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As an avid runner and avid tester of different running socks, I can say with certainty that your choice of socks plays a crucial role in improving your running experience. During my extensive testing, I took a closer look at various aspects of the socks to determine which ones really excel in comfort, support and performance. The material, fit, cushioning and support are the most important parts we paid attention to during testing.

The importance of high-quality running socks cannot be overstated. In addition to improving your performance and comfort while running, they can also contribute to the overall health of your feet.

In short, choosing the right running socks is an investment in your running experience and your general well-being. Take a quick look at the 5 best running socks here!

The best running socks highlighted

1. The best running socks of 2024: Nike racing ankle socks

Good running socks are very important for preventing injuries and improving your general running performance. The best running socks of 2024 are the Nike Racing Ankle Socks. This is mainly due to the combination of the fit and the anti-slip functionality. See below what else these functional running socks have to offer.

Design and Comfort

These socks, suitable for both women and men, stand out because of their tight fit and soft material. The first thing I noticed was how well the socks fit my feet. The targeted cushioning provides a soft experience, especially in the heel, ball and top of the foot.

Ventilation and Sustainability

One of the most important features of the Nike Racing Ankle Socks is the ventilating mesh on the top. During my runs I clearly noticed that my feet stayed fresher and drier, even on warmer days. This makes them not only comfortable, but also durable in different weather conditions.

Anti-slip and moisture regulation

What really sets these socks apart is the anti-slip feature that ensures the socks stay in place, which is essential during long or fast runs. In addition, the moisture and sweat wicking function is very effective. Even after an intense workout, my feet didn't feel clammy or overheated.

2. Best running socks against blisters: FALKE RU4 Endurance Running Socks

Everyone knows the painful feeling of a blister. People often think they can solve this with thicker socks, but this can often cause even more friction. The best socks from Falke not only keep your feet dry, but also reduce the risk of blisters. The flat seams are the secret of the Falke running socks. Check out the full review below!

Anti Blister Socks

When I first wore the FALKE RU4 Endurance Running Socks, I was especially curious about the anti-blister function. After several runs, I can confirm that these socks deliver on their promise. The medium padding and reinforced toes and heel provide excellent protection against blisters. During long runs, where blisters are often a problem, I found my feet remained comfortable and free of irritation.

Elastic Waistband

This elastic waist band ensures that the socks fit perfectly around my feet without pinching or falling off. This is especially important during intense runs, where the last thing you want is socks that shift or pinch. The elastic band keeps the socks in place throughout the run, adding to overall comfort.

Multifunctional Socks

The FALKE RU4 Endurance socks are more than just running socks. They are versatile enough to use for walking, work and even everyday use. Their breathable, anti-blister and moisture absorbing properties make them ideal for running, walking and ball sports such as basketball.

3. Best Running Socks for Long Distance: DANISH ENDURANCE Quarter Length Running Socks

Every walker or runner knows that covering long distances causes the most aches and pains. Do you choose thin socks or a thicker running sock for a long distance? The Danish Endurance running socks are a combination of both, making them ideal for long distances! In combination with good running shoes, these socks are perfect!

High Quality Materials

My first impression of the DANISH ENDURANCE Quarter Length Running Socks was very positive, especially due to the quality of the materials used. These socks are made from a blend of 65% Prolen, 33% Polyamide, and 2% Elastane, making them not only comfortable but also durable.

Ideal for Long Distances

As an avid long-distance runner, I was looking for socks that provide comfort during challenging runs. The DANISH ENDURANCE socks meet this requirement perfectly. They are specially designed to reduce foot fatigue, which I clearly noticed during my marathons. The socks provide balanced cushioning and support, which means my feet get tired less quickly.


Another crucial feature of these socks is their excellent breathability. While running, I noticed that my feet stayed dry and cool, thanks to the sweat-repellent ventilation channels. This feature is essential for me because it contributes to a more comfortable running experience, especially on warmer days I have fewer wet socks.

4. The Best Compression Socks for Running: KANGKA® Compression Socks 20-30 mmHg

Compression socks, also called high socks, offer many benefits when it comes to endurance. Compared to normal socks, the compression stockings offer advantages such as prevention of leg complaints, faster recovery after exercise and reduction of muscle fatigue. They are ideal running socks for someone who enjoys long runs.

Excellent Compression Technology

My first experience with the KANGKA® Compression Stockings was impressive, especially because of their advanced compression technology. These stockings have a graduated compression design of 20-30 mmHg, which applies targeted pressure to the muscles. I really felt the difference during my runs; the stockings provided firm support without being too tight.

Improved Blood Circulation

As someone who regularly stands for long periods of time, I was looking for a product that could improve my circulation. These compression socks have exceeded my expectations. I noticed a significant improvement in my blood circulation and felt less fatigue in my legs after a long day.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue

The KANGKA® Compression Socks have really helped reduce muscle fatigue. After intense workouts such as running or cycling, my legs felt less tired and recovered faster. This was especially noticeable during my training for a half marathon, where these socks became an essential part of my kit.

5. The Best Running Socks with extra cushioning: Norfolk - 3 pairs - Anti-Blister Sports Socks with Cushion

Finally, we were looking for a pair of running socks with extra cushioning. A pair of socks that fit your feet well and extra padding that helps when running. Norfolk running socks offer various components that contribute to better performance. Especially the extra support through the arch, padded heel and the extended back tab were beneficial to my performance! Check out the detailed review below!

Padded Heel and Toe Protection

While testing the Norfolk Repreve Low Cut Sports Socks, I immediately noticed the padded heel and toe protection. These pads provide extra comfort while running, especially on hard surfaces. I noticed that the shock absorption helped protect my feet from the usual fatigue after long workouts.

Strengthening the arch of the foot

Another important feature of these socks is the arch reinforcement. This support helped my feet during the runs and provided extra stability. It really made a difference, especially on the longer distances where my feet normally get tired. This extra support kept my feet feeling fresher, even after several miles.

Extended Back Tab

The extended back tab of the Norfolk Repreve socks is a great addition. This tab protects the heel against friction and irritation that often occurs with low-cut sports socks. During my runs I did not suffer from blisters or abrasions, which I often experience with other socks.

Frequently asked questions about the best running socks

As a runner, should I wear high socks or low socks?

The choice between high and low socks for running comes down to personal preference and the specific conditions in which you run. High socks provide extra protection against elements such as brush and dirt, which can be especially useful for trail running. They can also provide more compression, which some runners like for support and circulation. On the other hand, low socks are often lighter and less warm, making them ideal for running or running in higher temperatures.

How do I prevent blisters while running?

To prevent blisters while running, it is crucial to invest in well-fitting shoes and the right socks. Choose socks specifically designed for running, made from materials that wick moisture away from the skin. Avoid cotton socks as they retain moisture and increase the risk of blisters. Some runners use double-layer socks that absorb friction between the sock layers, reducing the chance of blisters. In addition, applying anti-blister products to sensitive areas can be effective. Also make sure your feet stay dry and increase your walking distances gradually.

Which socks are best for long walks?

Compression socks are an excellent choice for long walks as they provide support and promote blood circulation. Look for socks with extra cushioning in areas prone to pressure and pain, such as the heel and ball of the foot. Make sure you choose socks with moisture management properties to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Seamless socks can reduce the risk of irritation and blisters. Materials like merino wool and synthetics are both good choices; wool has excellent moisture-regulating and odor-resistant properties, while synthetic materials dry quickly and are durable.

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