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The Top 5 Best Scooter Locks of 2024 - Protect your scooter even better against theft

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Owning a scooter brings a lot of convenience and fun. Whether you're riding around town, going to work or just enjoying a sunny ride, a scooter is a great mode of transportation. But with owning a scooter comes the responsibility of protecting it from theft. And that's where the importance of a good scooter lock comes into play.

A scooter lock is not just a lock. It is an essential tool that ensures that your beloved scooter stays where you left it. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which lock is best for your scooter?

In this blog we delve into the world of scooter locks. We will discuss the top 5 best scooter locks on the market today so you can make an informed choice. To start, we have listed the 5 best scooter locks.

The 5 best scooter locks at a glance:

  1. Best Scooter Lock of 2024 - Vinz Scooter Lock
  2. Best Moped Lock - Starry Citycat Moped Lock
  3. Best Scooter Chain Lock - Maxx-Locks Scooter Lock
  4. Best Scooter Steering Lock - Triple A Scooter Lock
  5. Best Scooter Lock with Loop - Top Lock Scooter Lock

1. Best Scooter Lock of 2024 - Vinz Scooter Lock

When choosing a scooter lock, it is essential to pay attention to its quality, durability and the security features it offers. The Vinz Makalu scooter lock is the best choice for scooter owners who are looking for a reliable and robust lock.

The Vinz Makalu scooter lock is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and durable lock for their scooter. With its ART 4 ​​star approval, lockable keyhole and lightweight design, the lock offers an excellent balance between ease of use and security.


✅ Lockable Keyhole: One of the striking features of this lock is the lockable keyhole. This ensures that dust and dirt cannot enter the lock housing, which extends the life of the lock and reduces the chance of the lock getting stuck.

ART 4 ​​Star Approval: The lock has received an ART 4 ​​star approval from the ART Foundation. This quality mark means that the lock has been found suitable for insuring motorcycles, scooters and bicycles.

Lightweight: Despite its robust construction and security features, the Vinz Makalu scooter lock weighs only 4.0 kg. This makes it easy to carry and use, without sacrificing security.


❌ Learn to Fasten Quickly: Although the lock offers many benefits, it is essential to learn how to fasten it quickly and efficiently. This may take some time at first, but with regular practice the process becomes easier.

2. Best Moped Lock - Starry Citycat Scooter Lock

Securing your scooter is essential in these times where theft is unfortunately common. A good scooter lock is indispensable. The Starry Citycat scooter lock is a good choice for those who are looking for a scooter lock that you can rely on.

With its ART 4 ​​approval, excellent length and the fact that it comes with three keys, the lock offers many functionalities that can contribute to the protection of your vehicle. You can even use the lock for multiple vehicles such as a moped, quad or motorcycle.


✅ Supplied with 3 Keys: The lock comes with three keys as standard. This is useful in case you lose a key. You always have a spare at hand, which provides extra convenience and peace of mind.

Excellent Length: With a length of 180 cm, the Starry Citycat scooter lock offers enough space to attach your scooter to a fixed object, such as a lamppost or tree. This significantly increases security, as it becomes more difficult for thieves to move the scooter.

ART 4 ​​Approval: The lock has received an ART 4 ​​approval, which means that it meets strict security standards. Such approval is often a requirement for taking out theft insurance for your scooter.


❌ Only available in 1 Size: Although the lock offers many advantages, it is only available in one size. This may be limiting for some users who may need a shorter or longer lock depending on their specific situation.

3. Best Scooter Chain Lock - Maxx-Locks Scooter Lock

Maxx Locks is a specialist when it comes to locks, they have been selling bicycle locks, motorcycle locks and other locks for years. The scooter lock fits perfectly into the list of quality products that Maxx locks supplies.

The Maxx-Locks Granity scooter lock is a solid choice for scooter owners and mobility scooter users. With its light weight, lockable cover for the keyhole and the possibility of using it for both scooters and, for example, mobility scooters.


✅ Not Heavy: With a weight of only 1.9 kg, the Maxx-Locks Granity scooter lock is relatively light. This makes it easy to carry without becoming a burden during your ride.

Lockable Keyhole Cover: A unique feature of this lock is the lockable cover for the keyhole. This protects the keyhole from dust and other external factors, which can extend the life of the lock.

Suitable for mobility scooters: In addition to securing scooters, this lock is also ideal for mobility scooters. Thanks to the length of 120 cm, the lock can easily be attached around the mobility scooter and attached to a fixed object.


❌ No ART 4 ​​Approval: Although the lock has many positive features, it lacks ART 4 ​​approval. This may mean that the lock does not meet certain security standards required by some insurers.

4. Best Scooter Steering Lock – Triple A Scooter Lock

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient lock for your scooter, the Triple A Handlebar Lock may be an excellent choice. This lock differs from other scooter locks because you use this lock on your handle. This means it is not possible to start the scooter. You can see this lock as an addition to the original scooter lock.


✅ Time Saving: One of the biggest benefits of this lock is how quick and easy it is to use. In just 10 seconds or less you can safely lock your vehicle. This is especially useful for people who are often on the road and do not want to spend a lot of time locking their scooter.

No dirty hands: Unlike some other locks, the Triple A Steering Wheel Lock ensures that your hands stay clean. You don't have to worry about dirty hands from chains or disc brake locks.

Easy to Carry: The lock is compact and lightweight, which means you can easily carry it with you. It is made of high-quality aluminum, which ensures durability without the extra weight.


❌ Does not fit all handles: Although the lock is versatile and can be used on vehicles with handles up to 38mm in diameter, it is important to note that it will not fit all handles. Does this steering lock not fit your handle? Then view the entire range of steering locks on here.

5. Best Scooter Lock with Loop - Top Lock Scooter Lock

Protecting your scooter against theft is essential, and choosing the right lock can make all the difference. The Top Lock scooter lock is one of the popular choices on the market, thanks to its extended U-Shackle, compatibility with Vespa models and ART 4 ​​approval. Furthermore, the lock is also affordable, which gives the scooter lock excellent value for money.


✅ Extended U-Bracket: The Top Lock scooter lock is equipped with an extended U-Bracket, which makes the lock extra versatile. This function makes it possible to easily attach the lock to different types of scooter rims.

Suitable for Vespa: This lock is an excellent choice for Vespa owners. The extended U-Bracket is specifically designed to be compatible with Vespa models, meaning you don't have to worry about fit.

ART 4 ​​Approval: Safety comes first with the Top Lock scooter lock. The lock has an ART 4 ​​star approval, which means that it meets high security standards. This also makes the lock suitable for scooter and motorcycle insurance.


Push the key properly: Some users report that they sometimes have difficulty opening the lock. Therefore, make sure that you push the key properly before opening.

Thanks to this blog you can ensure that you protect your scooter well enough against theft. Unfortunately, theft is something that has been happening for years and will not disappear anytime soon. Fortunately, you make it difficult enough for thieves with a lock from our top 5. Your scooter is probably very important to you and you naturally want to take the best possible care of it, and safe driving is of course also part of that. With the help of a phone holder you can not only save money by not receiving a fine, but you can also ensure the safety of your scooter and yourself. View all phone holders for the scooter here.

1. Why is it important to have a good scooter lock?

Having a good scooter lock is very important for several reasons, especially when it comes to the security of your scooter:

  1. Theft prevention: The main purpose of a scooter lock is to prevent theft. Scooters are attractive targets for thieves because of their portability and value. A robust lock can discourage thieves and prevent them from stealing your scooter.

  2. Investment Protection: A scooter represents a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. A good lock helps to protect your investment and ensures that your scooter is not lost.

  3. Insurance Requirements: Some insurance companies require the use of certain types of locks to obtain scooter insurance. Having the right lock can help you obtain coverage and can affect the premium you have to pay.

When choosing a scooter lock, it is important to invest in a high-quality lock from a reliable manufacturer. Locks vary in type, from chain locks to U-locks to disc brake locks, and the best choice depends on your specific needs and situation. A good quality lock can significantly improve the security of your scooter and ensure that you can enjoy your scooter for longer.

2. What should I pay attention to when buying a scooter lock?

When purchasing a scooter lock, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure you choose a lock that meets your needs and effectively secures your scooter. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Lock Type: Various types of scooter locks are available, including chain locks, U-locks, disc brake locks and folding locks. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider which type of lock is most suitable for your situation.

  • Material and Construction: Look at the materials the lock is made from and the overall construction quality. High-quality locks are usually made of hardened steel or special alloys that resist cutting, sawing and breaking.

  • Length and Thickness of the Chain: If you are considering a chain lock, check the length and thickness of the links. A longer chain offers more flexibility when attaching to solid objects. A thick chain is generally stronger.

  • Weight: Consider how portable you want the lock to be. Lighter locks are more convenient to carry, but heavier locks often provide more security.

  • Mounting options: Make sure that the lock has mounting options that are suitable for your scooter. Some locks can be attached to the frame or to special mounting points on the scooter.

  • Security Certification: Look for locks with certifications such as ART or Sold Secure. These certifications indicate that the lock has been tested for safety and effectiveness.

  • Key system: Consider the key system. Some locks come with special keys that are more difficult to copy, while others use traditional keys.

3. Which scooter lock provides me with insurance against theft?

Scooter insurance requirements may vary depending on the insurance company and the country you live in. Generally, insurance companies require that you use an approved and certified scooter lock to qualify for theft coverage. From ART-4 locks onwards you have a lock that is approved by the insurance company.

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