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The Best Bicycle Pump - These are the best bicycle pumps of 2024

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Cycling is a great way to keep moving and explore the world around you. Whether you are an avid cyclist who cycles to work every day, or just takes the occasional trip at the weekend. It is important to ensure that your bicycle remains in good condition. And of course you need a good bicycle pump for that! But with so many different types of bicycle pumps on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. In this article we look for the best bicycle pumps currently available, so that you can get back on the road safely and with the correct tire pressure.

The Top 5 Best Bicycle Pumps at a glance:

1- R2B Bicycle Pump with Pressure Gauge - Double Valve Head - Incl. Attachment for balls & air mattress, among others

The best bicycle pump from the research is the R2B Bicycle Pump. This bicycle pump is suitable for bicycle tires with different valves such as a Presta and Schrader valve. With the analogue pressure gauge you can easily see the tire pressure or air pressure in the tire.

The maximum tire pressure that can be achieved is 11 bar. The price-quality ratio of this bicycle pump is the best. Furthermore, this bicycle pump is also suitable for bicycle and car tires, footballs and air mattresses. So once you purchase this bicycle pump you can use it for different purposes. Two attachments are included, namely a needle attachment and a pump spout. The needle attachment is suitable for balls. The pump spout for an air mattress, for example.


Pump head with compression head: One of the biggest advantages of the R2B Bicycle Pump is the pump head with compression head, which ensures that you can easily connect your valve to the pump. This way the pump head will not come loose during inflation.

Fits Multiple Valves: The bicycle pump fits multiple types of valves such as Presta and Schrader valves. You can therefore use the bicycle pump for multiple bicycles.

Built-in Analog Meter: The R2B bicycle pump has a built-in analog pressure gauge with which you can inflate your tire to the desired bar. You can also use the supplied needle to inflate other things.


❌ Storage space : Compared to other bicycle pumps, the R2B bicycle pump takes up quite a lot of space to store it.

2- Black Rhino - Compressor - Portable Air Compressor - with POWERBANK - Electric Bicycle Pump

The Black Rhino electric air compressor is a good bicycle pump. The Black Rhino is not just an air compressor; it is a versatile device that serves as a powerful electric bicycle pump and an efficient power bank. The big advantage of this bicycle pump is that you can take it everywhere and never end up with a soft tire again.


Exceptional Battery Capacity: Equipped with an impressive 6000mAh battery, the Black Rhino can inflate up to 22 bicycle tires on a single charge, making it unparalleled in efficiency and endurance.

Can be used as a power bank: The electric bicycle pump can also be used as a power bank. Make sure the bicycle pump is charged, connect your phone to the bicycle pump and you can easily charge your phone.

Easy to carry: The compact size of the bicycle pump ensures that you can easily take your bicycle pump with you. You can store the bicycle pump in your car or backpack. This way you can use the pump anytime and anywhere.


No pressure gauge: This pump does not have a pressure gauge.

3- R2B® Bicycle Pump without Pressure Gauge - Double Valve Head - Incl. Attachment for balls & air mattress - bicycle pumps - pump

Are you looking for a sturdy pump that can be used for everything? Then this standing bicycle pump (without pressure gauge) from R2B is really something for you! It's great for your bike, scooter, car, sports balls and even your air mattress. This pump fits all types of valves, both Schrader (the thick ones) and Presta & Dunlop (the thin ones). In addition, this pump can inflate very strongly, up to 11 bar/160 PSI. It also has a handy lock system that keeps it securely and securely in place. Sturdy and versatile - a top choice for anyone who cycles, drives or enjoys ball sports!


Multifunctional : Suitable for bicycle tires, scooter tires, car tires, sports balls and air mattresses.

Universal valve compatibility: Works with Schrader, Dunlop and Presta valves.

High pressure capacity: Can inflate up to 11 bar/160 PSI, ideal for various applications.

✅Sturdy and reliable: Equipped with a robust lock system for secure attachment.

✅Durable and Comfortable Construction: Strength handle and footrest for easy use.


Larger than Average Size: Due to the extra features and higher battery capacity, the Black Rhino can be larger and heavier than standard electric bicycle pumps.

4- Jumbo Pump - Bicycle Pump - Shelf and Hose - Black

The Jumbo bicycle pump is a traditional Dutch bicycle pump. This classic has been the bicycle pump of the Dutch for over 55 years. Just take a look in your parents' shed and there is a good chance that this pump is there. The reviews about this product say enough, most Dutch people long for the old familiar bicycle pump. Not too much fuss, just pump! That makes the Jumbo pump so reliable.


Has an old-fashioned "clip": Everyone knows the image of the Jumbo bicycle pump. This product delivers exactly what it describes. Thanks to the handy clip you can easily inflate your tire.

Extra long floor pump: Thanks to the extra long floor pump you can inflate your tire without back pain. Place your feet on the shelf of the bicycle pump and pull the lever up. Then press the lever down with force and air enters the tire.

Made of metal so stable: The bicycle pump is made of metal, which ensures that the bicycle pump is stable. The bicycle pump can also last a lot longer than the average bicycle pump.


No Pressure Gauge : The old-fashioned bicycle pump does exactly what it promises, and therefore nothing extra. There is therefore no pressure gauge that indicates how much bar of air is in the tire.

5- Electric Bicycle Pump - Rechargeable - Portable Compressor - Power Bank and Flashlight - Electric Tire Inflator

With this portable electric air pump you can ensure high tire pressure anywhere. The built-in LED lamp allows you to check and inflate the tire in the dark. It is a compact pump and this makes it easy to take the bicycle pump with you on the bike or in the car. If you buy this bicycle pump, you also immediately buy a power bank that you can connect to your phone using an included USB.


Air Pump Stops Automatically: You can indicate the desired tire pressure that the tires must meet. This will ensure that the electric tire inflator fills the tires with air to this level and then stops automatically.

Small Hand Pump: A big advantage is that the pump is supplied in a compact size. This ensures that the pump is easy to carry.

Easy to check tire pressure: After connecting the tire pump, you will see the current tire pressure, so you can always check the tire pressure before you start driving.


Battery must be charged : The bicycle pump can only be used when it is charged. This means that you must carefully check in advance how full the battery of the bicycle pump is.

The different types of bicycle pumps

There is a good bicycle pump that is best for every type of bicycle. In this chapter we will highlight a bicycle pump for each type of bicycle. The choices are based on the tire pressure required for the bicycles and the different valves that are most common on certain bicycles. There is often a difference between bicycles. For example, mountain bikes have wider tires than racing bikes.

The Best Floor Bicycle Pump

Topeak floor pump JoeBlow Sport III - 15700159

The JowBlow series has been known for performance for years. The JoeBlow Sport III continues that trend. The bicycle pump has been improved in a number of areas compared to its predecessor. This good bicycle pump has an enlarged gauge and updated handle. It is one of the more expensive bicycle pumps on the market, but the price-quality ratio is still excellent. So anyone who is not afraid to pay extra for a nice pump has come to the right place.


  • Maximum pressure of 11 bar
  • The pump has a manometer
  • You get two nipples
Topeak floor pump

The best electric bicycle pump - the best bicycle pump for on the road - Nanostorm Electric bicycle pump

The Nanostorm electric bicycle pump is the bicycle pump for on the road. You can take this bicycle pump with you when you go cycling. The electric pump has the option to charge via a USB cable. It also has built-in LED lighting so you can properly inflate your tires during a nighttime car or bike ride. Due to the different attachments, the bicycle pump is suitable for Pestra valves, Schrader valves and French valves. This bicycle pump fits every valve.


  • USB charging cable
  • 4 different attachments
  • Mini compressor
  • Storage bag
the best electric bicycle pump

The best bicycle pump for mountain bike - The Strex Bicycle Pump

The best mountain bike pump is the Strex Bicycle Pump. The larger and improved cylinder makes this pump one of the best in its category. It can be connected to the types of valves Dunlop valve/Dutch valve, Presta valve/French valve and Schrader valve/car valves.


  • Has a pressure gauge
  • Maximum pressure 12 bar
  • Reducing nipple
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful high-pressure foot pump
the best bicycle pump for mountain bike

The best bicycle pump for racing bikes - BBB Cycling AirWave Bicycle Pump with Pressure Gauge

The best racing bike pump is the BBB cycling AirWave. This is partly because the bicycle pump has an ergonomic lever. This lever ensures a natural pumping position, which results in more pumping power and makes it easier to achieve the desired tire pressure. The bicycle pump is suitable for all types of valves. In addition, the high-pressure hose is 80 centimeters, which gives you enough space to properly inflate your tires.


  • Suitable for French valve, Schrader and Dunlop valve
  • Pump tube made of composite material
  • Ergonomic 'boomerang' lever
  • Compact floor pump
the best bicycle pump for racing bikes

Different types of bicycle pumps

Foot pump

The name of this pump says it all, you inflate your tires using your foot. They are very effective and you can easily inflate your bicycle tire. You can distinguish between the different bicycle pumps by choosing a bicycle pump with or without a nice pressure gauge.

Mini pump

A mini pump is perfect to take with you on the go. You can easily take the bicycle pump with you and inflate your tire in case of a flat tire. There are two types of mini pumps: a hand pump and a CO2 pump.

Floor pump

Floor pumps are the most common type of bicycle pumps and it is very likely that you already have one in your shed. These pumps are manually operated and you can use your legs to stand on the support feet so that the pump remains stable. It is important to make sure that you buy a pump with a pressure gauge and a higher maximum pressure of at least 10 bar.

What should I do if my tire is flat?

You prefer to inflate your tires as little as possible. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you do not get a flat tire. The above paragraph explains what you can do to prevent a flat tire due to too high tire pressure. If this is the case, it is useful to know what to do if you have a flat tire. Fortunately, there is a very clear article with a step-by-step plan, a list of supplies and the most common mistakes. Click here to read the article and make sure you know what to do if your tire is flat.

Ideal tire pressure per bicycle

The minimum tire pressure is usually indicated somewhere on the tire. There is often also a maximum tire pressure. It is important to know that if you are a bit heavier to sit close to the maximum tire pressure. There are of course different types of bicycles and that is why we have listed the ideal tire pressure for each bicycle.

Ideal tire pressure for mountain bike

A tire pressure between 1.8 and 2.5 bar is best for a mountain bike

Ideal tire pressure for racing bike

A tire pressure between 6 and 9 bar is best for a racing bike. These racing bicycles require high pressure and that is why it is important to inflate these tires with a bicycle pump that provides powerful high pressure.

Ideal tire pressure city bike

The recommended tire pressure for a city bike is between 3.5 and 5 bar. Take a good look at your weight and the minimum tire pressure to ensure that you are pumping the right amount of air into the tire.

The best tire pressure for an electric bicycle

In general, the recommended tire pressure for electric bicycles is similar to that of a normal bicycle and varies between 3.5 and 5 bar depending on the tire size.

The consequences of incorrect tire pressure

Perfect tire pressure is important for several reasons

  1. Safety: The correct tire pressure ensures good grip on the road and prevents the tires from coming loose from the rim while driving, which increases your risk of falling.

  2. Comfort: Too low tire pressure can make the bike less comfortable to ride and you may have to pedal more to move forward. Too high tire pressure can lead to a stiff ride and less grip on the road.

  3. Punctures: Underinflated tires increase the risk of a puncture because the tire can bend more and hit the rim edge. Too high tire pressure can cause tire wear and faster tire wear, which can lead to serious consequences such as an accident.

  4. Performance: The correct tire pressure improves the performance of the bicycle. A correctly inflated tire will provide less rolling resistance, which means you have to use less energy to move forward. This means that you can cycle easier and faster.

That's why it's important to regularly check your bicycle's tire pressure and ensure it is set to the correct pressure to optimize the safety, comfort and performance of your bicycle.

Now that you have been fully provided with the advice to buy the right bicycle pump, it is up to you to complete the look of your bicycle. Therefore choose a telephone holder for your bicycle from R2B. Click here for all bicycle phone holders. With the help of this phone holder you can ensure that you travel safely on the road. You also ensure that you do not get a fine for using your phone, because you can continue to operate your phone from the holder. The touchscreen can also still be used. Would you like more information about bicycle phone holders? Then take a look at this website.

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