The Best Motorcycle Gloves for Winter: View the top 5!

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Finding the best motorcycle gloves for winter is not an easy task; it requires thorough research and extensive testing sessions in various conditions. After countless miles in cold weather conditions and thorough evaluations, I have finally managed to select the top five best motorcycle gloves for winter.

What did I pay attention to during my search for the best winter motorcycle glove? First, and perhaps most importantly, isolation was a crucial factor. The ability of good winter motorcycle gloves to keep the cold out without compromising comfort and freedom of movement was high on my list. In addition, waterproofing, grip and durability played an essential role in my ratings.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Gloves Winter highlighted

1. Best motorcycle gloves for winter

After wearing many gloves we are out. In our opinion, these are the best motorcycle gloves for winter . These gloves are warm, waterproof and very robust. With these gloves, cold hands were a thing of the past and my hands stayed dry in winter showers!

Waterproof and Windproof: These gloves go beyond standard winter protection. They are not only waterproof to keep your hands dry during winter precipitation, but also windproof to prevent the icy wind from entering your hands.

Carbon Elements: What makes these motorcycle gloves unique is the use of carbon elements for extra protection. These reinforcements at crucial points ensure a robust construction without compromising flexibility.

Touchscreen Functionality: An aspect that is often overlooked, but invaluable, is the touchscreen functionality of these gloves. It's great to be able to operate your navigation system or answer a call without having to take off your gloves.

Insulation: A distinguishing factor of these gloves is the optimal insulation they provide. They keep your hands warm without overheating, giving you complete control over the temperature.

2. Best Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gloves winter

As an avid motorcyclist, I understand how crucial it is to have gloves that can not only withstand the winter cold, but also guarantee lasting protection and unrestricted comfort. After thorough testing, I am convinced that the Richa City GORE-TEX Motorcycle Glove is the ultimate choice for winter riding.

GORE-TEX Membrane: Industry-leading GORE-TEX technology makes these gloves truly exceptional. In addition to offering the highest level of waterproofing, GORE-TEX is also known for its breathable membrane. This ensures your hands stay dry even in intense rainfall, while preventing excessive sweating, which is essential for maintaining comfort on long journeys.

Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design of the Richa City GORE-TEX gloves contributes to a perfect fit. It is clear that a lot of attention has been paid to the design to ensure that the gloves fit comfortably on the hands.

Reflective Elements: One aspect that takes these gloves to the next level is the use of reflective elements. Visibility is crucial for road safety, especially during winter days with limited daylight. The reflective details on the Richa City GORE-TEX gloves provide improved visibility, making you more noticeable to other road users.

Knuckle Protection: The addition of knuckle protection is a key feature that sets the Richa City GORE-TEX gloves apart. This protection offers extra safety without sacrificing flexibility. It is reassuring to know that your hands are optimally protected, even in situations where extra protection is important.

3. Best Heated Motorcycle Winter Gloves

Warm hands while riding a motorcycle is more important than you might think. Cold hands can also cause your muscles to work to a lesser extent, which is dangerous since you have to continue to use your brakes and gas properly. With these good heated motorcycle gloves , cold hands are a thing of the past!

Dual Heating Technology: The most striking feature of these gloves is the Dual Heating Technology. Unlike traditional heated gloves that have only one heat source, this system provides targeted heat to both the palm and the top of the hand. This not only warms the entire hand, but also stimulates blood circulation, which is essential for maintaining comfort on long journeys.

Knuckle Protector: A feature that takes these gloves to the next level is the integrated knuckle protector. In addition to providing maximum protection against impact, this element also serves as additional insulation. It is reassuring to know that your hands are not only warm but also optimally protected, even in unforeseen situations.

Unisex Design: The unisex design of these heated motorcycle gloves makes them suitable for both male and female riders. The gloves are designed with diversity in mind, so that every motorcyclist can enjoy the comfort and warmth they provide, regardless of gender or hand size.

Easy Operation: What makes these gloves extra user-friendly is the easy operation of the heating settings. An easily accessible control panel allows you to adjust heat levels to your preference. This flexibility makes them suitable for various weather conditions and personal needs.

4. Best Waterproof Gloves Winter

If you are looking for very warm, water and windproof gloves, this is a good option for you! With these waterproof winter gloves from R2B you will no longer get cold hands on the motorcycle due to wind or rain. They are not necessarily winter motorcycle gloves because of the soft linings, but they can be used for that! Read below what we thought of these winter gloves.

Thermo Thinsulate Insulation: What sets these gloves apart is the addition of Thermo Thinsulate insulation. This advanced insulation technology provides exceptional warmth without the discomfort of excessive bulk.

Luxury Waterproof Membrane: These waterproof winter gloves are nothing short of impressive. The luxurious design goes beyond just keeping rain out; it offers unprecedented dryness even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Touchscreen Functionality: While many waterproof gloves compromise on touchscreen functionality, the R2B Luxe gloves go further. With these gloves you no longer have to take off your gloves to operate your smartphone.

Luxury Design for Men and Women: In addition to their impressive performance, these gloves have a luxurious design that is suitable for both men and women. The stylish appearance goes hand in hand with the comfortable feel, so you are not only well protected but also look good during your winter adventures.

5. Best Hand Sleeves for Motorcycle

As an avid motorcyclist and winter enthusiast, I understand the importance of warm hands during cold rides. After extensive testing, I am convinced that the Recalma Thermo Scooter Hand Muffs are the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to brave the winter elements while maintaining comfort and warmth.

Hand Muffs Design: The unique design of hand muffs provides an extra layer of protection and warmth that traditional gloves often lack. With the Recalma Thermo Scooter Hand Muffs you cover not only your hands but also your handlebars, creating a microclimate that protects your hands against cold and wind. This design provides maximum warmth without sacrificing freedom of movement.

Waterproof and Windproof: The waterproof and windproof properties of these hand muffs go beyond conventional motorcycle gloves. They provide a barrier against rain, snow and wind, keeping your hands dry and warm, even in the most blustery winter conditions.

Reflective Strip: A safety element that makes these hand muffs extra valuable is the addition of a reflective strip. During winter days with limited daylight, this strip contributes to improved visibility, making you more noticeable to other road users. This is critical for a safe winter driving experience.

Oxford Polyester Material: The use of Oxford Polyester material emphasizes the durability of these hand muffs. This high-quality material is resistant to wear and tear, meaning the Recalma Thermo Scooter Hand Muffs are designed for long-lasting use, even in demanding winter conditions.

Frequently asked questions about the best winter motorcycle gloves:

What properties make winter motorcycle gloves different from regular gloves?

Winter motorcycle gloves differ from regular gloves in several ways to protect riders from cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Some of the most important features that distinguish winter motorcycle gloves are:

Insulation : Winter motorcycle gloves are often provided with extra insulation, such as Thinsulate or similar materials, to retain heat and protect the hands from the cold.

Waterproofing : Unlike regular gloves, winter motorcycle gloves often provide a waterproof layer to prevent rain, snow or melt water from entering the gloves. Dry hands are crucial for comfort and heat retention.

Wind resistance : Winter motorcycle gloves are designed to keep wind out. This is especially important because the wind at high speeds while driving can significantly reduce the perceived temperature.

Breathability : Despite the insulation and waterproofness, winter motorcycle gloves must still be sufficiently breathable to prevent hands from sweating excessively. Good breathability contributes to comfort during long rides.

Fit and Cuffs : Winter motorcycle gloves often have a specific fit that is tailored to use on a motorcycle. They usually have adjustable cuffs to prevent wind or cold air from entering the gloves.

Grip material : To maintain control over the handlebars, winter motorcycle gloves often have grip material on the palms. This can help prevent hands from slipping, especially in wet conditions.

Protection : Some winter motorcycle gloves have extra protective elements, such as knuckle protection, to protect the hands in the event of a fall.

Touchscreen Compatibility : Many modern winter motorcycle gloves are designed with touchscreen-compatible fingertips, allowing riders to operate touchscreen devices without having to remove their gloves.

Are heated motorcycle gloves better than regular insulated gloves for winter riding?

The question of whether heated gloves are better than regular insulated gloves for winter riding depends on the rider's individual needs and preferences. Both types of gloves have their own benefits and considerations:

Benefits of Heated Gloves :

Extra Warmth : Heated gloves contain built-in heating elements, providing extra warmth. This is especially beneficial for riders who ride in extremely cold conditions.

Adjustable Heat : Heated gloves often have adjustable heat levels, allowing riders to adjust the temperature to their comfort level. This is useful if the temperature varies during the ride.

Extended Use : Heated gloves are designed for extended use, allowing riders to stay comfortable in very cold conditions without the risk of freezing hands.

Advantages of Insulated Gloves :

Easy to Use : Regular insulated gloves are easier to use. No batteries or electrical components are required, meaning they're easy to put on without any extra worries.

Versatility : Insulated gloves are often more versatile and can be used for a variety of activities outside of motorcycling. They are not dependent on electricity and are therefore suitable for various winter activities.

Cost : In general, insulated gloves are often more cost-effective than heated gloves, which tend to be more expensive due to the built-in heating technology.

What is the best way to keep your hands warm while riding a motorcycle?

To best keep your hands warm while riding a motorcycle, you can use a combination of different strategies. Here are some tips to stay comfortably warm:

Choose the Right Gloves :
Invest in high-quality winter motorcycle gloves designed for cold conditions. Look for gloves with insulating materials, waterproofing and wind resistance.

Wear thin undergloves :
Thin undergloves made from materials such as silk or synthetic fibers can serve as an extra layer of insulation without adding much bulk. They help to retain heat.

Use Heated Gloves :
For longer rides in very cold conditions, electrically heated gloves can be a solution. These gloves have built-in heating elements that provide extra warmth.

Ensure Good Insulation of the Clothing :
Make sure that your other layers of clothing, such as your jacket and thermal underwear, also insulate well. A warm body contributes to warm hands.

Please note the fit :
Gloves that are too tight can restrict blood circulation and cause cold hands. Make sure your gloves provide enough room, especially around the fingers.

Watertightness and Wind Resistance :
Choose gloves that are both waterproof and wind resistant. Wet gloves can quickly dissipate heat, and wind can significantly reduce the perceived temperature.

Hand sleeves :
Consider using hand muffs, especially on longer journeys. Hand muffs cover not only your hands but also the handlebars, creating a microclimate that protects your hands from the wind.

Handlebar heating on the Motorcycle :
Some motorcycles have built-in heated grips. If this is available on your motorcycle, take advantage of it. Keeping your hands close to the heat source can make a big difference.

Move Your Fingers Regularly :
Regularly squeeze your hands and move your fingers to stimulate blood circulation. Standing hands can cool down faster.

Keep Your Body Warm :
Make sure you keep your whole body warm. As your core body temperature drops, your body will draw blood away from the extremities, including your hands, to keep vital organs warm.

Which warm motorcycle gloves are best for sporty riders?

For sporty motorcyclists, it is essential to have warm gloves that not only provide protection, but also comfort and freedom of movement during dynamic riding. Here are some recommendations for warm motorcycle gloves suitable for sporty riding:

Alpinestars SP-1 V2 Gore-Tex Gloves :

Characteristics :

Made from goat leather and stretch fabric for durability and flexibility.

Gore-Tex membrane for waterproofing and breathability.

Thermal lining for warmth.

Hard knuckle protection for safety.

Why suitable :

Combines protection, waterproofing and thermal properties for sporty riding in different conditions.

REV'IT! Chevron 2 Wintertex Gloves :

Characteristics :

Waterproof and breathable Hydratex membrane.

Thinsulate insulation for warmth.

Goatskin and textile construction for comfort and flexibility.

Hard knuckle protection and TPU palm slider.

Why suitable :

Specially designed for sports performance with advanced protection features and waterproofing.

Dainese Carbon 3 Long Gore-Tex Gloves :

Characteristics :

Made of goatskin and textile for wear resistance.

Gore-Tex membrane for waterproofing and breathability.

Thermal lining for warmth.

Carbon knuckle protection.

Why suitable :

Combines technical materials and protection with a sporty fit and feel.

Held Phantom II Gore-Tex Gloves :


Made from goatskin and textile for durability and comfort.

Gore-Tex membrane for waterproofing.

Thermal lining for warmth.

SuperFabric reinforcements on the palm.

Why suitable :

Provides advanced protection and performance with a sporty aesthetic.

Richa Arctic Gore-Tex Gloves :

Characteristics :

Made of goatskin and textile for wear resistance.

Gore-Tex membrane for waterproofing.

Primaloft insulation for warmth.

Hard knuckle protection.

Why suitable :

Provides warmth, protection and comfort for sporty riders in cold conditions.

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