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Avoid a car phone fine and go hands-free on the road!

car phone fine

Fine for cell phone use behind the wheel

The government is becoming increasingly strict in checking whether road users keep their mobile phone in the car while driving. This is not permitted by law and can cause dangerous situations in traffic. Furthermore, it doesn't really help you with your savings goals, because a fine for using your phone in the car is €420. Euro excluding administration costs. Furthermore, the government has recently introduced new speed cameras that are often hung above highways. In addition to a fine for speeding, these speed cameras can also see whether you are holding your phone, so you can quickly get a fine at home without knowing it!

Avoid holding your cell phone

There are several reasons not to hold your phone behind the wheel, which is why it is smart to look for a safe alternative that complies with the traffic regulations. We at R2B Store recommend always using a phone holder to avoid getting a fine for driving behind the wheel with your phone in your hand.

Hands-free is allowed, but is not MONO

If you have your mobile phone in the holder, you can use it, but make sure you keep this to a minimum while driving. Only use your phone in the holder while driving, for example to accept an alternative route or to accept an incoming call. Do not text, watch a movie or play games while driving, as this can still cause dangerous situations in traffic due to unnecessary noise. In addition, you can receive a fine for this according to Article 5 of the Road Traffic Act.

Can I use my phones when I am stationary in the car?

If you are standing still, you can certainly use your phone. Be careful, because if you are in a traffic jam or at a traffic light, this is not allowed. Your car's engine must be turned off before you can use your phone. Park your car or stand somewhere along the road where you can safely hold your mobile phone.

Phone car fine unjustified ?

Have you received an unjustified fine and have you been stopped? Please contact traffic lawyers, as they can help you determine the next steps regarding fines. This way you can appeal if you have wrongly received phone holding fines. Appealing your fine will not help in all cases, but it is worth a try for that much money!

How do the smart cameras work?

The smart cameras that the government uses hang above a highway or stand along the road, so you will no longer be stopped by a police officer. The cameras are pointed downwards and only photograph your hands and the license plate. This way they can see whether you are holding a mobile electronic device while driving. For privacy reasons, your face remains out of the picture. The smart cameras also work when it is dark thanks to the infrared sensors

If you have received a fine in this way and the fine is unjustified, you can always request photos. If it turns out that you did not have a mobile phone in your hands but something else, it is a good idea to file an objection or, as mentioned above, contact a traffic lawyer.

Do the police only make money from ringing in the car?

Sometimes it seems that the police only want to make extra money by handing out traffic fines and are therefore always looking for new ways to fine other people. Ultimately, the goal with the smart police speed cameras is to actually increase road safety in the Netherlands. Simply answering a text message or looking up a telephone number poses a major risk to road safety. It is therefore not smart for your wallet or safety to hold your mobile phones or any other electronic device in traffic.

What does a mobile electronic device include in a car telephone fine?

The person driving a vehicle is prohibited from using a mobile electronic device while driving. A mobile electronic device is in any case defined as a device such as a telephone, navigation device, tablet, music player, etc. If you have one of these devices in your hands, you are in violation and you risk a fine from an officer or you will later have to pay a fine. get a fine on your doorstep.

Get on the road safely and without fines and save money

After this blog, you are fully aware of the rules regarding receiving a fine for calling in the car or holding your mobile phone while driving. Is that why you want to drive safely and without fines? Then purchase a phone holder for your car from R2B now and avoid getting a fine or creating an unsafe situation.