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The Top 5 Best Gloves of 2024: Comfort and Warmth Combined

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When winter arrives and the cold strikes mercilessly, there is one accessory that proves to be indispensable: the perfect gloves. As an avid cold person, I set out with determination on the mission to discover the crème de la crème of winter hand protection. After countless winter days with cold hands and extensive testing, I am excited to share my personal top five best gloves with you.

Why are winter gloves so essential? It goes beyond just braving the cold; it's about maintaining warmth, comfort and mobility amid icy conditions. During my search, I focused on features such as insulation, water resistance, flexibility and style, because the best gloves will not only protect your hands from the elements, but also make a stylish addition to your winter wardrobe.

In this blog I take you on a journey through the world of winter gloves and reveal my top five selections that not only stand the test of time, but also provide unparalleled comfort in cold conditions. Whether you're looking for gloves for winter walks, winter sports or just everyday activities in the cold, I've found the gloves that will give you warmth, style and functionality during the coldest days of the year. Let's discover together which winter gloves will optimally protect your cold hands this winter!

Top 5 Best Gloves highlighted

1. Best Gloves for Winter: R2B Luxury Touchscreen Gloves Brussels

As the best gloves for winter, my eye immediately fell on the Luxury Touchscreen Gloves from R2B , designed specifically for men and women, with the promise of warmth, water resistance and touchscreen compatibility. Here is my personal experience with this striking pair of warm gloves called Brussels.

First Impression: When receiving the R2B Luxe warm gloves, the high-quality construction was immediately noticeable. The material felt durable, and the finish shone with quality. The modern look and promise of touchscreen functionality piqued my curiosity.

Fit and Comfort: An important aspect of any glove is of course the fit. With the size M, Brussels model, the gloves fit like a glove. The Thermo Thinsulate lining provided pleasant warmth, and the gloves did not hinder my hand movements. These gloves are of course also available in other sizes.

Efficient Insulation for Extreme Temperatures: The Thermo Thinsulate material revealed its true strength as an efficient insulator in extreme temperatures. During a winter expedition where the thermometer dipped well below freezing, these gloves kept my hands warm and cozy.

Touchscreen Functionality: One feature I was particularly curious about was the touchscreen compatibility. I was happy to find that I could operate my smartphone without any problems while wearing the gloves. This added a useful dimension to their versatility and is why these are the ideal gloves for me.

2. Best Waterproof Gloves: R2B Water and Windproof Glove Ghent

If you are looking for good gloves that prevent cold hands during winter showers and gusts of wind, this is a good option for you. These waterproof touchscreen gloves , called Gent, are waterproof and windproof and also give you the convenience of touchscreen fingers. This prevents your hands from getting wet and you don't have to take off your gloves to operate your phone.

Dry Hands in Rain and Snow: It wasn't just a promise; the waterproof properties of this waterproof glove came into its own during a rainy day. My hands stayed completely dry even when the rain was steadily coming down.

Robustness for Long Term Use: An often overlooked facet, but crucial to the value of winter gloves, is their ruggedness. After extensive use, ranging from daily walks to adventure bike rides, the R2B gloves retained their original shape and quality.

Easy to put on and take off: Often a forgotten aspect, but no less important: the ease of putting on and taking off. The R2B gloves gave me no hassle when putting them on, even when I was in a hurry. A subtle but practical feature that increases ease of use.

Multifunctional Elegant Accents: Aside from their functional benefits, the R2B gloves served as elegant accents for my winter outfits. The refined design, in combination with carefully chosen details, made these gloves not only functional but also fashionable.

3. Best Leather Gloves: Navaris Genuine Leather Touchscreen Gloves

A pair of leather gloves cannot be missed in our top 5 list for the best gloves. These warm gloves never go out of fashion and that is why this glove from Navaris has found a place in our list. Below you can read why:

Enchanting Elegance: In my search for the perfect gloves, I discovered the Navaris Genuine Leather Touchscreen Gloves, which quickly stood out for their enchanting elegance. These gloves, made from 100% leather, are a true masterpiece that not only provides protection but also makes a statement of style and class.

Unparalleled Leather Quality: One aspect that immediately stood out was the unparalleled quality of the leather used. The supple and durable leather of these gloves not only added a touch of tactile luxury, but also promised long-lasting longevity, making them an investment in quality and style.

Warmth Without Bulk: The soft cashmere wool lining of these gloves provided comfortable warmth without bulk. Despite the slim design, my hands felt wonderfully comfortable and well insulated, proving that these gloves offer not only elegance but also functional warmth.

Handmade Craftsmanship: The gloves demonstrate handmade craftsmanship, where every detail has been crafted with care. From the precise stitching to the carefully placed leather accents, each glove exudes craftsmanship. The result is a unique pair of gloves that attracts attention due to its handmade allure.

4. Best Kids Gloves: R2B Touchscreen Gloves for Kids

During the winter months, it's not just adults' hands that get cold, but children's too! That is why we have chosen the best pair of children's gloves of this year for our number 4 on this list. These warm gloves are specially designed for small children's hands in cold conditions.

Children's Gloves With a Flair: In my search for the perfect children's gloves, I came across the R2B Touchscreen Gloves for children, specially designed for the age group from 10 to 16 years. These gloves not only promise protection against the cold but also add a touch of flair to the winter wardrobe of boys and girls.

Optimal Fit for Growing Hands: One feature that immediately stood out was the optimal fit for growing hands. These gloves not only fit my kids' hands perfectly, but also provided plenty of room for growth. A reassuring thought for parents who want to invest in sustainable winter protection.

Lightweight and Movable: The light weight of these gloves was positively noticeable. Unlike some heavier winter gloves for kids, these remained light and flexible, allowing kids to move freely on their winter adventures without restrictions.

Available for All Ages: A unique point that makes these good gloves even more versatile is that they are also available for children up to 9 years old. This allows parents with children of different ages to enjoy the quality and style that the R2B Touchscreen Gloves have to offer.

5. Best Undergloves: Bertschat Undergloves

The pair we have chosen to conclude this top 5 is a pair of under gloves from the Bertschat brand . The name says it all, but this pair of gloves can be worn under your normal gloves and has a unique advantage. This thin glove contains a handy heating element, giving you a wonderful heat source under your own stylish gloves!

Invisible Heat Source: One feature that sets these gloves apart is the invisible heat source they house. The built-in heating element provides a subtle, constant heat that penetrates deeply, even on the coldest days. A valuable addition for anyone who is not only looking for protection, but also wants to actively keep warm hands.

Customization in Heat: A unique aspect of these gloves is the ability to adjust the heat. With different heat levels, users can control the temperature based on the outside temperature and their personal needs. This customization in warmth ensures a personalized and comfortable winter experience.

Long Lasting Battery Life: The battery life of these warm gloves exceeded my expectations. With an impressive battery life, they last effortlessly during long walks or extensive winter activities. An important aspect for those who want to enjoy the warmth for a long time.

Wear Under Normal Gloves: A notable advantage of these good gloves is their slim design, which makes them easy to wear under your normal pair of gloves. This means you can benefit from the extra warmth without having to give up your favorite stylish gloves. The ideal solution for cold hands!

The most frequently asked questions about the best gloves

Which materials are most suitable for winter gloves?

Various materials are commonly used in winter gloves to provide warmth, insulation and protection from the elements. Here are some of the most suitable materials:

Learn : Leather is durable, windproof and provides excellent protection against cold winds. It is also stylish and can be made water resistant.

Gore-Tex : Gore-Tex is a breathable membrane that is waterproof. It is often used as a lining in winter gloves to keep hands dry.

Thinsulate : Thinsulate is a synthetic insulation known for retaining heat without adding much bulk. It is effective even when wet.

PrimaLoft : PrimaLoft is an insulation material that is lightweight, breathable and water-repellent. It retains heat even when wet.

Neoprene : Neoprene is a rubber-like material that is water resistant and provides excellent insulation. It is often used in gloves for water sports.

Wool : Wool is a natural insulating material that retains heat even when wet. Merino wool is often used for its softness and moisture-wicking properties.

Fleece : Fleece is soft, lightweight and provides excellent insulation. It is often found in winter glove linings.

Nylon and Polyester : Nylon and polyester are often used in the outer layers of winter gloves because of their durability, water repellency and breathability.

Can you operate the touchscreen with winter gloves?

Yes , many winter gloves these days are designed with touchscreen compatibility, meaning you can operate your smartphone or other touchscreen device while wearing the gloves. These gloves contain conductive materials in the fingertips, usually in the form of conductive wires or special substances, that transfer the electrical charge from your finger to the touchscreen.

Are there winter gloves available with breathability?

Yes , there are breathable winter gloves available that are designed to wick moisture and heat away from your hands, keeping you comfortable even during strenuous activities in cold conditions. Here are some materials and design features commonly found in breathable winter gloves:

Gore-Tex and Similar Membranes : Gore-Tex is a breathable membrane that is waterproof. It allows water vapor to escape while retaining water from outside. Gloves with Gore-Tex or similar membranes provide both water resistance and breathability.

Mesh and Vents : Some gloves have built-in mesh panels or vents that promote air circulation, removing moisture and heat more effectively.

Breathable Insulation : Insulation materials such as PrimaLoft have breathable properties, allowing them to retain heat without causing moisture to build up.

Merino wool linings : Merino wool is known for its natural breathability. Gloves with a merino wool lining help wick away moisture and provide a comfortable feeling.

Microfiber Linings : Microfiber liners can effectively wick away moisture and provide quick drying, keeping the gloves comfortable.

Linings made of sweat-absorbing materials : Gloves with liners designed to absorb sweat keep your hands drier and reduce the risk of clammy hands.

Special Ventilation Technologies : Some manufacturers use specific technologies for ventilation, such as perforated panels or ducts that optimize air circulation.

What are the warmest gloves?

The warmest gloves vary depending on the wearer's specific needs and activities. Here are some of the warmest gloves on the market, designed for different purposes:

Hestra Army Leather Extreme Mitt : These mittens are filled with down insulation material and have a durable leather exterior. They are designed to withstand extreme cold and are popular for activities such as skiing in cold climates.

Canada Goose Arctic Down Mitts : Made by the well-known Canadian brand Canada Goose, these mittens contain a high-quality down filling and have a water-repellent exterior. They are ideal for very cold environments.

Outdoor Research Alti Mitts : These mittens are designed for mountaineering and expeditions to cold altitudes. They combine waterproof materials with durable insulation for optimal protection against the cold.

Black Diamond Absolute Mitt : Black Diamond is known for its outdoor gear, and the Absolute Mitt is no exception. These mittens are suitable for alpine climbing and have PrimaLoft Gold insulation for maximum warmth.

The North Face Himalayan Mitt : Specially designed for extreme cold, these mittens have an insulation layer of 800-fill down and a waterproof exterior. They are ideal for expeditions to cold climates.

Columbia Bugaboo Interchange Gloves : For everyday use in cold weather, these Columbia gloves feature a three-layer design with a waterproof outer layer, insulation and a removable liner.

Arc'teryx Fission SV Glove : These gloves are designed for intensive activities in cold conditions. They combine waterproof Gore-Tex technology with insulating PrimaLoft Gold.

Rab Expedition Modular Mitts : These mittens have a modular design, making them adaptable to different temperatures. They have a waterproof outer layer and a warm PrimaLoft Gold lining.

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