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What is the best bicycle saddle for e-bikes? View our top 5 here

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Choosing the right bicycle saddle for an e-bike is a crucial step that is often underestimated. Many e-bike riders, including us, spend hours researching the best motor, battery and frame without considering the impact of a good saddle on the riding experience. A comfortable saddle is essential because it directly affects our comfort and performance while riding.

When testing different e-bike saddles, we paid attention to a number of important aspects to ensure that we can make an informed choice:

The most important thing we reviewed is how comfortable the saddle is on long and short rides. We also took a closer look at the materials and build quality of the saddles. Materials that repel moisture and are easy to clean received extra points. Given the higher speeds on e-bikes, effective shock absorption is a must.

Our goal was to find a saddle that not only provides comfort and support, but also contributes to a better long-term riding experience.

Top 5 Best Bicycle Saddle E Bike

1. Best E Bike Saddle of 2024: R2B Bicycle Saddle Men/Women

After testing different saddles for electric bicycles, there can of course only be one saddle that is the best saddle. The R2B e-bike bicycle saddle is the best saddle because of the comfortable position you can adopt on the saddle. The saddle was easy to install and thanks to the extra ventilation, the saddle is also perfect in the summer! View the extensive review of the best bicycle saddle for e-bikes below!

Unprecedented Comfort
The gel technology of the R2B Bicycle Saddle stands out in terms of comfort. This innovation ensures even pressure distribution, making long journeys considerably more comfortable. The saddle conforms to the rider's contours, resulting in a personalized fit that is both supportive and comfortable.

Reflective Safety
Safety while driving, especially at dusk or at night, is a priority that R2B takes seriously. The e-bike saddle is equipped with a reflective strip on the back, a simple but effective addition that significantly improves our visibility on the road. This detail contributes to a safer driving experience.

Durability and Protection

The durability of the R2B Bicycle Saddle, enhanced by the waterproof cover, makes it a reliable choice for everyday use. This protection against moisture and water ensures that the saddle lasts longer and retains its comfortable properties, regardless of the weather conditions.

Easy Installation
Installing the saddle was surprisingly easy, thanks to the universal fit that's compatible with most e-bikes. This ease of installation means we can be on our way quickly, without hassle or extra tools.

2. Best Wide E-Bike Bicycle Saddle - Selle SMP Tour E-Bike - Bicycle Saddle - Large - Black

After our search for the perfect e-bike saddle, we extensively tested the Selle SMP Tour E-bike Bicycle Saddle Large in Black. We would like to share our experiences with this product, concentrated around the previously mentioned four key points that were of great importance to us during the test period.

Ergonomic Design
The first thing we noticed about the Selle SMP Tour E-bike saddle was its ergonomic design. The design is clearly aimed at providing maximum comfort and support during long rides. The central recess reduces pressure on sensitive areas, an aspect that we greatly appreciate. It is also a lot easier to keep a straight back.


When testing the Selle SMP Tour, we paid particular attention to the durability of the saddle. It is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the challenges of everyday use.

Optimal Comfort
The soft filling, combined with the ergonomic design, makes every ride pleasant. Regardless of the duration of the ride, the saddle provides consistent support and comfort, making it ideal for both short daily rides and longer tours.

Ease of installation
Installing the Selle SMP Tour saddle on our e-bike was easy. It fit effortlessly onto our existing saddle post, without the need for additional tools or adjustments. This ease of use ensured that we could get back on the road quickly, an aspect that we particularly appreciated.

3. Best Electric Bicycle Saddle Women - Fosaddle Bicycle Saddle

There are different types of bicycle saddles, from cheap to expensive and from a wider saddle to a narrower saddle. But what is the best saddle? This is of course a difficult question, the Fosaddle bicycle saddle is slightly more expensive compared to the other bicycle saddles in the top 5, but you get so much in return! Read below how to transform your regular bicycle into a luxury horse!

Luxury Comfort
Immediately after installing the FoSaddle Luxe bicycle saddle on our e-bike, it became clear that this saddle takes comfort seriously. The wide design and generous padding offered a level of comfort we've rarely experienced. This saddle is designed with long rides in mind, making sitting discomfort a thing of the past. The luxurious feeling supported us in the right points.

Waterproof Performance
Given the unpredictable weather we face, the waterproof property of the FoSaddle saddle was an important test point. We are happy to report that the saddle performed excellently in wet conditions. The waterproof finish kept the saddle dry, even during an unexpected rain shower, which not only improves the comfort but also the durability of the saddle.

Universal Fit
An aspect that we particularly appreciate is the universal fit of the FoSaddle saddle. It was easy to install on various models of e-bikes, making it a versatile choice for everyone. This saddle is the perfect saddle for women's bicycles, it is a wide saddle that creates a good seating surface.

Durability and Maintenance

During our testing period, we exposed the FoSaddle Luxe saddle to various conditions to assess its durability. The saddle held up well, with little sign of wear.

4. Best Ergonomic Bicycle Saddle Electric Bicycle - Deso all in one Bicycle Saddle

An upright sitting position is one of the most important pillars for a cyclist. An upright sitting position ensures that you can cycle longer and reduces saddle pain. Thanks to the Deso all in one e bike saddle, we have found an ergonomic bicycle saddle that helps electric bicycle users get to a better place!

Revolutionary Driving Comfort
The use of gel in the saddle ensures excellent pressure distribution and comfort, even during longer rides. The ergonomic design supports the riding position in a way we've rarely experienced, reducing fatigue and improving the overall riding experience.

Resilient under all circumstances
The built-in saddle suspension of the Deso All-in-One Bicycle Saddle effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations from uneven roads, which contributes to the comfort level. This resilience in all conditions makes the saddle suitable not only for city rides but also for more adventurous trails. The ability to minimize the impact of bumps was impressive.

Universal Attractive Design

The unisex design of the Deso All-in-One Bicycle Saddle appeals to a wide audience. In addition, the universal fit guarantees that the saddle can be installed on almost any bicycle, highlighting its versatility. It was easy to assemble, allowing us to quickly enjoy the improved driving comfort.

Ease of maintenance & Durability
The quality of the material and construction of the Deso All-in-One Bicycle Saddle suggest high durability. The ease of maintenance, combined with the robustness of the design, makes it a nice saddle and a practical choice for daily use.

5. Best Electric Bicycle Saddle Men - HikeMeister bicycle saddle

During our search for the ideal electric bicycle saddle for both daily rides and longer tours, we tried the Hikemeister Tour Comfortable Extra Thick Gel Saddle. It is a solid saddle with a number of good advantages! Are you curious about what this saddle has to offer? Then read an extensive review below!

Comfortable Miles
The first thing you notice about the Hikemeister Tour saddle is the extra thick gel filling. This layer provides unprecedented comfort, significantly reducing the impact of bumps on the road. The saddle supports an upright sitting position, which is ideal for both short city rides and longer bike rides.

Top level shock absorption

The shock-absorbing properties of the Hikemeister Tour saddle are impressive. During our test drives over cobblestones and unpaved paths, we noticed that the vibrations were noticeably less. This is thanks to both the gel padding and the saddle's intelligent design, which aims to reduce impact on the rider.

Universal Design, Universal Comfort
The Hikemeister Tour saddle is designed with all cyclists in mind. The unisex design makes it suitable for both women and men, which we think is a big advantage. The black color scheme is stylish and fits well with any bike, from city bike to mountain bike. The universal fit meant we could easily fit the saddle to different bikes in our collection, which underlines the versatility of the product.


The water-resistant finish makes cleaning easy after a ride in the rain and keeps the saddle looking like new for longer. The quality of the materials and construction make us confident that this saddle will last for many miles, making it a smart investment for any cyclist.

The most frequently asked questions about bicycle saddle e-bike

Can any saddle be used on any bicycle?

Whether a saddle fits every bicycle depends on the compatibility of the saddle with the bicycle's seat post. Here are some factors to take into account:

Seat post and saddle rails

  • Seatposts: Most modern bicycles use seatposts to which saddles can be attached with a clamping mechanism that grips the rails under the saddle. As long as the seatpost clamping mechanism matches the dimensions of the saddle rails, you should be able to install the saddle.

  • Saddle Rails: Most saddles have a standard rail system that fits the majority of seat posts. However, there are exceptions, such as some saddles with a unique mounting system or saddles that are specifically designed for certain types of bicycles, such as time trial bicycles or certain mountain bikes.

Specific Bicycles and Saddles

  • Racing bikes and mountain bikes: Lightweight saddles with narrow rails are often used for these bicycles, which must fit on the seat post clamp.

  • City and Touring Bikes: These bikes may have a wider and more comfortable saddle, sometimes with a unique mounting system that may differ from those found on road and mountain bikes.

Adjustments and Adapters

In some cases, if a saddle does not fit directly, there are adapters available that allow a saddle with a non-standard rail or mounting system to be mounted to a standard seat post. This can be useful if you want to use a specific saddle that is not directly compatible with your bike.

Hard or soft saddle against saddle pain?

The choice between a hard or soft saddle to prevent or reduce saddle sores depends on several factors, including the duration of your rides, your body type, and your personal preference. Although it seems intuitive that a softer saddle would be more comfortable and therefore better against saddle pain, this is not always the case. Below I explain why.

Hard Saddle


  • Better for long rides: For longer rides, many experienced cyclists prefer a harder saddle. A hard saddle offers more support and distributes the pressure more evenly across the seat. This can prevent specific parts of your bottom from experiencing too much pressure and becoming painful.
  • Less friction: Hard saddles often cause less friction because you 'sink' less in the saddle. Less friction means less chance of chafing and irritation.


  • Adjustment period: It may take some time for your body to get used to a harder saddle, especially if you previously used a soft saddle.

Soft saddle


  • Short-term comfort: For short rides or if you ride infrequently, a soft saddle can feel more comfortable and provide immediate relief.
  • Less adjustment time: A soft saddle often feels more comfortable from the start, requiring less time to get used to it.


  • Pressure distribution: A saddle that is too soft can cause you to sink deeper into the saddle, which can decrease the pressure on your sit bones and increase it on the soft tissues, which can ultimately lead to more discomfort during longer rides.
  • Increased friction: Because you sink more into a soft saddle, friction can increase, which can cause irritation and saddle pain.

Can you assemble and disassemble a saddle without tools?

Whether you can mount and dismount a saddle without tools depends on the design of the seat post clamp and the saddle itself. Traditionally, adjusting or replacing a saddle requires some tool, such as an Allen wrench or open-end wrench, to loosen and tighten the clamp that secures the saddle to the seatpost. However, there are a few scenarios where tools may not be necessary: ​​Quick Release Saddles and Hand Tight Clamp Saddles.

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