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With the rise in use of the iPhone 13, a device that sublimely combines design and functionality, we quickly realized that finding the perfect case is crucial. That's why we thoroughly tested various iPhone 13 cases, with attention to detail and a passion for quality.

During our search for the best iPhone 13 cases , we focused on a few key factors. To start, we looked at the most important factor, protecting your phone. We then looked at the design, which is an increasingly important factor when choosing a phone case. Finally, we looked at functionality such as wireless charging compatibility and eco-friendly materials.

Whether you're looking for something sleek and minimalist, colorful and expressive, or sturdy and durable, our carefully curated list offers something for everyone. Let's take a look!

The top 5 best iPhone 13 cases at a glance

1. The best iPhone 13 case of 2024: R2B® Case suitable for iPhone 13

In our ongoing search for the ideal iPhone 13 accessories, we came across the R2B case with card holder, a product that promises to provide both functionality and protection. This case, with its versatile features, caught our attention and we were excited to put it through its paces. Below we share our experiences and findings so that you can decide whether this case is the right choice for your iPhone 13.

Includes card holder for 3 cards

When testing the R2B case for the iPhone 13, we were immediately charmed by the built-in card holder. This clever addition to the back of the case makes life so much easier. We could easily fit three cards in here - ideal for an ID, bank card and an OV chip card.


Another important aspect that we have thoroughly tested is the shock resistance of the case. The R2B case offers robust protection that is essential for everyday use. During our testing, the phone fell a few times (accidentally and sometimes on purpose), and each time the iPhone 13 remained unscathed.

Includes screen protector

What was really the icing on the cake with this R2B case was the included screen protector. Applying the screen protector was surprisingly easy and fit the iPhone 13 perfectly. We noticed that it did not affect the touch screen functionality or the brightness of the screen.

2. The best iPhone 13 case with cord: iMoshion Case Suitable for iPhone 13 Case With Cord

A case must initially provide good protection, but it is also becoming increasingly important to have a stylish case. The case with cord from iMoshion is a perfect accessory if you have no pockets or if you are often looking for your phone.

Includes cord and bracelet

What sets this Imoshion case apart is the included cord and bracelet. During our testing, we found this feature to be not only fashionable but also extremely practical. The cord, decorated with elegant pearls, gives the case a chic look. We wore it as a crossbody bag or around the neck, which was especially useful while shopping or walking. The bracelet function also proved to be a godsend, especially during activities where you need to have your hands free.

Extra Reinforced Corners

The extra reinforced corners of the case really surprised us positively. During our usage test, our iPhone 13 was dropped a number of times, and each time these corners provided excellent protection. They seem to absorb the impact of the fall, greatly reducing the chance of damage to the device.

Ideal for traveling or a festival

We tested this case specifically in scenarios such as travel and festivals, and it performed extremely well. The lanyard makes carrying the iPhone 13 very easy and stylish, especially in busy environments where you want to have quick access to your phone without the risk of losing it.

3. Best iPhone 13 case with magsafe: R2B® Case suitable for iPhone 13 MagSafe

A transparent case with MagSafe function is one of the most popular cases available at the moment. When looking at different iPhone cases, this case from R2B came up well. The silicone case offers the option of wireless charging, something more and more consumers want to be able to do with their new iPhone.

Magsafe Function

One of the most notable features of the R2B case is its compatibility with MagSafe. During our testing, we confirmed that this case works perfectly with all MagSafe accessories, including chargers and wallets. The built-in magnets are strong enough to ensure a solid and reliable connection, while charging is just as effective as without a case.

Transparent Phone Case

The transparency of the R2B case is something that immediately appealed to us. The transparent case allows the original design of the iPhone 13 to shine through beautifully, allowing us to enjoy the aesthetic design of the phone itself while still protecting it. This was especially important to us as we find that many cases hide the iPhone 13's unique design.

Handy Cutouts for the Buttons

Functionality is key, and this R2B case does not disappoint when it comes to accessibility of the phone's functions. All the cutouts for the buttons, camera and ports have been precisely designed, giving us easy access to all the phone's features without having to remove the case.

4. The Best iPhone 13 bookcase case: Selencia Genuine Leather Bookcase

A bookcase cover is ideal if you do not want to use your wallet always and everywhere. Thanks to the Selencia leather bookcase, we had a stylish case with extra functionalities. The book case was not disturbing during use and offered us optimal protection for the screen.

Extra storage space through Bookcase

We immediately noticed the Selencia bookcase because of the practical extra storage space. This case not only offers complete protection for the iPhone 13, but also has handy compartments for cards and a larger compartment for notes or banknotes, for example. We found this feature to be particularly useful; it's perfect for those days when you want to leave your wallet at home and still have the essentials with you.

Easy to Open and Close

The ease of use of this case was another strong point. The Selencia bookcase opens and closes effortlessly, thanks to the magnetic closure that is both discreet and effective. This made it easy to quickly access the screen and cards. We also appreciated how the back cover stays closed in a bag or pocket, providing extra security for the screen and the items stored inside.

Genuine Leather

The quality of the material is an essential aspect for us, and the Selencia case did not disappoint. It is made of genuine leather, which gives it a luxurious look and feel. The leather is supple but durable, and it develops a unique patina over time, making each case personal. Moreover, it offers a good grip, making the phone less likely to slip out of your hands.

5. The best Apple iPhone 13 case: Apple clear case with MagSafe for iPhone 13

Finally, we discuss the best case from Apple. There are few cases with shock-absorbing properties and MagSafe compatibility. There are different types of Apple cases in different colors, this iPhone 13 case made it to our top 5 due to its versatility. See below what else this case has to offer in addition to protection and the functionality of wireless charging.

Built-in Magnets

One of the most impressive features of this case is the MagSafe technology. The built-in magnets ensure perfect alignment with the iPhone 13, so the case is always in the right place. We found this not only useful for quick confirmation, but also noticed that it contributes to a more efficient wireless charging process. The magnets are strong enough to hold the case and any MagSafe accessories in place, which significantly increases ease of use.

Easy to Open and Scratch Resistant Coating

Another aspect that struck us was the ease of use of the case. It is flexible enough to allow easy installation and removal without sacrificing protection. In addition, the scratch-resistant coating of the case is a real plus. It resisted scratches and scuffs exceptionally well, meaning the iPhone 13 stays looking new for longer.

Extensively Tested By Apple

Apple has extensively tested this type of case. Compared to other cases, this case offers the best protection and excellent value for money. Apple naturally wants to ensure that not only the phones but also all other accessories are of excellent quality.

Frequently asked questions about iPhone 13 cases

Do iPhone 13 and 13 Pro have the same cases?

No, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have different cases. Although they are similar in size, there are slight differences in camera setup and dimensions that mean cases must be designed specifically for each model.

What are the best protective phone cases?

The most protective phone cases are generally those with rugged construction, such as cases from brands like OtterBox, Spigen, and UAG (Urban Armor Gear). These cases often have a combination of materials such as hard plastic and soft, shock-absorbing rubber. Many also offer additional features such as raised bezels around the screen and camera for extra protection.

Can an iPhone 13 case fit an iPhone 15?

An iPhone 13 case is unlikely to fit an iPhone 15. Apple is known for making changes to the design of their phones with each new release. Even minor changes in dimensions, camera setups, or button placement can prevent an older model case from fitting a newer phone .

Which type of case protects best?

In general, full-coverage cases, such as full-body cases or rugged cases, offer the best protection. These cases cover the entire phone, often including a built-in screen protector. They are designed to withstand drops, impacts and sometimes even water. Brands such as OtterBox, Lifeproof and Speck make such cases that are known for their high level of protection.

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