Buy the best mouse pad of 2024 - Best tested mouse pads for office work and gamers

Mouse pads have long become an indispensable accessory for computer users. These useful mousepads offer several benefits and features that improve the overall user experience. There are many different mouse pads available, such as a gaming mouse pad or a mouse pad with wrist support (ergonomic mouse pad). There is also a difference between a hard mouse pad or a soft mouse pad. First, mouse pads provide a smooth surface that makes mouse movements smoother and more precise. This leads to fewer errors and less fatigue during prolonged use. Additionally, the best mouse pads help extend the life of the mouse by preventing the bottom of the mouse from scratches and scuffs. Some types of mouse pads also offer additional features, such as wrist rests to reduce pressure on the wrists and extra grip to prevent the mat from slipping during use. In this sense, a good (ergonomic) mouse pad can be a valuable investment for anyone who works on the computer for hours on end.

Top 3 best mouse pads while working:

Top 3 best gaming mouse pads to buy:

The 3 best mouse pads 2024 for the office explained:

1 - Trust Bigfoot - Gel mouse pad with wrist support - With rubber anti-slip bottom

Number one is the "Trust Bigfoot gel mouse pad". The Trust brand is one of the best-known and most reliable brands in the field of computer accessories. This soft mouse pad ensures that you can work in an ergonomic and responsible way.

This good mouse pad from Trust has a soft surface and non-slip rubber bottom. This means that the best mouse pad of 2024 will not simply slide off your desk or table.

What are the pros and cons of buying this Trust Bigfoot mouse pad?


  • The mouse pad is ergonomic and prevents pain in the wrist and arm, among other things

  • Thanks to anti-slip, the mat does not shift

  • Best price-quality ratio


  • The dimensions of this mouse pad are 23.6 x 20.5 cm

2 - ValeDelucs XL Ergonomic Mouse Pad With Wrist Support - Non-slip Gel mat

At number 2 is the relatively new mouse pad from ValeDelucs. These mouse pads, made of gel, are ideal for people who work at their desk for long periods of time. This mouse pad has a wrist rest that is filled with gel.

This gives you optimal comfort while working and prevents, for example, wrist pain or fatigue. Thanks to the rubber anti-slip bottom, this good mouse pad is sturdy enough not to slide on your desk or table.

What are the pros and cons of this good mouse pad from ValeDelucs?


  • Perfect to use in combination with an ergonomic mouse

  • Ergonomic mouse pads ideal for joint pain and fatigue

  • Mouse glides optimally thanks to optimized surface


  • This mouse pad is not ideal for avid gamers

3- Lynnz® Mouse pad with wrist support ergonomic black

Are you looking for a mouse pad that has proven its worth for many years? Then this ergonomic mouse pad is really something for you. The support of this mouse pad ensures that your wrist is always at a neutral and ergonomic angle. This makes working on a report, Excel file or presentation a breeze!

What are the pros and cons of this Lynnz Mouse Pad?


  • Ergonomic mouse pad that can prevent RSI

  • Works with all mouse types


  • This mouse pad is less suitable for gaming due to its design

The 3 best gaming mouse pads of 2024 explained

1 - SteelSeries QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad

At number 1 is one of the best gaming mouse pads of the moment. This SteelSeries qck gaming mouse pad is made of the best micro-weave textile. This ensures the best performance and innovation in the field of gaming. With this mouse pad you have precise control while playing your favorite game thanks to the exclusive textile surface! The mouse pad is available in different sizes. For example, this type of gaming mouse pad is available in a large or smaller size.

What are the pros and cons of the SteelSeries qck gaming mouse pad?


  • Best gaming mouse pad in combination with a special gaming mouse

  • This gaming mouse pad is also used by leading e-sports athletes

  • Suitable for use with all gaming mice thanks to the flat surface

  • Available as an XXL mouse pad and in a smaller size


  • This gaming mouse pad is not ergonomically designed

2 - InGame RGB Gaming Mouse Pad XXL - LED Lighting Mouse Pad xxl

This special large RGB mouse pad, suitable for gaming or working, is perfect for use on your desk. This large mouse pad is very suitable for use in combination with gaming mice. The Ingame XXL RGB mouse pad with built-in LED lighting ensures that you will be amazed by the amazing RGB color spectrum while gaming. Your keyboard and mouse will light up with spectacular colors while gaming!

What are the pros and cons of this good gaming mouse pad from InGame?


  • This gaming mouse pad offers an optimal experience thanks to the RGB color spectrum

  • Large mouse pad supplied with USB cable

  • Gaming mouse pad made with anti-slip on the bottom for extra grip


  • This gaming mouse pad is not ergonomically designed

3 - Budget Option: Corsair MM100 - Gaming Mouse Pad

This good mouse pad with a fabric surface from Corsair is ideal for use in combination with a gaming mouse. This relatively "simple" mouse pad has a very good price-quality ratio. The mouse pad does not have LED lighting, but it does have everything a gaming mouse pad needs. The mouse pad consists of a soft surface, which allows your mouse to move ideally. This ensures that your mouse can move accurately in the direction you want. The rubber bottom with anti-slip also provides extra comfort.

What are the pros and cons of this budget gaming mouse pad from Corsair


  • Very good value for money. You get a lot in return for the price of this mouse pad.

  • Everything a gaming mouse pad should have to play well.

  • You can use this mouse pad in combination with a gaming mouse for optimal gaming experience.


  • This mouse pad is not ergonomically designed

Most frequently asked questions about mouse pads

What are hard mousepads?

Hard mousepads are special mousepads that are made of a hard material, such as plastic, glass or metal, as opposed to soft mousepads that are made of fabric, rubber or foam. A hard mouse pad usually has a smooth surface and provides a more stable surface for the mouse, making it easier to work accurately with the mouse.

Another advantage of hard mouse pads is that they are more durable than soft mouse pads. Because hard mouse pads wear out less quickly, they usually last longer and need to be replaced less often. Some hard mouse pads also have additional features, such as built-in wrist rests or lighting.

Hard mouse pads are often used by gamers and other people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer and need precise mouse movements .

What are soft mouse pads?

Soft mousepads are mousepads that are made of soft materials, such as fabric, rubber or foam, as opposed to hard mousepads that are made of materials such as plastic, glass or metal. Soft mouse pads usually have a surface with a high coefficient of friction, which gives the mouse better grip and more precise control.

Another advantage of soft mouse pads is that they are more comfortable to work on, especially if you work at the computer for a long time. Soft mouse pads often provide some cushioning for your wrist and forearm, making you less likely to tire and sore.

How do you clean a mouse pad?

  1. First remove loose dirt and dust from the mouse pad using a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush head.

  2. Wet the mouse pad: Wet the mouse pad with lukewarm water and a little mild detergent.

  3. Gently wipe the mouse pad: Use a soft sponge or cloth to gently wipe the mouse pad. Avoid applying too much pressure to avoid damaging the mouse pad.

  4. Rinse the mouse pad: Rinse the mouse pad well with clean water to remove any soap residue.

  5. Let the mouse pad dry: Let the mouse pad dry on a flat surface, preferably in the shade to prevent discoloration.

  6. Iron the mouse pad if necessary: ​​If the mouse pad is still wrinkled after drying, you can iron it at a low temperature. Place a thin cloth over the mouse pad to prevent it from being damaged by the heat.

Note: Always read the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning the mouse pad, as some materials can be damaged by certain cleaning agents or heat.

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