The 5 Best iPad Covers 2024 - Protect your iPad optimally

Welcome to our blog about the 5 best iPad covers of 2023! Whether you're a professional user or just looking for good protection for your iPad, this list has something for everyone. We've done a thorough research into the best iPad covers on the market and have made a selection of the most stylish, practical and durable covers available.

Whether you are looking for a cover with a keyboard, a cover that protects your tablet against fall damage or a cover with a handy stand function, we have it all. So sit back, relax and discover which iPad case suits you best!

The 5 Best iPad Covers at a glance:

1. Best iPad Case of 2024: Cazy iPad Case

In our search for the perfect protection for our iPad Air 2022, we discovered the Cazy iPad Air cover. With its promise of a perfect fit and innovative sleep/wake function, we were curious about the functionality and comfort it would provide. This cover, available in a striking blue color, not only offers protection, but also various viewing angles, which significantly improves ease of use. It's clear why this case is considered a top choice for iPad Air owners.

Seamless integration with sleep/wake function: From the moment we started using the case, we noticed how effortlessly our iPad responded, automatically waking or falling asleep when opening or closing the case.

Versatile Viewing Angles: The flexibility to adjust the case to different positions made watching media, typing, and reading comfortable and easy without tiring our hands.

Stylish design: The striking blue color gave our iPad Air a fresh look, making it not only a protective but also a fashionable accessory.

2. Best iPad Case Water and Dustproof: Full Protect Cover IP68 Case

When looking for a waterproof protective cover for the iPad Pro 12.9 (2021/2022), we came across the IP68 Full Protect Cover. This case promises complete protection against water, dust and shock, ideal for the adventurous use of our iPad. With its robust black design and the guarantee of maximum safety without sacrificing functionality, this case immediately topped our list of recommended accessories.

Waterproof IP68 certification: During our testing, the iPad stayed completely dry and safe, even when we used it near water, giving us peace of mind during outdoor adventures.

Maintaining accessibility: Despite the heavy-duty protection, we had full access to all buttons and ports, which didn't hinder functionality.

Extra grip due to sleek design: The matte black design was not only visually appealing but also provided extra grip, which made the iPad easier to handle while moving.

3. Best iPad Case with Keyboard: Nomfy iPad Keyboard Case

For the iPad Pro 11-inch 2021, we were looking for a cover that not only protects, but also offers the functionality of a keyboard. The black Keyboard Case turned out to be the perfect solution. This keyboard cover combines protection with practicality, making the iPad an even more productive device. Its elegant design and seamless integration with the iPad Pro 11-inch make it an indispensable accessory for both work and play.

Comfortable Typing Experience: The keyboard provided a responsive and ergonomic typing experience, which significantly increased our productivity when composing documents and emails.

Easy Magnetic Attachment: Installing the iPad into the case was a breeze thanks to the strong magnetic coupling, transforming the iPad into a mini workstation in seconds.

Smart power management: The keyboard's battery life was impressive, with a smart power saving mode that extended life and got us through long workdays.

4. Best Leather iPad Case: Dasaja Leather Case

In our search for a stylish and functional cover for the iPad Air 1 and Air 2, we found the Dasaja Leather Case. This case, with a gray exterior and black interior, not only offers protection but also versatility with its 3-position stand. Perfect for anyone who uses their iPad in a variety of situations, from watching videos to typing documents. The luxurious leather also gives an elegant touch to your device.

Luxurious Leather: The use of genuine leather gave our iPad a premium look and feel, enriching the overall user experience.

Stable Viewing Positions: Whether we were watching videos or working, the case provided sturdy and reliable positions that kept our iPad at the ideal viewing angle.

Lightweight design: Despite the sturdy protection and luxurious look, the case was surprisingly light, which didn't hinder the portability of our iPad.

5. Best iPad Case for Kids: LUQ iPad Case Kids Case

While looking for a child-friendly solution for the iPad 10.2, we came across the iPad 8 Kids Case from LUQ. This robust red case is specially designed to withstand the rough handling of children, while optimally protecting the iPad. With its cheerful color and child-safe design, it is the perfect choice for young users. This not only makes the iPad safer to use for children, but also gives parents peace of mind about the protection of the device.

Durable and Shockproof: The rugged design of the case effectively absorbed shock when dropped, which is essential for children's use.

Cheerful red color: The bright color was attractive to children and made the iPad not only safer to use but also more fun.

Easy-to-use handles: The side handles were perfect for little hands, making it easier for kids to hold and use the iPad, improving interaction for them.

Most frequently asked questions about the Best iPad Cases

I want to buy an iPad cover, what should I pay attention to?

There are several things you should pay attention to when buying an iPad cover. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

- Compatibility : Make sure the case is specifically designed for your type of iPad. Check the model number of your iPad and compare it with the specifications of the case.

- Type of cover : There are different types of iPad covers, such as a book case cover, smart cover, keyboard case or sleeve. Choose a type of cover that suits your needs and use.

- Material : The choice of material determines the quality of the cover and the degree of protection. Faux leather, leather, silicone and polycarbonate are commonly used materials for iPad covers.

- Protection : A good iPad cover offers protection against scratches, bumps and falls. Check if the case has raised edges to protect the camera and screen.

- Functionality : Look at the extra features the case offers, such as a stand for hands-free use, a pocket for an Apple Pencil or a keyboard.

- Design : Choose a design that suits your style and personality. There are different colors, patterns and materials to choose from.

By taking these points into account when buying an iPad cover, you ensure that you choose a cover that not only fits you well, but also optimally protects your iPad and makes it functional.

Does the case significantly increase the weight or size of my iPad?

Adding a case to your iPad will indeed increase its weight and size somewhat, but by how much depends greatly on the type of case you choose. Thin, lightweight cases, made from materials such as silicone or thin plastic, add minimal bulk and weight, and are designed to maintain the sleek shape of your iPad while still providing basic protection.

More robust cases, such as those with built-in shock absorption, waterproof properties, or extra features such as a keyboard, will naturally add more weight and bulk. These cases are intended for users who use their iPad in more demanding conditions or need additional functionality.

In general, the goal of most cases is to strike a balance between protection and maintaining the usability and portability of the iPad. Choosing the right case therefore depends on your personal needs and preferences: maximum protection versus minimum added weight and size.

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What other indispensable tablet accessories am I missing?

A tablet holder is an essential accessory that you should not miss to complement your tablet. It not only improves your ergonomics by providing an optimal viewing angle, but also allows you to use your tablet hands-free. This is particularly useful for following recipes in the kitchen, watching videos or having video conferences without having to constantly hold the device. Tablet holders provide stability and protection against falling or sliding, making your tablet safer during use. Additionally, many holders are designed for versatility with adjustable positions and are compact enough to take anywhere. By adding a tablet holder to your collection of accessories, you can get the most out of your tablet, whether you are working, studying, creating or relaxing. View R2B's extensive collection of tablet holders here!