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Winter bike rides can be a magical experience. The cold, fresh air, the sound of crunching leaves under your tires and the beautiful winter landscape passing by. But, as any seasoned cyclist knows, the cold can also be quite a challenge, especially for our hands. That is why we have thoroughly tested various winter cycling gloves in recent months.

We've worn them through frosty mornings, snow showers, and even those treacherously cold, crisp winter days. Our goal? Finding the best cycling gloves that provide both warmth and comfort, without sacrificing grip and dexterity. In this blog we share our findings and present the gloves that have warmed our hearts (and our hands). So read on and discover which gloves will give you the best cycling experience this winter!

The 5 Best Cycling Gloves of 2024 Featured

1. The Best Cycling Gloves winter 2024 - R2B Gloves Ghent

We recently tested the touchscreen cycling gloves from R2B and they convinced us on several fronts. R2B Store has been selling telephone and bicycle accessories for years and this product is a combination of both.

In addition to the cycling gloves keeping your hands warm while cycling, it is also possible to continue operating your phone. Ideal for using Google Maps, for example.

Read our extensive review below!

Perfect fit
When I put on the R2B gloves I was immediately struck by how well they fit. I tried size M and they were comfortable, without that pinching feeling that some gloves can give.

Touchscreen Function: A Plus
One of the useful features of these gloves is their touchscreen compatibility. This made it possible to use my phone without taking off the gloves, ideal for quick messages during a ride.

Warmth and Comfort
The gloves are lined with Thermo Thinsulate, which provided pleasant warmth during cold mornings. Even on longer rides, my hands stayed comfortably warm.

Waterproof Test
The waterproofness of the gloves was really put to the test during a heavy rain shower. The result? My hands stayed completely dry, which was really impressive.

Point of attention: Thickness of the Gloves
Although the gloves felt a bit thicker, which was a bit awkward at first when shifting, I got used to this over time.

2. The Best Eye-catching Cycling Gloves – Rogelli Cycling Gloves

In winter we experience dark mornings and dark evenings. It is therefore even more important for cyclists to be extra visible to motorists, for example. Thanks to Rogelli cycling gloves, it is possible to wear a reflective color on your hands. It is also possible to purchase the gloves in a different color.

Look below for more information about these striking cycling gloves.

Striking Color for Safety
When unpacking the Rogelli Essential cycling gloves, the fluorescent yellow color was immediately noticeable. This color is not only stylish, but also provides extra visibility on the road during gray winter days.

Comfort and Warmth
When I put on the gloves I immediately felt the comfort. They are well padded without being too thick, which provides excellent grip on the handlebars. They kept my hands comfortably warm, even on cold mornings.

Excellent Fit
The gloves have a nice fit. They fit well without pinching, and the extra padding on the palm provides extra comfort, especially during longer rides.

Point of attention for Extremely Cold Days
Although the gloves are perfect for the average Dutch winter, they may not be ideal for extremely cold temperatures. However, for most winter days they are excellent.

3. The best windproof cycling gloves - Rockbros gloves

In the Netherlands, we know better than anyone else a cold bike ride with a strong headwind. The wind can sometimes be so cutting that it hurts your hands. To ensure that you are better protected against this, Rockbros has released windproof gloves . With the help of these gloves you can ensure that you arrive at your final destination with warm gloves.

Sleek and Functional Design
When unpacking the RockBros winter cycling gloves, the stylish design was immediately noticeable. They are not too flashy, but have a simple and functional look.

Insulation and Wind Protection
When I put on the gloves I immediately noticed the good insulation. The windproof layer provides extra protection during cold, windy rides, which makes a big difference.

Touchscreen Friendly
A big plus is the touchscreen part of the gloves. This allowed me to easily check my route on my phone without taking off the gloves, which is very useful while cycling.

Comfortable Fit
The gloves have elastic around the wrist, which ensures a good fit. This keeps them in place, even during intensive rides, and keeps the cold out.

Point of attention: Heat
Although the gloves are perfect for really cold days, they can feel a bit too warm on days just above freezing. This can make your hands a bit sweaty.

4. The Best Cycling Gloves with Grip - Grip&Grab Gloves

In winter you can get on your bike if condensation has formed on your handlebars. This condensation can also form on the handles of your handlebars. Thanks to the best cycling gloves with grip from grip&grab, you can ensure that you can hold the handlebars firmly.

View the other qualities of the cycling gloves below!

A First Impression
When I first got my hands on the GripGrab Ride Windproof gloves, I was immediately struck by how stylish they looked. Black, sleek and with a professional look.

Comfort and Fit
When I put them on I immediately noticed how comfortable they were. Size M was perfect for me. They fit well and provided sufficient freedom of movement, which is essential when cycling.

Windproof and Warmth
The name says it all: windproof. And you notice that! While cycling on windy days, these gloves kept my hands pleasantly warm. The lined inside provided extra comfort and protection against the cold.

Useful Features
What I really appreciated was the padding. This provided extra cushioning and comfort during longer rides. No more tingling or tired hands after a long trip.

Points of attention
While the gloves have many positives, I found that they may fall just a little short in extremely cold conditions. However, for the average winter day they are more than sufficient.

5. The Best Waterproof Cycling Gloves - BBB Cycling Gloves

The top 5 ends with the best waterproof winter cycling gloves . BBB Cycling specializes in all bicycle parts and accessories, these gloves perfectly match the brand's expressions.

Thanks to these cycling gloves you can cycle through the rain or snow without your hands getting colder from the water that comes on them. Please note that these are splash-proof gloves, which means that in the event of an extreme rain shower there is a chance that water will get through.

First impressions
When receiving the BBB Cycling RaceShield WB 2.0 gloves, the sleek, black design was immediately noticeable. They radiate quality and feel robust.

Comfort and fit
When trying on the gloves, the comfort was immediately noticeable. The size M offered a perfect fit, which can sometimes be a challenge with larger sizes. They fitted well and gave a feeling of confidence, with the assurance that hands would be protected from the elements.

Weather resistance
During a test drive in the rain, my hands remained completely dry. The wind- and waterproof properties of these gloves make them ideal for winter conditions.

Touchscreen functionality
A standout feature was the touchscreen functionality. This makes it possible to operate a telephone without taking off gloves, which is especially useful when quickly checking a route.

Something to take into account
Although they perform well on cold and wet days, they may feel a little too warm on milder winter days.

Frequently asked questions about the best winter cycling gloves

Is it better to wear mittens or gloves on the bike?

Whether you should wear mittens or gloves on the bike depends on the specific circumstances and your personal preference. Both have their advantages and disadvantages


Freedom of Movement: Gloves provide more freedom of movement for your fingers, making it easier to use brakes, shifting and other controls on your bike.
Precision: If your ride involves a lot of work with small parts, such as zippers on jackets or bags, gloves may be more useful because of the precision they provide.
Ventilation: Gloves are usually better ventilated than mittens, which can help prevent excessive sweating.


Warmth: Mittens generally provide better thermal insulation because your fingers are held together. This keeps your hands warmer in cold conditions.
Windproof: Because your fingers are joined together, mittens provide better protection against cold wind and frostbite than gloves.
Easy to put on and take off: Mittens are often easier to put on and take off than gloves, which can be useful for quick stops or when you want to quickly protect your hands.

In extreme cold conditions, such as during winter bike rides, mittens may be preferred due to their superior insulation. Gloves are often suitable for cold but not extreme temperatures, and they provide greater dexterity.

How do you keep your hands warm while cycling?

Keeping your hands warm while cycling, especially in cold weather conditions, is essential for comfort and safety. Here are some tips to keep your hands warm:

Choose the right gloves: Invest in gloves specifically designed for cycling in cold conditions. Choose insulated, windproof and water-resistant gloves. Gloves with a fleece or thermal lining provide extra warmth.

Wear liner gloves: Thin, breathable liner gloves can be worn under your cycling gloves for extra insulation. They add warmth without restricting freedom of movement.

Use hand warmers: Disposable hand warmers that can be placed inside your gloves are a great option for generating extra warmth on long rides in the cold.

Choose windproof gloves: Windproof gloves prevent cold air from entering your hands and help retain heat.

Provide adequate ventilation: Make sure your gloves are breathable to prevent moisture from building up. Excessive sweating can also make your hands cold.

Consider bar-end grips: If you are a mountain biker, you may want to consider installing bar-end grips. These prevent your hands from coming into direct contact with cold metal handlebars.

Hand position: Regularly change your hand position on the handlebars to promote blood circulation. This can help prevent cold fingers.

Wear a windbreaker: If it is very cold and windy, wear a windbreaker to protect your upper body. Cold air flow can cool your hands extra quickly.

Keep your body warm: Much of the heat loss starts at the core of your body. Therefore, wear suitable clothing to keep your entire body warm, including thermal underwear and an insulating jacket.

Can I operate my mobile phone with any pair of gloves?

Not all gloves are suitable for operating a touchscreen on your mobile phone. It is therefore always important to check the touchscreen compatibility of the gloves. The material of the gloves also influences the use of touchscreen devices.

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