Best Bicycle Lock Urban Arrow

Especially in these times, when the popularity of bicycles and e-bikes has reached unprecedented heights, the importance of a good bicycle lock cannot be underestimated. The Urban Arrow, one of the most sought-after cargo bikes on the market, is unfortunately also a popular object for bicycle thieves. As cities become busier and the demand for sustainable means of transport increases, thieves see their opportunity to steal unsecured bicycles.

The increase in bicycle thefts has led to growing awareness among bicycle owners about the importance of a solid bicycle lock. It is no longer sufficient to quickly tie your bike to a post or fence with a thin cable lock. A good bicycle lock is an investment in the safety of your bicycle and can mean the difference between keeping your beloved two-wheeler or losing it to a thief.

Best Bike Lock for Urban Arrow - VINZ Makalu Bike Lock

When it comes to securing your Urban Arrow bicycle, choosing the right lock is crucial. An Urban Arrow bicycle is not cheap, and with the cautious attitude of the insurance companies, it is becoming increasingly important to properly protect your bicycle against theft. The Vinz Locks bicycle lock makes it a lot more difficult for thieves to steal your electric bicycle.


✅ ART-4 quality mark: The lock has received an ART-4 star approval from the ART Foundation. This quality mark means that the lock has been extensively tested and has been found suitable for insuring motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. This provides an extra layer of confidence in the security capabilities of the lock.

Thick chain with protective cover: The chain of the lock is 44mm thick and consists of several links with a link thickness of 10.5mm. This not only makes the chain flexible, but also very difficult to cut or saw. In addition, the chain is equipped with a wear-resistant nylon cover that protects the chain against external influences, ensuring that the lock will last for years.

Lockable Keyhole and Extra Keys: A unique feature of this lock is the lockable keyhole, which prevents dust and dirt from entering the lock body. In addition, three keys are included, which is useful in case you lose a key.


❌ Can be difficult to fit between rims with limited space: Although chain thickness is an advantage in terms of security, it can be a disadvantage for bikes with rims with limited space. It is important to check the clearance of your rims before purchasing this lock.

3 alternatives for the best Urban Arrow bicycle lock

Foldable Urban Arrow bicycle lock - LLOCX Compact E-bike Folding Lock

Urban Arrow bicycles are popular and can be a target for thieves. Considering the quality and price of these bikes, it is essential to secure them with a robust and reliable lock. The LLOCX folding lock offers excellent security thanks to its strong construction and advanced lock technology. In addition, its compact size is ideal for city bikes such as the Urban Arrow, as it can be easily stored and transported without taking up much space.

Best Urban Arrow battery lock - Lockride Original Black

The Lockride Original Black is a specially designed battery lock for the Bosch PowerPack. This lock is not only compatible with the Urban Arrow cargo bikes, but in most cases the lock also fits other models with a Bosch PowerPack frame battery.

Considering that this lock is specifically designed for the Bosch PowerPack, it provides a seamless fit and optimal security for the bicycle's battery. The added ABUS Diskus padlock further enhances security.

Best High Quality Urban Arrow lock - Abus Granit Extreme Plus 59

With the Abus Maximum Protection level 20 you are assured of one of the highest security levels available for bicycle locks. The chain is 12mm thick and hexagonal, which offers resistance to the most brutal cracking methods. In addition, the chain is equipped with a textile cover to prevent paint damage to the frame. The lock comes with two keys, one of which has LED lighting. In addition, the manual closing of the keyhole protects against dirt and moisture.

The Abus Granit Extreme Plus 59 offers maximum security and is resistant to the most advanced theft techniques. The 110cm length allows you to attach your bike to fixed objects, providing an extra layer of security.

Tips for better securing your Urban Arrow

The Urban Arrow is more than just a bicycle; it is an investment in sustainability, convenience and urban mobility. Protecting this valuable investment is therefore of the utmost importance. Here are some tips from our own experiences to optimally secure your Urban Arrow:

Use a high-quality lock

Using a robust and reliable lock is the basis for securing your electric bicycle. A good lock makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your bicycle, for example choose a lock with a more complex mechanism or a heavy lock. You can also opt for multiple locks, this will take too much time for many thieves and makes it too big a risk to attempt to steal your bicycle. Preferably choose an ART quality mark bicycle lock, this will help with the insurance of your bicycle.

Park in a safe location

Where you park your bike can make a big difference. Always look for well-lit areas, preferably with CCTV cameras, and avoid remote or poorly lit areas. Don't leave your bike at the station all night and make sure your bike is properly secured when you place it next to the water.

Protect your accessories on your bike

In addition to protecting your bicycle, it is also important to ensure that you protect the battery and other accessories such as your rain canopy . The battery is the most valuable part of your Urban Arrow and is also extremely important for convenience while cycling. Thanks to a special lock, such as the Lockride , it is possible to properly protect your battery against potential thieves.

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