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Want to buy the best bicycle phone holder? Check out our top 5!

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As an avid cyclist and tech enthusiast, I'm often looking for ways to make my ride smoother and more efficient. One of the discoveries that has really improved my cycling experience is the best phone holder. After extensive testing and experimenting with different models, I would like to share my findings on the five best phone holders that are a welcome addition to any bike ride.

A bicycle phone holder is not just an accessory; it is an essential tool that transforms the way we plan and experience our journeys. With the rise of cycling apps for navigation, health measurements and entertainment, having your phone within reach while cycling is more than just convenient; it's a smart choice.

Stability was at the top of my list. Nothing is more annoying than a wobbly phone during a fast descent or bumpy road. In addition, I paid attention to the mounting method - from sturdy clamps to adjustable arms - all to ensure that the holder can be securely and easily attached to the handlebars. Read in this blog about my reviews in our top 5 list of the best phone holders that 2023 has to offer!

Top 5 Best Bicycle Phone Holder of 2024 highlighted

1. The Best Bicycle Phone Holder: R2B Robust Phone Holder model Delft

The R2B Rugged Phone Holder Delft , specifically designed for bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles, caught my attention because of its promise of ruggedness and versatility. The strength and versatility of this good phone holder make it the best phone holder of 2024 for us!

Check out our full review of this phone holder below.

Sturdy Mounting for Robust Use

The first impression of the R2B phone holder was immediately positive. The mount has a sturdy construction that promises durability and stability even on uneven terrains or bumpy trails. The adjustable clamps provide a secure hold on my phone, regardless of model, contributing to a worry-free cycling experience.

360-degree Rotation: Always the Perfect Viewing Angle

One of the standout features of this phone holder is its 360-degree rotation, making it easy to set the perfect viewing angle. Whether you're following your navigation, checking your performance or simply enjoying your favorite music, the R2B holder offers the flexibility to rotate your phone to any position you want.

Suitable for Scooters and Motorcycles: A Universal Solution

What makes this phone holder even more attractive is its versatility. Not only suitable for bicycles, but also for scooters and motorcycles. This makes the R2B phone holder a universal solution for various two-wheelers, so you always have your phone at hand, regardless of the vehicle you choose.

A Gift Idea for Everyone

Considering its durability, versatility and sleek design, I consider the R2B Rugged Phone Holder to be an excellent gift idea for both men and women who love to hit the road. The Delft model combines functionality with style, making it a thoughtful gift for any cycling enthusiast.

2. Best Waterproof Bicycle Phone Holder: R2B Bicycle Phone Holder Waterproof model The Hague

A waterproof phone holder for the bicycle could of course not be missing from our top 5 list of the best phone holders! After testing a number of different variants, the Den Haag model from R2B is , in our opinion, the best in the series of best waterproof phone holders. With a well-functioning zipper and handy storage compartments inside the holder, this is a very complete bicycle phone holder!

Check out our full review of this phone holder below.

Waterproof Cover for Electronic Devices

The R2B phone holder impressed with its waterproof design, which kept my phone well protected from rain and splashes. This not only gives peace of mind during unpredictable weather conditions, but also opens up the possibility of using the holder in different environments without fear of water damage.

360-degree Rotation: Optimal Ease of Use

The ability to rotate the phone holder 360 degrees, as seen with the The Hague model, offers unprecedented flexibility. This allowed me to easily position my phone at the desired viewing angle, whether it was tracking my route, checking my speed or capturing unforgettable moments during my ride.

Suitable for Various Vehicles: An All-in-One Solution

What made this good phone holder extra attractive is its versatility. Not only suitable for bicycles, but also for scooters and motorcycles. This makes the R2B phone holder an all-in-one solution for various two-wheelers, allowing you to keep your phone safe and dry within reach, regardless of the vehicle you drive.

Available in 3 different colours

The R2B Phone Holder for Bicycle, known as the Model Den Haag, is not only functional and versatile, but also available in three different attractive colors: red, blue and black. These color options not only provide an aesthetic element, but also allow users to choose a mount that suits their personal preferences or even the color of their bike.

3. Best Universal Phone Holder with Charging Function: Mancor Universal Phone Holder Bicycle

This all-round phone holder for bicycles from Mancor is a very handy holder that got our 3rd place! This universal holder is a bicycle lamp, bicycle bell and power bank in one! This versatility certainly makes it one of the best universal phone holders available today.

Check out our full review of this phone holder below.

Light Your Way with Built-in Lighting

The first impression of this phone holder was impressive, especially because of the built-in lighting. The LED lights not only provide better visibility during night rides, but also add an extra layer of safety to my cycling experience. With different light modes I can adjust the lighting to my specific needs.

Safe and Stylish: Integrated Bicycle Bell

Another useful feature of this phone holder is the integrated bicycle bell. Not only is the bell loud and clear, but the sleek design adds a touch of style to my bike. It is a subtle but effective way to make my presence known to fellow road users.

Stay Charged on the Go with the Built-in Power Bank

One of the most striking features of this phone holder is the built-in power bank. Never worry about your phone running out of power during long rides again. The power bank offers the possibility to charge my devices on the go, so I can always be reached and document my ride with my favorite cycling apps.

Universal Phone Holder for Various Smartphones

What makes this phone holder extra attractive is its universal compatibility. Suitable for various smartphone sizes, so you don't have to struggle with whether your phone will fit. The adjustable clamps hold my phone securely in place, regardless of model.

4. Best Elastic Phone Holder: R2B Silicone Phone Holder model Rotterdam

The silicone holder is perhaps the most common telephone holder for the bicycle. This simple holder is easy to attach to the handlebars and my phone was also very easy to put in the holder. After testing several, Rotterdam from R2B is my favorite based on quality!

Check out our full review of this phone holder below.

360-degree Rotation: Optimal Flexibility for the Perfect Viewing Angle

The first impression of the R2B phone holder was immediately positive, mainly because of its 360-degree rotation function. This allows me to rotate my phone to any position I want, whether it's to track my route, view stats, or share the perfect photo moment during my bike ride. The optimal flexibility adds a new dimension to my cycling experience.

Universal Compatibility for Various Smartphones

What makes this phone holder extra attractive is its universal compatibility. Suitable for different smartphone sizes, so I don't have to change my phone if I use a different model. The adjustable clamps ensure a secure hold regardless of the size of my device.

Simple Installation and Ease of Use

The Model Rotterdam is also distinguished by its simple installation and ease of use. With a few simple steps, my phone was securely attached to the handlebars of my bike. The holder's quick release and adjustment make it a handy companion for any cyclist who wants quick access to their phone on the go.

5. Best Phone Holder Bike Bundle: SP Connect Phone Case, Holder and Waterproof Cover

To conclude this list of the best bicycle phone holder, we have chosen a unique combination of phone holder and covers. With this bundle from SP Connect you get a case that can easily be attached to the holder, so that your phone holder sits very firmly on the handlebars. You also get a waterproof cover for bad weather conditions.

Check out our full review of this phone holder below.

Secure Attachment with SP Connect Phone Case

The SP Connect Bike Bundle II starts with the SP Connect Phone Case, which is specially designed for the iPhone 11. However, SP Connect offers this bundle for different phone models! This slim, yet robust case not only provides protection for my smartphone, but also integrates seamlessly with the included holder. With the patented twist-to-lock mechanism, I am assured that my phone is securely and securely attached to my handlebars.

Tool-Free Assembly for Immediate Use

One of the most notable features of this bundle is the tool-free assembly. Installing the mount on my handlebars required no tools and was surprisingly easy. This makes it ideal for cyclists who want to quickly and easily attach their phone before hitting the road.

Safety above all with the Anti-Vibration Module

The SP Connect Bike Bundle II goes further than just a phone holder. The anti-vibration module reduces unwanted vibration while cycling. This not only provides a better view of my phone screen, but also helps protect my phone from bumps and bumps during rough rides.

Waterproof Cover for Extra Protection

This bundle is completed with the water-resistant cover, which protects my phone from rain and splashes. This is especially useful for cyclists who ride in different weather conditions and want to keep their phone safe.

Frequently asked questions about the best bicycle phone holder

Which type of phone holder is most suitable for my bicycle?

The most suitable type of phone holder for your bicycle depends on several factors, including the type of bicycle, your personal preferences and the use you want to make of it. Here are some examples to see which phone holder is suitable for your situation:

Handlebar mounting :
Ideal for : City bikes, hybrid bikes, and racing bikes.
Features : Attached to the handlebars, provides a direct view of the screen. Often comes in adjustable variants for different phone sizes.

Frame mounting :
Ideal for : Mountain bikes and off-road bikes.
Features : Attached to the bicycle frame, providing stability on rough terrains. Often robustly built and protects the phone against shocks.

Frame bag with telephone compartment :
Ideal for : Touring bikes and long-distance riders.
Features : Integrates the phone holder into a frame bag, giving you room for other necessities in addition to the phone.

Universal holders with adjustable clamps :
Ideal for : Many types of bicycles.
Features : Suitable for various phone sizes, often with 360-degree rotation function. Can be attached to the handlebar or stem.

Phone holders with additional functions :
Ideal for : Cyclists who want extra features.
Features : Some holders have built-in lighting, bicycle bells, power banks or other useful extras.

Does the phone screen remain usable in a waterproof phone holder?

Sure, waterproof phone holders are typically designed with special materials that still make your phone's touchscreen usable. These materials are sensitive to touch, allowing you to operate the screen without removing the phone from the holder. The window of the holder must be transparent and of high quality, allowing the screen to remain clearly visible without loss of color reproduction or clarity.

Before you start cycling, it is wise to test the holder to ensure that all touchscreen functions work properly. Make sure the holder material is properly sealed and provides adequate protection against rain and splashes, especially if you plan to ride in wet conditions.

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