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The best (double) bicycle bag 2024 | View the top 5 best bicycle bags of 2024

double bicycle bag

Welcome to this blog about the best bicycle bags! Whether you are an avid cyclist who cycles to work every day, or an adventurous cyclist who likes to go on long trips, a good bicycle bag is indispensable. Bicycle bags are not only useful for storing things, but also for properly distributing the weight on the bike and relieving your back. But with so many different types and sizes of bicycle bags on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one that suits your wants and needs. In this blog we therefore discuss the best bicycle bags available, so that you can make an informed choice and travel comfortably and safely. Read on to discover which bicycle bag suits you best!

The 5 best double bicycle bags at a glance:

Below are the 5 best double bicycle bags of the moment. With the help of the bicycle bags you can easily take items such as groceries or work attributes with you.

1. Basil - Mara XL Double bicycle bag black

2. Dunlop - Bicycle Bag Double 600D

3. Ekostar - Double panniers

4. Basil - Wanderlust Double bicycle bag

5. Fastrider - Unibad Double bicycle bag

The top 5 Best Bicycle Bags of 2023 explained:

1 - Basil Mara XL Double bicycle bag - Black - 35 Liters

Basil Mara best bicycle bag

The best bicycle bag is the double bicycle bag XL from Basil Mara. This modern and stylish version of Basil Mara is easy to mount on the luggage carrier. The double panniers do not seem that big at first glance, but they can hold more than 35 liters. Ideal for taking groceries or transporting a bag on the way to work. The bag is suitable for both a women's bicycle and a men's bicycle. The material is polyester, which makes the double bicycle bag waterproof.

In addition, the double bicycle bags have reflective stripes at the front and back so that others on the road can see your bicycle and the bicycle bag clearly. You can mount the bicycle bag to your luggage carrier using straps. The multifunctional bicycle bag is also available in the following volumes 26L, 46L and 52L. This way you can find the right size for your needs.


  • Reflective strip on the front and back
  • Polyester as a water-repellent fabric
  • Suitable for e-bikes

2 - Dunlop bicycle bag double 600D - Black

dunlop double bicycle bag

The all-round double bicycle bag from Dunlop is made of Nylon and the bicycle bag is also waterproof. This is one of our favorite bicycle bags, it is compact and reliable. This makes the bicycle bag ideal for commuting distances. The double bicycle bag can easily be attached to the luggage carrier using a Velcro connection. The bag is equipped with reflectors on the back and is completely waterproof. The contents of the bag is 26 liters. The disadvantage of the bicycle bag is that it is not suitable for the electric bicycle.

The double bicycle bag has a sporty look, and the reflective strip provides extra visibility in the dark. With Dunlop's double bicycle bags you can easily take your belongings with you on the road. The double bicycle bag is relatively cheap compared to the other bicycle bags.


  • Reflective strips
  • Cheap
  • Easily take groceries with you

3 - Ekostar Online Shopping - Bicycle bags double - 46 Liters - Bicycle bags for electric bicycles

Ekostar double bicycle bag

The Ekostar double bicycle bag is ideal for all-round use. Whether you have to go to work or you want to go to the beach. The strong bicycle bag from Ekostar ensures that you can take everything with you. The capacity of the waterproof bicycle bag is no less than 46 liters. The double bicycle bag is easy to close and adjust thanks to the adjustable click buckles.

The waterproof bicycle bag from Ekostar is a universal bicycle bag, which means that you can also mount it on your electric bicycle. You can close the bag using the side flaps, this ensures that the bicycle bag does not blow open during Dutch storms. Furthermore, the paved bottom ensures that the bicycle bag remains in good shape, so you can easily fill the bicycle bag with your belongings. The base plate is collapsible so that you can easily fold the bicycle bag when you are not using it. Finally, the double bicycle bag is made of water-repellent polyester so that the items in the correct bicycle bag do not get wet.


  • Suitable for electric bicycles
  • Universal bicycle bag
  • Collapsible base plate

4 - Basil Wanderlust Double bicycle bag - Black - 35 Liters

Basil Wanderlust double bicycle bag

The Basil wanderlust double bicycle bag is the most stylish bicycle bag from this top 5. This completes the look of your bicycle and allows you to ride through the city in style. The colorful bird print on the bicycle bag provides a trendy look. The bag is also available in other stylish colors. Are you cycling through the rain? Then don't worry about the contents of the basil bicycle bag being wet. The double bicycle bag is equipped with water-repellent material. This makes it a good waterproof bicycle bag. The Basil bicycle bag can be opened and closed with a handy click system. The basil mile is the perfect option within everyday bicycle bags.

The Basil bicycle bag is suitable for all types of luggage carriers, including electric bicycles. The 2 straps allow you to attach a child seat or quick-release straps to your bicycle on top of the Basil bicycle bag. In addition to the black color, the Basil Wanderlust is also available in the colors indigo blue, ivory white, vintage red and white. The capacity of the bag itself is 35 liters.


  • Handy click system
  • Stylish bicycle bag
  • Multiple colors available

5 - Fastrider Unibag Double Bicycle Bag - 28 liters - Black

Fastrider double bicycle bag

The top 5 is completed by the Fastrider double bicycle bag. This special bicycle bag has a special compartment for your smartphone! This way you can properly store your phone while cycling. Do you still want to listen to music while cycling? That is possible, there is a special opening through which the wire of your headphones fits. The buckle closure makes it possible to close the waterproof bicycle bag properly.

What distinguishes this bicycle bag from the other double bicycle bags is the fact that the bicycle bag has LED lighting. This means that you are even more visible in the dark. It may be the case that the panniers of your bicycle are less visible to the driver behind you, but with the help of the LED lighting this problem is quickly solved. Finally, you will receive rain covers to ensure that the contents of the items appear dry. Almost all bicycle bags are designed to be waterproof, but with the help of the rain cover you can be 100% sure that the items in the bicycle bag will be dry. This makes it one of the best waterproof bicycle bags. Most good bicycle bags do not include a completely waterproof rain cover and their valuables are therefore not optimally protected.


  • LED lighting on the double bicycle bag
  • Supplied rain covers
  • Removable storage compartment for your smartphone

What is the best bicycle bag for an electric bicycle?

There are many different types of bicycle bags that are suitable as an electric bicycle pannier, depending on the size and type of bag you are looking for. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an electric bicycle pannier:

  1. Type of bicycle bag: There are different types of bicycle bags, including handlebar bags, saddle bags, frame bags, rear bags and more. Each type of bag has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you want to transport with it.

  2. Capacity: Depending on how much you want to transport, it is important to choose an electric bicycle pannier with the right capacity. This can vary from a small handlebar bag for personal items to a large rear bag for groceries or camping gear.

  3. Waterproofing: If you plan to use your electric bike pannier for commuting or riding in wet conditions, it is important to choose one of the waterproof panniers so as not to get your belongings wet. The waterproof bag ensures that you can travel longer.

  4. Mounting system: Check whether the electric bicycle pannier you choose is compatible with the mounting system of your electric bicycle. Some bags are designed to attach to the rear rack, while others attach to the seatpost or frame.

  5. Battery: Make sure that the double bicycle bag is suitable for placing over your battery. The product description of the e-bike often indicates whether the bicycle bag is suitable for an e-bike or whether it does not fit over the battery.

Some popular brands of bicycle bags suitable for electric bicycles are Ortlieb, Vaude, Basil, Thule and Topeak. It is advisable to compare different brands and models before making a purchase to find the best bicycle bag to suit your needs.

What is a trendy double bicycle bag?

A trendy double bicycle bag can mean different things, but usually it refers to a waterproof bicycle bag that is not only functional, but also looks stylish and suits the cyclist's personal style. There are many different brands and styles of panniers that are considered hip, depending on the cyclist's personal preference. Here are some examples of trendy bicycle bags:

  1. Canvas bicycle bags with striking prints and colors.

  2. Leather bicycle bags that look like a regular handbag or shoulder bag.

  3. Bicycle bags made from sustainable materials, such as recycled materials or organic cotton.

  4. Bicycle bags with a minimalist design and modern look.

  5. Bicycle bags with unique features, such as a removable shoulder strap, reflective details or an integrated lock.

It is important to remember that the definition of "hip" is subjective and can vary depending on personal preference and current fashion trends. Also check carefully whether the trendy bicycle bag fits your e-bike.

How to attach double bicycle bag?

Attaching a double pannier can vary by brand or model, but in general there are a few basic steps to follow:

  1. Check whether the bicycle bag is suitable for your type of bicycle and whether the mounting system is compatible with your luggage carrier.

  2. Place the bicycle bag on the luggage carrier of your bicycle. Make sure that the bag is evenly distributed on the luggage carrier and that it does not hang too far forward or backward.

  3. Look for the mounting hooks or straps on the bottom of the pannier. These hooks or straps must be firmly clicked onto the luggage carrier.

  4. Check whether the bicycle bag is securely attached and does not wobble or shift while cycling.

  5. Repeat the steps for the other bicycle bag to completely attach the double bicycle bag.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for correctly attaching the panniers. Also make sure that the bicycle bags do not get in the way of the pedals or the wheel of the bicycle.

Now that you have purchased the best double bicycle bag, it is time to complete the look of your bicycle. With the R2B phone holder you can easily navigate anywhere and avoid a possible fine on your phone. View the telephone holders for bicycles from R2B Store here.