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Bicycle phone fine - 4 ways to avoid a fine

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The main reason why you should not carry electronic devices while cycling or in other traffic is that you endanger others. In 2022, there will be stricter controls on the use of mobile phones in traffic; no fewer than 53,000 fines were issued last year. Below are four tips to avoid a fine.

1- Use your phone when you are standing still

Did you know that you cannot receive a fine if you use your phone on the bike while you are stationary? So you can use your phone while cycling at a traffic light, for example for texting, but it is prohibited as soon as you drive a vehicle.

2- Use your phone in a phone holder

The best solution for using your phone while cycling is to place your phone in a phone holder. You can easily click when your navigation system asks for an alternative route. You can also easily click on the next song on your playlist. Nowadays there are even waterproof phone holders so you can use your phone on the bike even in the rain. View the best phone holders for bicycles from R2B Store here.

3- Use earphones to listen to music or make phone calls while cycling

You can expect a fine for holding your phone to your ear while cycling. This also applies to holding music players or another electronic device such as a tablet. Therefore, make sure you master hands-free calling so that you can make calls on your bike. This can be done, among other things, by connecting your earphones to your phone.

By connecting your phone to your earphones you can also listen to music while cycling. Most earphones these days offer the option to click to play the next song or adjust the sound. This ensures that you no longer use your phone.

4- Voice control for texting on the bike

Finally, voice control is the solution to avoid a bicycle fine . You can transmit commands to your phone via voice and nowadays even send messages with voice commands. Just make sure your phone is connected to your earphones or in the cradle to ensure you don't have to hold it and your phone hears your voice command clearly.

How much is a bicycle fine for a telephone?

A fine for holding your mobile phone in your hand while riding a bicycle is €160, excluding administration costs. If you use your phone during a ride in another vehicle, the costs increase to a minimum of €380.

How much is the bicycle fine for under 16s in 2024?

There is a lower fine for using a telephone on a bicycle for children under 16 years of age. You can receive a fine of €47.50 for this. For children under 12, several violations are required; once these have been detected, they can only be fined for, for example, using a mobile phone.

Can I make hands-free calls while cycling?

You can make phone calls while cycling as long as it is hands-free.

Can I text while cycling?

No, you are not allowed to text while cycling. You are not allowed to have your phone in your hand while cycling, but you are allowed to make hands-free calls while cycling and you are allowed to listen to music. As long as you do not have your phone in your hands, you cannot receive a fine.

Still unexpectedly received a fine?

Sometimes officials first give a warning, but they can of course also immediately issue a fine. If you do not agree, you can always submit a free objection to an independent party.

With all these tips you can avoid a fine, because calling while cycling is dangerous and also punishable. Do you want to take your bike on the road safely and without fines? Then purchase a bicycle holder from R2B now !

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