Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet 2024: Safety and Style on your Speedbike

Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet 2024: Safety and Style on the Fastest E-Bikes

With the increasing popularity of Speed ​​Pedelecs, electric bicycles that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, mandatory helmet use has become an essential aspect for the safety of riders. A fast speed pedelec not only offers a great riding experience, but also requires extra precautions. In this article we discuss our top 5 Speed ​​Pedelec helmets, so that you can hit the road safely and in style. Do you also want to buy a speed pedelec helmet? Read more in this blog about how to choose the best speed pedelec helmet!

The 5 Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmets at a glance:

1. Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet of 2024: ABUS Pedelec 2.0

The ABUS Pedelec 2.0 is a popular choice among Speed ​​Pedelec users because of its perfect balance between comfort, safety and style. This helmet complies with the NTA 8776 standard and has a stylish design that is available in different colors. The Zoom Evo Adult system lets you easily adjust the fit, and the built-in LED taillight provides extra visibility on the road. Customers rate this speed pedelec helmet as very comfortable and praise the excellent ventilation system.

Comfort: During our long bike rides, the comfort level of the Abus Pedelec 2.0 Ace was remarkable. The helmet fits like a glove thanks to the soft padding and the adjustable strap system, so you hardly notice that you are wearing it.

Sound insulation: A distinguishing feature of this helmet is its excellent sound insulation. It effectively minimizes wind noise, resulting in a quieter driving experience and making it easier to hear ambient sounds.

Safety features: The integrated LED taillight and robust build quality provide an extra safety margin. Cycling in the dark felt safer, and the helmet provides confidence when navigating city traffic.

2. The Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet Aerodynamic: Vito E-Light

The Vito E-Light helmet, a leading choice for modern e-bike, speed pedelec and moped enthusiasts, stands out for its uncompromising combination of safety, comfort and aesthetics. Complying with strict safety standards, this model presents itself in a stylish matte black design, suitable for any urban adventurer. The XXL size guarantees a perfect fit for larger head sizes. The Vito E-Light helmet is not only a safe choice, but also a real pleasure to wear during every ride.

Visibility: The visor of the Vito E-Light helmet offers unparalleled clarity and a wide field of view. Even in bad weather, visibility remained crystal clear, which significantly increases safety.

Aerodynamics: This helmet is clearly designed with aerodynamics in mind. When driving at high speeds we noticed a reduction in air resistance, which improved the efficiency of the ride.

Fit and Adjustment: The adjustment options are versatile and intuitive, making adjusting for different head shapes a breeze. The XXL size fits perfectly and remains comfortable even after hours of wear.

3. Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet with Ventilation: Lazer Anverz NTA

The Lazer Anverz NTA is a lightweight speed pedelec helmet that is specially designed for Speed ​​Pedelec users. With its large ventilation openings and the Rollsys® system for an optimal fit, this speed pedelec helmet offers comfort and safety for long rides. The speed pedelec helmet complies with the NTA 8776 standard and has an integrated visor to protect you against weather influences on your e-bike. Customers are very pleased with the light weight and comfortable fit.

Lightweight Design: The Lazer Anverz NTA helmet excels in its lightweight design. This made our rides more enjoyable, without sacrificing protection.

Ventilation: This helmet's superior ventilation kept us cool and dry, even during intense summer bike rides. The strategically placed ventilation openings are a real game-changer.

Versatility: This helmet is not only ideal for e-bike users, but also for sporty cyclists who value speed and performance. The stylish design makes it a perfect choice for both everyday use and sporting adventures.

4. Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet Most Durable: BBB Indra Speed ​​45 BHE-56

The BBB Indra Speed ​​45 BHE-56 is an excellent choice for those looking for a functional and affordable Speed ​​Pedelec helmet. This e-bike helmet meets the NTA 8776 standard and has a Direct-dial 2 adjustment system to optimize the fit. The ventilation system ensures a comfortable driving experience, and the integrated peak protects you from the elements. Customers are especially satisfied with the price-quality ratio and ease of use of this speed pedelec helmet. Ideal during a nice summer ride on your most modern and fastest e-bike!

Protection against the elements: The integrated visor of the BBB Cycling Indra provides excellent protection against wind, rain and sunlight. During a rain shower we stayed dry without losing visibility.

Ease of use: Changing the visor is surprisingly easy and quick, making this helmet extremely practical for riders who ride in varying conditions.

Durability: After months of regular use, the helmet shows minimal wear. The quality of the materials and workmanship suggest that this helmet is built to last, even with everyday use.

5. Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet Multifunctional: GOOF® Pilot 3-in-1

The GOOF® Pilot 3-in-1 Moped scooter and speed pedelec helmet is a versatile and stylish helmet that is suitable for Speed ​​Pedelecs, mopeds and scooters with a blue license plate. This lightweight helmet is NTA certified and meets the safety standards for Speed ​​Pedelecs. The unique 3-in-1 design makes it possible to adjust the e-bike helmet to your personal preference and weather conditions, thanks to the removable visor and neck protector.

3-in-1 Functionality: The versatility of the GOOFF Pilot is unparalleled. The removable visor and the ability to adjust the helmet for different weather conditions make it an all-rounder for every season.

Weight: The light weight of this helmet is an absolute plus. It contributes to comfort during long rides and significantly reduces neck tension.

Aesthetics and Fit: The modern design appeals to both men and women, and the helmet fits seamlessly on the head. The matte finish is not only stylish but also helps to make scratches less visible.

Most frequently asked questions about the Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet

How do you choose the Best Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet?

An essential piece of equipment for every fast e-bike rider is a good speed bike helmet. Speed ​​pedelecs are electric bicycles that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, meaning safety is of the utmost importance. There are different types of helmets on the market that are specifically designed for the needs of speed pedelec riders. In this paragraph we discuss the different types of speed pedelec helmets and help you choose the best speed pedelec helmet for your situation. When choosing the best speed pedelec helmet, it is important to take your personal needs, riding style and budget into account. Also pay attention to the helmet's certification, such as the NTA 8776 standard, which was specifically developed for speed pedelecs. This way you can be sure that you choose the best speed pedelec helmet that offers you optimal safety and comfort.

Do you get a fine for not wearing a helmet on a speed pedelec?

Yes, in many countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, it is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a speed pedelec. A speed pedelec is considered a fast electric bicycle that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, and therefore they are subject to stricter regulations than regular bicycles or traditional electric bicycles. Failure to comply with the helmet requirement can result in a fine of €100 .

What are the benefits of wearing a Speed ​​Pedelec Helmet?

Wearing a specially designed Speed ​​Pedelec helmet offers several advantages. Firstly, speed pedelec helmets that meet the NTA 8776 standard are specifically designed to provide extra protection at higher speeds. In addition, they provide better visibility on the road through integrated lighting and reflective elements.

Research shows that wearing a speed pedelec helmet significantly reduces the risk of head injury in the event of an accident. In the Netherlands there are approximately 65,000 cycling accidents with injuries every year, with a large proportion of the victims not wearing a helmet. Wearing an e-bike helmet can save lives and prevent serious injuries.

How did the Speed ​​Pedelec Helmets come about?

The history of speed pedelec e-bikes and bicycle helmets goes hand in hand with the evolution of cycling and the need for safety. When the first speed pedelecs came onto the market, there was soon a demand for a safe speed pedelec helmet. In this article we delve into the history of these fast e-bikes and the associated helmets, with special attention to comfort and safety.

When the bicycle became increasingly popular at the end of the 19th century, it quickly became clear that there was a need for protective headgear. The first bicycle helmets were made of leather and were mainly worn by cyclists. However, with the introduction of the racing bike helmet in the 1970s, the search began for a streamlined helmet that was both safe and comfortable.

The development of the speed pedelec has made the demand for a good helmet even more urgent. A speed pedelec is a fast e-bike that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. For this reason, a helmet is mandatory for everyone riding a speed pedelec. But not every helmet is suitable; The requirements for a speed pedelec bicycle helmet are different from those for a regular bicycle.

A comfortable e-bike helmet is essential for long rides and everyday use. Modern helmets are often made of shock-absorbing Styrofoam and finished with soft, breathable materials. This means that a good helmet ensures optimal fit and comfort, without compromising safety.

A safe speed pedelec helmet is crucial for speed pedelec riders. In many countries, including the Netherlands, a helmet is mandatory for speed pedelec riders. Manufacturers such as ABUS helmets have developed special helmets that comply with the NTA 8776 standard. This standard guarantees that the speed pedelec helmet offers users sufficient protection in the event of a fall or accident.

A good e-bike helmet also has LED lighting for better visibility in the dark. In addition, there are helmets with integrated visors and other functions to make riding a speed pedelec even safer and more pleasant.

If you want to buy a speed pedelec, it is important to also invest in a new helmet that meets the requirements of a fast e-bike. Look for a comfortable helmet that is both safe and stylish, and that suits your personal preferences and needs.

Take the time to compare and try on different helmets so you can find the best helmet for your situation. A good helmet is not only an investment in your safety, but also in your comfort and driving pleasure.

Over the years, many innovations and improvements have been implemented to make both speed pedelec e-bikes and the associated helmets safer and more comfortable. From sleek helmets with advanced materials to helmets with built-in LED lighting and special standards for speed pedelec helmets, manufacturers have worked hard to create the best helmet for every rider.

Although the history of speed pedelec e-bikes and bicycle helmets is one of continuous development, we have now reached a point where both e-bikes and helmets are exceptionally safe and comfortable. If you ride a speed pedelec or plan to purchase one, make sure you also invest in a good helmet that meets all the requirements. This way you are always assured of a safe and comfortable ride, no matter where you go.

What other indispensable speed pedelec accessories do I need?

Now that you have chosen the best speed pedelec helmet, it is important to complete your bike with accessories that should not be missing. With a phone holder on the bike you can navigate everywhere and prevent you from unnecessarily using your mobile phone. View the best phone holders for the speed pedelec from R2B Store here.