirror must be able to take a beating. Whether you're cycling through the city or on country roads, your mirror needs to be able to handle the ride.

Value for money
We've all been there: you buy something cheap and it breaks within a week. That is why it is sometimes worthwhile to invest a little more in quality. But at the same time you want value for your money. So, whether you go for budget or high-end, make sure you get what you pay for.

3. Is a mirror mandatory on an e-bike and on a speed pedelec?

We often get questions about e-bikes, and one of the most frequently asked questions is: "Is a mirror required on my e-bike?" Well, for the average e-bike the answer is simple: no, a mirror is not mandatory. Many people choose it because of the extra comfort and safety, but it is not a legal requirement.

Speed ​​Pedelecs: Another Story
Now, when we talk about speed pedelecs, the story becomes a little different. These fast guys can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, and that comes with extra responsibilities. A mirror is mandatory for speed pedelecs in many countries (including the Netherlands). And honestly, considering the speeds you can reach with such a bike, it's a sensible requirement. After all, you always want to know what's happening behind you, especially when you're going at such a speed.

So, to summarize: do you have a regular e-bike? Then a mirror is a choice. But for those riding a speed pedelec, it is advisable to check local legislation - chances are you will need that mirror!

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