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A sports bra is often a bottleneck for many exercising women. Ladies also often have a preference when it comes to sports bras while running or during a workout. That's why we focused on a number of factors when testing the sports bras: Comfort, support, durability and finally the design and style of the sports bra.

A good sports bra is essential for every woman, regardless of fitness level. It not only provides the necessary support to prevent discomfort and potential damage, but also improves the overall exercise experience by providing comfort and confidence. In this blog we share our findings about the best sports bras available, so you can make the perfect choice for your active lifestyle.

The top 5 best sports bras at a glance

1. Best Sports bra of 2024: XXL Sportswear Performance Bra - White

The best sports bra should have a number of things. For example, comfortable cups are an aspect that we attach great importance to. The XXL nutrition sportswear performance bra scores very high points in this regard. See below what makes this bra such a good sports bra!

Elegant Appearance

What immediately struck us about the XXL Nutrition Performance Bra was its elegant appearance. The white color combined with the subtle design creates a stylish and refined look. This isn't just any sports bra; it is a fashionable statement. We felt confident and stylish wearing it, whether we were at the gym or exercising outside.

High Level Support

One of the most important aspects of a sports bra is support, and the XXL Nutrition Performance Bra did not disappoint. During intense activities such as running and jumping, this sports bra provided excellent support. We noticed a significant reduction in movement and felt well protected. The material is sturdy, yet flexible, providing the perfect balance between comfort and support.

Removable Padding

The removable padding in this sports bra is a great feature. This offers the opportunity to adjust the fit and support to our personal preference. During lighter activities, such as yoga or pilates, we removed the padding for more comfort. For more intense training sessions, we replaced the padding for extra support.

2. Best sports bra for running: ASICS ACCELERATE BRA WOMEN

We recently tested the Asics Accelerate Bra for women during our runs and fitness routines. Known for its technical features and comfort, this sports bra seemed perfect for our active lifestyle. This is a great sports bra for someone who likes to run.


During our test sessions, the breathability of the Asics Accelerate Bra was immediately noticeable. The design and material of the bra provide excellent ventilation, which is essential during high-impact sports. Even during longer runs or tough workouts, our skin remained dry and comfortable, thanks to the superior airflow the design provides.

Soft Straps

One of the most striking features was the soft straps of the sports bra. Unlike some other sports bras we tested, the straps of the Asics Accelerate Bra didn't cause any irritation or indentations in the skin. The straps are designed to distribute pressure evenly across the shoulders, ensuring a comfortable fit even during prolonged activities.

Quick-drying material

The quick-drying material of the Asics Accelerate Bra is another highlight. After intense sweating, the bra dried surprisingly quickly, which is very useful for those of us who regularly exercise or participate in multiple activities in a day. We also noted that the quality of the material was maintained even after multiple washes, indicating the durability of the product.

3. Best sports bra for a larger cup size: NIKE INDY HIGH SUPPORT PADDED SPORT BRA WOMEN

Finding a sports bra for someone with larger breasts can be a challenge. The Nike indy high support bra is perfect for both high and low impact sports. The elastic chest strap is comfortable and is the most important part that supports your breasts.

Adjustable Straps

One of the most striking features of the Nike Indy High Support Sports Bra are the adjustable shoulder straps. Whether we were in the middle of a strength training session or a yoga session, the adjustability of the straps allowed us to fully concentrate on our exercises without being distracted by a shifting or constricting bra.

Suitable for Larger Cup Sizes

As larger cup women, we know how difficult it can be to find a sports bra that is both comfortable and supportive. The bra provides excellent support, minimizes movement and yet does not feel restrictive. This is especially important during high-impact activities where extra support is essential.

Nike Dri-FIT Technology

During our test sessions we really appreciated the Nike Dri-FIT technology. This technology helped wick away sweat and keep us dry and comfortable, even during the most intense workouts. The sports bra's quick-drying material meant we felt fresh throughout the workout.

4. Best sports bra for smaller breasts: ZEUZ Sports Bra Women

As CrossFit enthusiasts, we were excited to try out the Zeuz Bra/Bra in size M, in a stylish brown color. After spending several sessions in the gym and during outdoor training with this sports bra, we noticed that they provide optimal support for smaller breasts. See below why this is the best sports bra for smaller breasts!

Removable Fillings

One of the most useful features of the Zeuz bra is the removable padding. This gave us the flexibility to tailor the shape and support to our individual preferences. During more intense workouts, the paddings provided extra support and shape, while for lighter activities, like yoga, we removed them for greater comfort.

Four-way stretch fabric

The material of the Zeuz Bra/Bra is another aspect that caught our attention. The four-way stretch fabric provides excellent flexibility and freedom of movement, which is essential during tough training sessions. We noticed that no matter the exercise or movement, the bra moved with our body without any restrictions.

Matching Leggings Available

A nice extra we discovered is that matching leggings are available. We were happy to see how the color and design of the bra matched the leggings perfectly, giving us a stylish and cohesive look. This is especially attractive for those of us who like to wear a matching set while exercising. The feeling of a complete outfit gave us an extra boost of confidence during our workouts.

5. Best sports bra for every workout: Essentials sports bra

Known for its style and functionality, this sports bra was tested by our team during several workouts. We were looking for a sports bra that would assist us during different workouts. This way we didn't have to take into account different bras for different sports. See below why this sports bra met our requirements.

Stylish Closure on your Back

The first thing we noticed about this sports bra was the unique and stylish closure on the back and straps. The crossed back design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides excellent support and freedom of movement. During our workouts, from pilates to circuit training, we felt the bra stayed firmly in place, while still giving us the freedom to move fully. Moreover, the subtle details and the beautiful moss green color contributed to a fashionable look.

Medium Support for Various Activities

What really sets this sports bra apart is the versatile medium support. It gave us the perfect balance of comfort and support, making it ideal for a wide range of activities. From jogging to yoga, the bra gave us plenty of support without feeling restricted.

Comfort and Functionality

The Essentials Sports Bra excels in both comfort and functionality. The fabric felt soft on the skin and did not irritate, even during longer training sessions. The breathable material also helped to keep us cool and dry, which is essential for any sporting activity. The bra is easy to put on and take off, which we really appreciated after a sweaty workout.

Frequently asked questions about Sports bras

What are good brands for sports bras?

  • Good brands for sports bras:

    • Nike

    • Adidas

    • Under Armour

    • Lululemon

    • Panache Sports

    • Shock Absorber

    • Sweaty Betty

Sports bra vs Regular bra, what's the difference?

A sports bra is specially designed to support and stabilize the breasts during sports activities, while a regular bra is more focused on comfort and aesthetics. Sports bras usually offer more compression and often have additional features such as moisture-wicking materials and adjustable straps to minimize movement during exercise. A sports bra is therefore generally better suited for physical activities than a regular bra.

How do you choose the right sports bra?

Choose the right size: Make sure that the sports bra fits well and supports the breasts without pinching.

Level of support: Choose a sports bra with the right level of support for the activity you will be doing. High-impact activities such as running require more support than low-impact activities such as yoga.

Style: Choose a style that suits you and makes you feel comfortable, such as a racerback or one with adjustable straps.

Material: Pay attention to the material of the sports bra and choose something that is moisture-wicking and breathable, especially if you are going to exercise intensively.

Hopefully with these tips you can find the perfect sports bra for your needs!

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