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I still remember like it was yesterday when I unpacked my PlayStation 5, that shiny new gaming console that made the hearts of gamers around the world beat faster. But I soon discovered that there is more than just the console itself. The world of gaming has evolved to offer us a plethora of PS5 accessories that take our gaming experience to the next level.

As an avid gamer, I'm always looking for ways to improve my gaming sessions, which is why I've been doing extensive research and testing various PS5 accessories lately. What struck me is that these accessories aren't just optional extras; they add an extra dimension to our gaming experience and allow us to get the most out of our console.

In this blog I would like to share my findings and discuss the best PS5 accessories that have transformed my gaming world. From controllers to charging stations, from headsets to media remotes - I've tested and rated them all based on performance, ease of use and their ability to make my gaming adventures even more immersive.

The Best PS5 Accessories Highlighted:

1. The 2BeFun Luxury Case for PS5 accessories

As an experienced PlayStation 5 gamer, I know how important it is to keep my gaming equipment safe and organized. That's where the 2BeFun Luxury Case for PS5 Accessories comes into play. First on the list of best PS5 accessories, this carrying case is more than just a travel bag for your PlayStation 5 accessories; it is an essential accessory that is both stylish and functional.

Strong Protection for Your Investment

The first impression this suitcase leaves is its robust and durable construction. As a gamer, I understand the value of my PlayStation 5 and its accessories, and I want to make sure they are always safe wherever I go. The 2BeFun Luxury Case offers just that - a hard, shock-resistant exterior that protects your valuable equipment from bumps, drops and dust.

Smart Internal Layout

What really sets this case apart is its clever internal layout. Customized compartments and adjustable dividers allow you to keep all your PS5 accessories neat and organized. From controllers to cables and games, this case has a specific place for everything. This not only makes it convenient to find everything, but it also protects your equipment from scratches and damage from abrasion.

Comfortable Carrying and Traveling

Whether you plan to game with friends or travel, the 2BeFun Luxury Case for PS5 Accessories is designed with travel in mind. With a sturdy handle and a removable shoulder strap, you can carry the suitcase effortlessly. And because it's not too big, it fits easily in the trunk of the car or the overhead compartment of an airplane.

A Stylish Finish

Last but not least, the aesthetics. This suitcase has a stylish and contemporary look. The matte black exterior and the subtle 2BeFun logo give it a professional look. Not only is it functional, but it also looks good.

2. Sony Playstation 5 DualSense Charging station

Every gamer knows how important it is to properly charge your controllers. A controller failure in the middle of your game is one of the worst things that can happen! With this handy charging station from Sony you can easily charge your two controllers, without the hassle of annoying wires. Furthermore, the Sony Dualsense Charging Station looks great in your set-up because of its sleek and space-saving design.

Double Charging, Double Convenience

The first thing I noticed about this charging station is the ability to charge your extra controller DualSense controllers at the same time. No more hassle with loose USB cables or swapping controllers while waiting for a charge. This means you'll never run out of power, even during epic gaming sessions.

Sleek and Space-Saving Design

The Dualsense Charging Station is designed with efficiency and space savings in mind. It has a sleek design that fits your PS5 perfectly and takes up little space. It will look neat and organized in your gaming setup, and the non-slip feet will keep it firmly in place.

Easy Installation and Use

We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up the charging station. Simply plug it into a wall socket or USB port and you're ready to go. The LED light on the front clearly indicates charging status, so you always know when your controllers are fully charged.

Maintaining Battery Life

Another advantage of this charging station is that it saves the batteries of your DualSense controllers. It charges via the special contact points on the bottom of the controllers, leaving the USB ports undamaged and extending the life of your controllers.

3. YONO Fan suitable for Playstation 5 - USB Cooling Fan PS5 Accessories

Designed specifically for the PlayStation 5, the Yono Fan has proven to be an indispensable accessory for our gaming setup, which is why it's no surprise that it's included in our list of the best PS5 accessories. In this review we share our experiences and why this fan is a smart addition for every PS5 gamer.

Efficient Cooling for Your PS5

One of the first things you'll notice about the Yono Fan is its ability to keep your PS5 console at the right temperature, even during extended gaming sessions. With multiple fans and adjustable speeds, this fan accelerates air circulation around your console, minimizing overheating and keeping performance at its best.

Quiet and Unobtrusive Design

The fan is designed with silence in mind. It runs whisper quiet, allowing you to fully concentrate on your game without any distractions. Plus, the sleek design blends seamlessly with the aesthetic of your PlayStation 5 and adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming setup.

Easy Installation and Operation

We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to install the Yono Fan. It's just a matter of plugging it in via a USB port and you're good to go. With user-friendly controls, you can easily adjust the fan speed to your preferences.

Maintaining Optimal Performance

One of the big advantages of this fan is that it helps maintain the optimal performance of your PS5. Overheating can lead to performance issues and unexpected shutdowns, but with the Yono Fan you can play with confidence knowing your console will stay at the right temperature.

4. Sony Pulse 3D wireless headset for PS5

As gamers, we are always open to innovation and strive for a total experience with every gaming session. The Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset represents a new standard in audio performance for the PlayStation 5. Gaming without a headset is now almost impossible if you want to perform optimally and optimize your gaming experience. For this reason, we think this is definitely a must have!

3D Audio: Dive into the Sound

One of the most notable features of the Sony Pulse 3D Headset is its 3D audio technology. This advanced feature creates an immersive soundscape that puts you right in the middle of the action. Whether you hear the subtleties of a gentle breeze in an open world game or feel the booming explosions in an intense shooter, this headset will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Comfortable Gaming, For Hours

The comfortable fit of this headset is designed with long gaming sessions in mind. The soft ear cushions and adjustable headband ensure that you can enjoy hours of gaming without any fatigue. The lightweight design feels barely noticeable, even during the longest gaming sessions.

Wireless Freedom

The convenience of wireless gaming is a feature we really appreciate. With the Sony Pulse 3D Headset you can enjoy a wireless connection to your PS4 or PS5, ensuring a tidier and freer gaming environment. No more hassle with cables that get tangled or restrict your freedom of movement.

Spatial Awareness with DualSense controller

A unique feature of this headset is its integration with the PS5's DualSense controller. It allows you to accurately locate the direction of sounds and thus improve your gameplay experience. This adds an extra layer of spatial awareness to your games, which is especially useful in multiplayer titles.

5. PS5 Keyboard - Keyboard for PS5 Controller

As gamers who enjoy communicating and collaborating, we know better than anyone how important efficient text input is while gaming. The PS5 Keyboard for the PS5 controller is a useful accessory that transforms the way we communicate and navigate our PlayStation 5 console.

Type, Search and Chat in an Instant

This compact and convenient keyboard opens up a world of possibilities for quick and easy text input. Whether you're looking for games, messaging friends or quickly surfing the web, this QWERTY keyboard provides an intuitive solution. It makes interacting with your PS5 easier and more efficient than ever before.

Wireless Freedom via Bluetooth connectivity

One of the standout features of this keyboard is its seamless Bluetooth connectivity. It can be linked wirelessly to your PS5 controller, meaning you don't have to connect any cables or restrict your movement. This results in a clean and wireless gaming environment.

Comfortable Typing During Long Gaming Sessions

The keyboard is designed with ergonomics in mind, and that translates to hours of comfortable typing. The responsive keys and pleasant texture make typing effortless, even during extended gaming sessions. This means you don't have to sacrifice performance for convenience.

Increased Productivity and Game Interaction

This keyboard not only improves your text input, but also increases your productivity on the PS5. It allows you to navigate, enter searches and send messages faster. Moreover, it allows easy communication with friends and teammates in multiplayer games without having to wear a headset.

6. Yono Faceplate for PS5 Disc Edition

The world of gaming is all about personalization and expressing your own style, while protecting your precious gaming equipment. The Yono Faceplate , designed specifically for the PS5 Disc Edition, is an accessory that meets both requirements. In this review we explore the possibilities and benefits of this faceplate and why it is a welcome addition for every PS5 gamer.

Stylish for your PS5

The Yono Faceplate offers gamers the chance to give their PS5 console a personal touch. With a range of stylish color options and a sleek design, you can customize your PlayStation 5 to suit your own taste and the aesthetic of your gaming space. It transforms your console into a unique work of art and reflects your personality.

Protect Your Console with Style

Besides the visual appeal, the Yono Faceplate also provides a protective layer for your PS5. It protects your console against dust, scratches and light impacts, extending the life of your PlayStation 5. So this faceplate not only offers style, but also peace of mind in terms of protection.

Easy Application and Removal

The Yono Faceplate is designed with ease of use in mind. It can be easily installed without the need for any special tools, and it can be removed just as effortlessly without damage to your console. This means you can experiment with different styles and adapt your PS5 to different moods.

High Quality and Perfect Fit

This faceplate is constructed from high-quality materials, resulting in durability and a seamless fit to your PlayStation 5. It conforms perfectly to the shape of the console, adding a sense of sophistication and quality to your gaming setup.

7. PS5 Media Remote - Remote Control

It is known that you exert yourself enormously while gaming. It's great to put your feet up and relax after gaming. That is why this PS5 Media Remote is a very good product for the list of the best PS5 accessories. With this remote control I could easily switch directly from my game to, for example, Netflix or YouTube after gaming, without having to get up.

Complete Control Over Media

The Sony PS5 Media Remote is designed to give you complete control over all your entertainment on PlayStation 5. This remote lets you quickly switch between games, streaming services, Blu-ray movies and other media without switching controllers. It's the key to a seamless entertainment experience.

Intuitive Operation

The remote control features a simple and intuitive layout. Clear buttons and an ergonomic design put controls within easy reach. Whether you're adjusting the volume, navigating menus or pausing a movie, everything feels effortless and easy to use.

Shortcuts to Popular Apps

A useful feature of the remote is the ability to create shortcuts to your favorite apps. At the touch of a button, you can get instant access to services like Netflix, Disney+, and Spotify, saving you valuable time and enjoying your favorite content right away.

Wireless Control for Convenience

The remote uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity and does not need to be pointed at the console. This allows you to control your entertainment from almost any position in the room. The reliable connection ensures that orders are executed quickly.

Most frequently asked questions about the best PS5 accessories

Which PS5 accessories are essential?

The essential PS5 accessories may vary depending on your personal preferences and gaming needs. Here are some accessories that many gamers consider essential:

Extra Controller: Useful for multiplayer gaming and as a spare controller when the battery of the first one runs out.

Comfortable Headset: A quality gaming headset for an immersive audio experience and clear communication during online gaming.

Controller Charging Dock: Makes controller charging convenient and keeps your gaming setup tidy.

Media Remote: For easy control of multimedia apps like Netflix and Disney+ on your PS5.

Sturdy Protective Case: Protects your PS5 console from dust and possible damage when not in use. Take a look at 2BEHOME for a PS5 case .

High Quality HDMI Cable: For optimal picture and sound quality, especially if you have a 4K TV.

Cooling Fan or Cooling Stand: Helps regulate the temperature of your PS5 and can prevent overheating.

Charging station for DualSense Controllers: For simultaneously charging multiple DualSense controllers.

Gaming Chair or Comfortable Seating: Important for longer gaming sessions to stay comfortable. View the top 5 best gaming chairs of 2024 here!

What is the best PS5 controller?

The standard PS5 controller, the DualSense controller, is widely considered one of the best choices for the PlayStation 5. The DualSense controller offers some innovative features and improvements over previous PlayStation controllers. Here are some reasons why the DualSense controller is often considered the best choice:

1. Haptic Feedback: The DualSense controller has advanced haptic feedback, so you feel subtle vibrations and resistance that match what's happening in the game. This improves immersion and makes the gaming experience more realistic.

2. Adaptive Triggers: The adaptive triggers adjust the resistance based on the actions in the game. For example, pressing the triggers can feel heavier when using different weapons, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

3. Built-in Microphone: The DualSense controller has a built-in microphone, allowing players to easily communicate with each other without using a separate headset.

4. USB-C Charging Port: The controller uses a USB-C charging port, which provides faster charging times and a more modern connectivity standard.

5. New Design Light Bar: The light bar on the front of the controller has a new design and can be used for in-game information, such as indicating the character's health.

6. Improved Battery Life: The DualSense controller has improved battery life compared to previous PlayStation controllers.

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