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The 5 Best Cycling Computers of 2024 - Easily track your speed and distance now!

In the world of cycling, there is one gadget that has made a huge leap in popularity in recent years: the bicycle computer. These handy devices provide a wealth of information for cyclists of all levels, whether you're a seasoned cyclist looking to track every mile of your ride, or a casual urban cyclist just looking for the fastest route to work.

Cycling computers can track your speed, distance, riding time and more, with more advanced models also offering GPS navigation, heart rate monitoring, and even training plans. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which bike computer is best for you?

In this blog post, we take a closer look at the differences between bike computers, and share our top 5 picks for 2024. We looked at factors such as price, features, ease of use, and reliability to give you the best recommendations.

The 5 Best Cycling Computers at a glance

  1. Mio Cyclo 210 Bicycle Computer - The Best Bicycle Computer of 2024
  2. Garmin Edge Explore 2 - The Best Cycling Navigation
  3. Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT V2 - The Best Cycling Computer Racing Bike
  4. Bosch Intuvia E-bike Display - The Best Electric Bicycle Computer
  5. Strex Wireless Cycling Computer - The Best Cheap Cycling Computer

1. The Best Cycling Computer of 2024 - Mio Cyclo 210

Best bike computer 2023

The Mio Cyclo 210 is a cycling computer that has received high praise from cyclists of all levels, and for good reasons. It is a device designed with both the needs of the recreational and competitive cyclist in mind, and delivers impressive performance and functionality. One of the biggest advantages of the Mio Cyclo 210 is its reliable navigation system. Users agree that the GPS function is accurate and guides them to their destination quickly and efficiently.


1.Waterproof: You can safely take the Mio Cyclo bicycle computer with you when you cycle through the rain and wind. It is splash waterproof, which means it will remain reliable regardless of weather or wind.

2. Long battery life The best bicycle computer of 2024 has an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours. This makes it ideal for long rides and means you don't have to worry about charging your device in the middle of a ride.

3. Ease of use Another advantage that users of the Mio bicycle computer appreciate is the ease of use. With a large, bright display and intuitive interface, it's easy to see and understand what the device is trying to tell you.


No heart rate function : The Mio Cyclo 210 does not have a heart rate function. If you find this essential for your bicycle navigation, you can take a look at the top 5.

2. The Best Cycling Navigation - Garmin Edge Explore 2

The best bicycle navigation

The Garmin Edge Explore 2, often praised as the best bicycle navigation, is known for its excellent performance and advanced technology. With this bike computer, Garmin continues its reputation as one of the leaders in the world of bike computers.


1. Excellent navigation: The Garmin Edge explore 2 provides accurate, detailed maps and clear, easy-to-follow driving directions. Users note that the navigation is superior to many of the competitors, making the Edge Explore 2 one of the top choices for bike navigation.

2. Accident detection: The best bicycle navigation is not only a powerful navigation tool, but also offers additional safety features such as accident detection. In the event of an accident, the device can automatically send your location to preset emergency contacts. You can also turn on a live function so that those at home can watch.

3. Special E-Bike functions: The Garmin Edge Explore 2 has special functions to support electric bicycles. For example, the bicycle navigation can provide advice based on the battery level.


No comprehensive training metrics : One drawback mentioned by some users is that the Edge Explore 2 does not have the extensive training metrics that some other high-end models have. If you are an avid cyclist who wants to measure every detail, then this model may be too light for you.

3. The Best Cycling Computer Road Bike - Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT V2

best bike computer racing bike

When it comes to bike computers for road bikes, the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT V2 is high on the list. With its racing bike features and progressive technology, this bike computer is a real powerhouse for any avid cyclist.


1. Smart and efficient design: One of the most striking features of the best cycling computer racing bike is its aerodynamic design. This compact and sleek design is not only appealing to the eye, but also functional, helping cyclists ride faster and more efficiently.

2. Extensive connectivity: Thanks to ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, the Wahoo cycling computer allows users to sync with multiple devices, including heart rate monitors, power meters, and smartphones.

3. Used by professionals : The Bolt bicycle computer is used by no fewer than 11 cycling teams this season. This concerns the following teams: BORA-HANSGROHE, Deceuninck-Quick Step, AG2CR, Alpecin-Fenix, Team DSM, Cofidis, Trek Segafredo and Beat Cycling.


High price compared to competitors : This model is on the higher end of the price scale compared to other bike computers on the market. However, most users find that the quality and features it offers are worth the higher cost.

4. The Best Cycling Computer Electric Bicycle - Bosch Intuvia E-Bike Display Cycling Computer

best bike computer electric bike

Specifically designed for e-bike enthusiasts, the Bosch Intuvia E-Bike Display Cycle Computer is the ideal companion for the electric bicycle. This bike computer is equipped with features specifically tailored to the needs of electric cyclists, making it the best choice for this specific audience.


1. Specifically designed for e-bikes: The Bosch Intuvia E-Bike Display is specifically designed for e-bikes, making it a perfect fit for your electric bike. It can easily display remaining battery life, indicate assist mode, and provide other useful information specific to e-bikes.

2. Easy to use: Ease of use is another important advantage of the Bosch Intuvia. The controls are intuitive and easy to understand, making it easy to quickly navigate through the different functions, even while driving.

3. Durability: The Bosch Intuvia E-Bike Display is known for its durability. The build quality is solid and the device can withstand the elements well.


Only suitable for Bosch E-Bikes : The electric bicycle computer is only suitable for Bosch electric bicycles produced from 2014 onwards.

5. The Best Cheap Cycling Computer - Strex Wireless Cycling Computer

best cheap bike computer

For those looking for a budget-friendly bike computer without sacrificing functionality, the Strex Wireless Bike Computer is the best cheap bike computer. This bike computer offers great value for its price, making it a popular option for both novice and experienced cyclists.


1. Affordability: It's hard to beat the value for money of the Strex Cycling Computer. With its affordable price range, this device is an excellent choice for cyclists who want their first bike computer or for those who want to replace their old one without spending a fortune.

2. Extra large screen Another big advantage of the Strex Cycling Computer is its extra large screen. This makes it easy to read data at a glance, even while cycling.

3. Multifunctional Despite its low price, the Strex Cycling Computer is packed with features. With 17 different functions, including speed measurement, distance measurement, and even a clock, this bike computer provides all the essential data a cyclist needs during their ride.


No GPS Navigation : Despite its advantages, some users cite the lack of GPS navigation as a disadvantage. While this device offers a lot of features for its price, there are more expensive models available with integrated GPS features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a bicycle computer?

A cycling computer is a great tool for both casual cyclists and serious athletes. It allows you to track data such as speed, distance, time, altitude and heart rate depending on the model. Some more advanced bike computers even have navigation functions and can connect to your smartphone for extra functionality. All this helps you track and improve your cycling performance, plan and navigate your routes, and have more fun during your ride.

How much does a bicycle computer for an electric bicycle cost?

The price of a cycle computer for an electric bicycle can vary greatly depending on the features and brand. Simple models can be found for as little as 20 euros, while more advanced devices with GPS, heart rate monitor, color display, and other advanced features can cost up to a few hundred euros.

What does a bicycle computer do?

A bicycle computer provides all kinds of information about your ride. This can range from basic information such as current speed, distance traveled, and total riding time, to more advanced data such as heart rate, altitude, and power meter data. Some models also offer navigation features, the ability to record and analyze your rides, and the ability to connect to your smartphone for notifications and other features.

Which bicycle navigation works with junctions?

Various cycle computers and navigation apps support junction routes, a popular cycle route system in the Benelux and Germany. This includes models from popular brands such as Garmin, Mio, and Teasi, as well as apps such as Fietsrouteplanner, Fietsknoop and Make sure you check the specs of the device or app before making a purchase to ensure it supports junction routes.

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