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Show your creativity thanks to the Best Drawing Tablet!

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During our test, the goal was not only to find the best drawing tablet , but also to understand what makes these devices so essential for creatives in this digital age. During our testing, we focused on a number of crucial aspects that determine the user experience and performance of a drawing tablet.

Firstly, we looked at the precision and pressure sensitivity of the pen. A drawing tablet must be able to register every nuance of your hand movement, from the lightest touch to the firmest pressure. These properties are crucial for creating dynamic and detailed works of art. In addition, the responsiveness of the tablet was an important criterion. Minimal delay between the movement of the pen and the response on the screen is essential for an intuitive drawing experience.

The benefits of using a drawing tablet are numerous. From the improved accuracy and control it offers, to the ability to create a digital archive of your work. It has become an indispensable tool for anyone involved in digital art or design. By sharing our experiences and tests, we hope to help you find the drawing tablet that best suits your needs and style.

The top 5 best drawing tablets at a glance

1. Best Drawing Tablet of 2024: W&Z Graphic Drawing Tablet

A graphics drawing tablet is the perfect way for many people to express their creativity. Thanks to a new drawing tablet, you can take notes for both hobbies and professional work. The best drawing tablet of 2024 is the drawing tablet from W&Z, thanks to its good compatibility in combination with an affordable price, this drawing tablet is ideal!

User experience
The installation on our computers went smoothly, allowing us to quickly get started with our first drawing projects. The tablet is compatible with both Windows and Mac, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users. With a high motion resolution of 5080 LPI and a pen that can register 230 points per second, our drawings offered unprecedented accuracy and detail.

The Pen: Your New Best Friend

The included pen quickly became our new best friend. This pen, which acts as a high-precision computer mouse, allowed us to draw, sketch and edit photos with ease and precision. The pen is recognized by the tablet from a height of 7mm, which ensures a comfortable and natural drawing experience. In addition, the buttons on the pen can be set to your own preference, which offers a personalized user experience.

Design and Construction Quality
The design of the W&Z® Graphic Drawing Tablet is both elegant and functional. The tablet is equipped with five hardware buttons next to the work area, which serve as shortcuts and can be set to your own preference. This contributes to a more efficient workflow and a more pleasant user experience.

The beautiful design in Sapphire Blue makes the tablet not only a powerful tool for creation, but also a stylish addition to our workspace.

2. The Best Drawing Tablet with Bluetooth: Wacom Intuos Pen & Bluetooth Medium

A drawing tablet is ideal for letting your creative mind run wild. Thanks to Wacom's drawing tablet, you can edit photos and paint with ease. Thanks to the Bluetooth functionality, it is possible not to clutter your workplace with cables, but to easily connect to your laptop, for example.

Easy to install
When we unpacked the Wacom drawing tablet, we were immediately charmed by the fresh Pistachio color. The medium size (216 x 135mm) felt perfect for our creative projects, large enough for detailed work, but compact enough to carry easily. The installation was a piece of cake; Within a few steps we had linked the tablet to our computers and were ready to use our creative software of choice.

Drawing and painting
The ergonomic pen, which comes with 4096 pen pressure levels, offered us pinpoint control over our digital artwork. Drawing and painting felt natural, almost as if we were working with real pencil and paper.

The Benefits of Bluetooth

One of the biggest advantages of this drawing tablet is the support for Bluetooth. This not only limited the number of cables in our workspace, but also gave us the freedom to work more relaxed and flexibly. Whether we were at our desk or on the couch, we could unleash our creativity without being limited by physical connections.

Efficiency at its best
The Wacom Intuos drawing tablet is equipped with four customizable ExpressKeys, which we set as shortcuts for our most frequently used actions. This, along with the two shortcuts on the pen, made our creative process significantly more efficient. It was a relief not to have to constantly search for options or commands on our keyboard.

3. The Best Children's Drawing Board: BOTC Children's Drawing Board - 10 inches

Every digital artist wants their child to follow in his/her footsteps. But less creative parents who see that their children love painting or drawing are also often looking for a drawing tablet. BOTC's drawing chart for kids offers an easy first step to getting into technology and art!

Colorful LCD screen
When unpacking the BOTC Drawing Board, we were immediately impressed by the bright and colorful LCD screen. The tablet feels sturdy and is lightweight, making it ideal for small hands. The fact that the screen is radiation-free and has no glare gave us extra peace of mind as parents.

Educational Use

The pressure-sensitive screen allows children to draw lines of different thicknesses depending on how hard they press. This aspect alone greatly stimulated our children's creativity.

The BOTC Drawing Board is made of durable and safe plastic, making it able to withstand the inevitable falls that can happen when children play with it. The light weight and compact size make it easy for children to take the tablet anywhere.

Kid-friendly features

One of the most impressive features of the BOTC Drawing Board is how easy it is to use. Drawings can be erased with just the touch of a button, making it ideal for children to use independently. The lock function prevents drawings from being accidentally deleted, which is useful when they want to keep a work of art or show it to someone.

4. Best Professional Drawing Tablet: Wacom Cintiq 16 - Drawing Tablet - 15.6 inch - Black

Is art something you deal with on a daily basis? Or do you like designing, drawing and painting? Then a professional drawing tablet is really something for you! With this drawing tablet you can make the most beautiful drawings. Thanks to the right required software you can expect high quality! The Wacom tablet can also be used in combination with Adobe Photoshop.

Handy HDMI connection
The Full HD screen promised a clear and vibrant display of our artwork. The installation was surprisingly easy; With an HDMI connection we connected the tablet to our PC quickly and without any problems.

Drawing with the Wacom Pro Pen 2
The included Pro Pen 2 was a revelation. With 8,192 levels of pressure and exceptional accuracy, every stroke felt natural and intuitive. The fact that the pen does not require batteries or charging was a big plus. We could draw for hours without a break, which boosted our creativity.

Image quality and ergonomics

The Cintiq 16's Full HD display did not disappoint. The colors were vibrant and the details sharp, which is essential for fine drafting. The tablet's ergonomic design, including its anti-reflective coating and stable, non-slip feet, allowed us to work comfortably regardless of the duration of our drawing sessions.

Exceptional functionality
As far as we're concerned, the customizable keyboard shortcuts on the Pro Pen 2 and the tablet itself made a significant difference in our workflow. We were able to keep our most used functions and shortcuts easily at our fingertips, increasing our efficiency. The option to position the tablet at different angles thanks to the fold-out legs significantly increased our comfort while drawing.

5. Best Pen Display Drawing Tablet: Huion Kamvas 13 Violet Purple

For anyone who changes workplaces, a graphics tablet is the perfect solution. The difference with a simple drawing tablet is that you often have the same or even better quality at a smaller size. After testing various drawing tablets, this good tablet ended up in 5th place. This is mainly due to the slightly more expensive price, the price also provides better quality. View the detailed review below.

Available in different colours
From the moment we unboxed the Huion Kamvas 13, we were charmed by its aesthetics. The Violet Purple color gives the tablet a unique and stylish look that will certainly stand out in the creative workspace. The tablet is also available in Cosmo Black and Midnight Green.

Connect easily

One of the most impressive features of the Kamvas 13 is its versatility in connectivity. In addition to the traditional Type-C to HDMI connection, the tablet also supports a Type-C to Type-C connection. This made it easy for us to connect the tablet directly to our laptops without the need for additional adapters. Additionally, the tablet can be powered via a single USB cable, eliminating the need for an external power source.

Drawing and Creativity
The Kamvas 13's Full HD IPS display offers a wide 178° viewing angle and a 120% sRGB color gamut, bringing every drawing to life with vibrant colors and sharp details. The full lamination and anti-glare screen protector minimize parallax and reduce reflections, resulting in a comfortable drawing experience even during extended use.

PenTech 3.0 Technology

The updated PenTech 3.0 technology and the battery-free PW517 pen were a pleasure to work with. The pen responds sensitively to pressure and tilt, allowing us to create natural and organic lines that accurately followed our intentions. It was like drawing with a traditional pen on paper, but with the benefits of digital creation.

Frequently asked questions about the best drawing tablet

Which drawing tablet for illustrator?

For illustrators looking for a drawing tablet, the choice largely depends on personal preference, the type of work they do, and their budget.

Here are some popular options that are often recommended for illustrators, each with their own unique set of features that make them suitable for drawing and illustrating:

1. Wacom Cintiq

  • For the Professional : The Wacom Cintiq series is known for its high quality and is widely used by professionals in the industry. These tablets have a built-in screen that you can draw on directly, providing an intuitive drawing experience. Cintiq models range in size and resolution, with options such as the Cintiq 16 for beginners to the Cintiq Pro 32 for the ultimate professional experience.

2. Wacom Intuos Pro

  • For the Serious Hobbyist to Professional : If you are looking for a tablet without a screen, the Wacom Intuos Pro is an excellent choice. This tablet is very responsive, has many levels of pressure sensitivity, and offers a natural feeling when drawing. It comes in several sizes and has programmable shortcut buttons to speed up your workflow.

3. Huion Kamvas Pro

  • Budget-friendly Quality : Huion offers drawing tablets with a screen that are a good alternative to the more expensive Wacom Cintiqs. The Kamvas Pro series, such as the Kamvas Pro 13 or 16, offers good color accuracy, a battery-free pen with tilt support, and a fully laminated screen to minimize parallax. These tablets are an excellent choice for illustrators looking for quality at an affordable price.

4. XP Pen Artist

  • For the Budget-Conscious Illustrator : XP-Pen is another brand that offers quality drawing tablets at affordable prices. The XP-Pen Artist series, such as the Artist 12 or Artist 15.6, offers features such as an HD IPS display, a battery-free pen with high pressure sensitivity, and a sleek design. These tablets are ideal for illustrators who want a drawing tablet with a screen without breaking the bank.

5. Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

  • For the Mobile Illustrator : For illustrators who are also looking for a mobile solution, the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil offers a powerful combination. The iPad Pro isn't just a drawing tablet; it's a full-featured tablet computer that provides access to powerful drawing apps like Procreate, Adobe Fresco, and Clip Studio Paint. The Apple Pencil is known for its precision and natural feel.

When choosing a drawing tablet, it is important to take into account factors such as the size of the active area, the pressure sensitivity of the pen, the resolution of the screen (for tablets with a screen), compatibility with your computer or operating system, and of course your budget. It can also be helpful to read reviews and try the tablets yourself, if possible, to see which one feels best for your specific drawing style and needs.

Can you draw on any tablet?

Not every tablet is specifically designed for drawing, especially when we look at the general market of tablets such as iPads, Android tablets, and Windows tablets. However, with the right apps and possibly a compatible stylus, many of these devices can be used for drawing and sketching. However, for serious digital art and professional use, many artists prefer specialized drawing tablets from brands such as Wacom, Huion, and XP-Pen, which are designed with features that enhance the drawing experience.

How Does a Drawing Tablet for Children Work?

Children's drawing tablets are often simplified versions of professional drawing tablets, designed to be durable, easy to use and safe for young users. Here are some features and how they work:

Durability: They are often built more robust to withstand drops, bumps and general rough use by children.

Ease of use: These tablets usually have a simple interface with large, easy-to-understand icons and limited functionality to make it easier for children to use them without much guidance.

Educational and Creative Apps: They often come with pre-installed apps that focus on drawing, learning and creativity, adapted to the child's age and skills.

Safety: Many children's tablets have built-in parental controls to limit access to inappropriate content and manage time spent on the device.

Stylus: For drawing, these tablets come with a stylus designed specifically for small hands. These styluses often don't require a battery and are rugged enough to withstand rough use.

A children's drawing tablet works by detecting the movement and pressure of the stylus on the surface of the tablet, allowing children to draw lines and shapes that appear on the screen. The technology behind this interaction can range from resistive touchscreens, which detect pressure, to more advanced electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology, which provides precise pressure sensitivity and palm recognition.

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