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Fine for calling a car, what will it cost in 2024?

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Road safety is an essential part of a responsible society. Every day, millions of people rely on the safety of our roads, both drivers and pedestrians. A common problem that significantly affects road safety is the use of smartphones while driving. Whether it's calling, texting, or navigating, the distraction this causes can lead to serious accidents. This blog focuses on the danger of smartphone use behind the wheel, the current legislation in this regard, and offers practical solutions to tackle this growing problem.

The danger of talking on the phone behind the wheel

Studies show time and time again that calling or holding the phone while driving significantly increases the risk of accidents. According to a study, using a mobile phone while driving increases the risk of a traffic accident by as much as four times. The distraction causes a longer reaction time, comparable to driving under the influence of alcohol. The problem lies not only with the physical aspect of holding a phone, but also with the cognitive distraction it causes. Drivers are less alert and less able to process changes in traffic, which can have fatal consequences.

How much is a fine for calling in the car?

In an effort to increase road safety, many countries have introduced strict laws against the use of cell phones while driving. In the Netherlands, for example, it is illegal to hold a mobile electronic device while driving a vehicle. The fine for violation of this law costs 420 euros.

The law reads as follows: "The person driving a vehicle is prohibited from holding a mobile electronic device that can be used for communication or information processing while driving."

These measures are intended to discourage drivers from potentially dangerous behavior and promote road safety. In addition to fines, in some cases there may also be other legal consequences, such as points on the driver's license or even a driving ban for repeated violations. Holding a phone while driving is not a good idea under any circumstances.

Alternatives and safe practices

Fortunately, today there are many alternatives available that make it possible to communicate safely without endangering road safety. Hands-free systems and voice-control technologies allow drivers to answer calls, send messages and receive instructions without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road. The use of these technologies is strongly recommended.

Using a phone holder for your phone in the car is perfect to avoid a phone car fine. Holding a mobile electronic device is not allowed, so placing it in your phone holder is the perfect solution. View the best phone holders for the car here and make sure you can't be stopped!

Personal responsibility and awareness

Taking personal responsibility is crucial for improving road safety. By consciously choosing safe driving behavior, drivers can not only protect their own lives, but also the lives of others. Raising awareness about the dangers of smartphone use behind the wheel can have a significant impact. This can be done by sharing personal experiences, participating in road safety campaigns, and addressing friends and family about unsafe behavior.

I have an unjustified fine, what should I do?

There may be a situation in which you consider the car telephone fine to be unjustified. You can then choose to contest the fine. You can do this via external parties such as Bonnetje and, but you can also object to the fine yourself via the CJIB. If you think the fine is unjustified, it is certainly worth it. You must first receive the fine for this.
After this incident, do you have more questions about the fines or are you curious about more information about the prices of other violations on the road? Then view the government information page here.

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