Choosing the best ring lamp? Read our extensive review!

Choosing the best ring lamp? Read our extensive review!

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We all know how important good lighting is, whether you're a professional photographer, want to capture your favorite makeup look or want to give your followers an insight into your daily life. A ring light can make the difference between an average and a stunning photo or video. I've been testing several ring lights over the past few weeks and am super excited to share with you my top 5 best ring lights. Let's discover together which lamp best suits your needs!

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1. What do we think is the best ring lamp?

We spent many hours lighting different subjects, perfecting selfies and capturing videos in various lighting conditions. And believe us, not all ring lights offer the same quality! In this chapter we will highlight our top 5 ring lights that really made a difference in our recordings and significantly improved the content creation process!

1.1 LED ring lamp from R2B Store

The LED Ring Lamp from R2B store is number 1 of the top 5 . We were curious and wanted to experience it for ourselves. We recently tested the 'R2B Ring Lamp with Tripod', and it impressed us in several areas.

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Design & Assembly The R2B Ring Lamp radiates professionalism and quality with its modern design. The tripod and ring light were easy to assemble and in no time we had everything set up and ready to go.

Lighting Quality & Adaptability What was immediately noticeable was the brightness and the variety of light modes. With 30 different light modes we could easily find the perfect lighting for every scenario. Adjustment of height and angle was also seamless.

Price-Quality Ratio The R2B Ring Lamp is distinguished by an impressive price-quality ratio. For this price you get a lamp that shines in both design and functionality. The ring lamp is extremely stable and provides even lighting.

Applicability This ring lamp is versatile and suitable for various purposes, from professional photo shoots to make-up tutorials and vlogs. The lamp is very easily adjustable in height and can easily be operated with the included Bluetooth remote control.

Conclusion After extensive testing, we can say with confidence that the R2B Ring Lamp with Tripod is a top choice for anyone looking for high-quality lighting without paying the top price. Not only does it offer superior lighting options, but its value and versatility make it the best ring light of 2023.

1.2 LED ring lamp from Luminex pro

At number 2 of the top 5 is the Ringlamp Luminex Pro RGB 3D with a diameter of 54 cm and an adjustable tripod from 75 to 246 cm. It is a versatile lighting solution for various situations. This is one of the ring lamps with a large maximum working height, for a reasonably low price. That's why we had to test this one too!

Design & Functionality What really distinguishes the 'Ring Lamp RGB 3D' is the unique double-sided lighting and the maximum height of 246 cm. By illuminating from both sides, it provides even lighting, which is ideal for capturing detailed and professional images. Additionally, the addition of 2 USB ports is a smart touch, making it easy to power additional devices.

Ease of Use & Control The ease with which you can control exposure is commendable. Both the included remote control and the Bluetooth remote control ensure that you do not have to constantly walk to the lamp. This makes adjusting brightness, color temperature and modes a breeze. Moreover, with three phone holders, it offers the possibility of attaching multiple devices at the same time.

Versatility & Adaptability Thanks to the adjustable tripod, you can easily change the height and angle of the lamp, so you always have the optimal lighting for your shots. Whether you are recording a makeup tutorial, making a vlog, or doing professional photography, this ring lamp meets all needs with the different colors of light.

Contents of the Package The set is complete with:

  • A flexibly adjustable tripod
  • The Luminex 3D RGB Ring Lamp itself
  • Three phone holders for multitasking
  • Convenient remote controls (both standard and Bluetooth)
  • A reliable adapter

Conclusion After extensive testing, we can say with certainty that the 'Ringlamp RGB 3D' is a must-have for any content creator or professional looking for a superior lighting solution including an adjustable tripod. Not only does it offer advanced lighting features, but its ease of use and versatility make it a leader in its class.

1.3 Magnify 10" ring lamp

At number 3 of the top 5 is the Magnify® 10" Ring Lamp . If you are looking for a professional ring lamp that not only provides you with the perfect lighting, but also offers the option to experiment with 99+ color combinations, then the Magnify® 10" Ring Lamp your ideal choice.

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Design & Functionality The Magnify® 10" Ring Lamp is not just any ring lamp. It is a multicolor LED ring lamp with a diameter of 25cm and is equipped with a rainbow function, which allows you to choose from all the colors of the rainbow and beyond with 99+ color options This, combined with the ability to continuously adjust the color temperature, makes this lamp a must-have for every content creator.

Ease of use & Technical Specifications Operation is child's play with the included remote control. This not only allows you to switch between different lighting modes and adjust the light intensity, but also select specific colors. The lamp offers a light intensity between 2800K - 6000K, which is up to 80% stronger than some competitors. Thanks to the included Bluetooth shutter, you can effortlessly control your phone remotely, contributing to a smooth recording experience.

Compatibility & Versatility Whether you're recording for TikTok, YouTube, FaceTime, or other platforms, the Magnify® 10" Ring Light is there for you. It's compatible with virtually all smartphones, as long as they're between 2 and 3 inches wide. Plus, the phone holder has a protective rubber coating, so that your phone always remains safe and scratch-free. There is also an included mini tripod.

Conclusion The Magnify® 10" Ring Light goes beyond lighting. With 99+ color options, an adjustable tripod, and a range of other great features, it's an indispensable tool for anyone looking to take their content to the next level. Whether you're a Whether you're a novice vlogger or a seasoned professional, this light offers everything you need for the perfect shot.

1.4 iMoshion LED ring lamp

At number 4 of the top 5 is the iMoshion® LED ring lamp with adjustable tripod. This ring lamp is especially suitable for those who want to boost their personal social media account. This affordable, yet high-quality ring lamp with its easily adjustable functions is also great for use on a make-up table.

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Features & Functionality iMoshion® has created a ring lamp that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. The built-in LED lighting can switch between three different colors, so you always have the perfect shade for your photos and videos. With a color temperature ranging from 3500 to 6000K, this lamp offers a wide range of lighting options. The LED lamps provide even light.

Ease of Use & Technology This tripod is designed for simplicity. Extendable from 58cm to an impressive 168cm, it offers flexibility for different shooting angles and situations. Moreover, it is made of high-quality plastic, which guarantees durability. The included micro USB cable makes connecting to the mains a breeze.

Social Media Ready This product focuses heavily on social media enthusiasts. Whether you want to wow your TikTok followers, freshen up your Instagram feed, or record that perfect YouTube video, the iMoshion® Ring Light is your ally. The lighting quality provides crystal clear images that your followers will surely appreciate.

Adjustability & Flexibility One of the highlights of this product is its complete adjustability. The phone holder can rotate up to 360°C, making it easy to find the perfect angle. This is a feature that you often only see on more expensive models, which makes this ring lamp even more attractive for the budget-conscious buyer. The ring lamp is also suitable for use on a table, because it can be retracted so small.

Conclusion The iMoshion® LED ring lamp with adjustable tripod is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take their content to the next level without breaking the bank. It's easy to use, flexible and delivers an exposure quality you'd expect from a much more expensive product. If you're looking for a reliable, affordable ring light, this is the product for you.

1.5 Selfie ring light for smartphones

At number 5 of the top 5 is the selfie ringlight , which is specially designed for smartphones. With this compact ring lamp you get that professional touch without needing a full studio set-up. So-called direct sunlight, compact and easy to use.

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Functionality & Lighting Modes With three different light modes, this selfie ring light is suitable for any time of the day, whether it is morning, afternoon or evening. The adjustable lighting ensures that you are always captured in the best light, regardless of the environmental conditions.

Portability & Design One of the biggest selling points of this product is its compact size. It's designed to fit easily in your bag, pocket or jacket so you can take it with you wherever you go. The smooth surface provides a premium look and the comfortable feel adds an extra layer of luxury. The built-in silicone pads protect your phone from scratches and damage, which is always a welcome feature. The ring lamp ensures that what is in front of the camera lens is continuously evenly and well illuminated.

Ease of use The selfie ring light is not only beautiful, but also extremely functional. With a simple clip-on mechanism you can quickly attach it to your phone without any hassle. So whether you want to take a quick selfie or an extensive vlog for TikTok, this ring light ensures that you don't take an underexposed photo.

Power & Durability Another advantage is that this selfie ring light runs on AAA batteries (note: these are not included). This means you're not dependent on finding a power outlet or charging a battery, adding to convenience and portability.

Conclusion For those looking for an affordable and convenient way to take their selfie game to the next level, this selfie ring light is the perfect choice. With its portability, ease of use and versatile lighting options, it makes an excellent addition to your smartphone accessory collection. So the next time you find yourself in the perfect setting, but the lighting just isn't right, you know what to do: get out your selfie ring light and shine like never before!

2. Guide: How to Choose the Best Ring Light for Your Needs?

Choosing the right ring light can make a world of difference, whether you're shooting professional videos, looking to up your selfie game, or simply sprucing up your makeup routine. But with a sea of ​​options on the market, how do you ensure you make the best choice for your needs? Here's a guide to what to look for when buying a new ring light.

1. Determine your budget Before diving into the depth of technical specifications and features, it is crucial to first determine your price range. Ring lamps are available in various price ranges, from budget-friendly options to high-end models. Determine what you are willing to spend and use this as a filter in your search.

2. Consider the number of color shades Not all ring lights are created equal when it comes to light variation. Some offer just one standard white light, while others have multiple color tones. If you want versatility in your lighting, choose a model with several color options.

3. Pay attention to the height and adjustability The height and how adjustable a ring light is can make a huge difference in the end result of your photos or videos. If you plan to take both seated and standing shots, it may be useful to choose a tripod adjustable to at least 168cm.

4. Portability and Power If you plan to take your ring light with you on the road or on location, it is important to consider its size and weight. The power supply is also crucial; does it run on batteries, does it need to be charged, or does it require continuous power from an electrical outlet?

5. Extra features While some ring lights are basic and focused purely on lighting, others include useful extras such as smartphone holders, remote controls, or built-in mirrors. Think about what additional features would add value to you and whether you are willing to pay extra for them.

Conclusion: Choosing the perfect ring light doesn't have to be a challenge if you know exactly what you are looking for. By determining your needs and budget in advance, you can search more effectively and find a product that suits you perfectly. Remember that the best ring light for you is the one that meets your specific needs and is not necessarily the most expensive or popular model on the market. Good luck with your choice!

3. Summary

In closing, let's take a moment to highlight the highlights of our top 5 ring lights. The Ring Lamp from R2B Store is an ultimate choice for professionals, with its adjustable color temperature and included accessories. For those on the go and need flexibility, the Luminex Pro LED Ring Light is the perfect match due to its portability. The Magnify 10" Ring Lamp stands out for its impressive 99+ color options, while the iMoshion Ring Lamp impresses with its adjustable height, ideal for different setups such as make-up tables. Finally, for those looking for a budget-friendly and compact solution , the phone selfie ring light offers both convenience and functionality. When choosing a ring light, it's essential to look at what best suits your needs, whether it's price, color options, height or portability. We We hope that this top 5 will help you make a well-considered choice. If you would like to look further, click here to view all options on!

Good luck with your creative adventures!

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