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When equipping our bicycles, we always strive for the best of the best, and a well-functioning bicycle bell is no exception. During our tests we examined various bicycle bells, specifically looking at the clarity of the sound, the volume, the ease of operation and the weather resistance.

A bicycle bell is not just an accessory; it is an essential safety aspect of your bicycle. In busy city centers or on shared paths, it is crucial that other road users can hear you coming. A good bicycle bell ensures that you can announce yourself in a polite and effective manner, improving both your safety and that of others. In addition, the right bicycle bell can give a personal touch to your bicycle, with designs ranging from classic and discreet to modern and striking.

In our search for the best bicycle bell, we tested different brands and models. In the following paragraphs we will share our findings with you. This way you can decide for yourself which bicycle bell best suits your cycling adventures.

The top 5 best bicycle bells highlighted

1. The best bicycle bell of 2024: Bicycle bell Suitable for Airtag

We recently extensively tested the Airtag Bicycle Bell for racing bicycles. This innovative product combines a traditional bicycle bell with a smart Airtag holder, giving a modern twist to a classic bicycle accessory. This combination immediately appealed to us, because it is not only functional, but also meets the need for safety and technology.

Design and Installation

The bell itself is compact and the finish is high-quality, which fits well with the aesthetic aspect of modern racing bikes. The installation was surprisingly easy. With a few handy clamps the bell was securely attached to our handlebars, without the need for any tools.

Storage location for AirTag

During our rides we extensively tested the functionality of the bell. The most striking feature is of course the integrated Airtag holder. This holder is completely waterproof, which is a must for us cyclists who regularly ride through changing weather conditions. The Airtag fit perfectly in the holder and remained well protected and functional during all rides.

The sound of the bell itself is clear and loud enough to be clearly audible even at higher speeds. This gave us a safe feeling on busy roads and paths, where we could easily attract the attention of other road users.

Durability and Weather Resistance

We exposed the Airtag Bicycle Bell to different weather conditions to test its durability and weather resistance. After multiple rides in both rain and shine, the bell continued to perform without any sign of rust or wear.

2. The best electronic bicycle bell: Ariko Electronic bicycle bell

The ARIKO Electronic Bicycle Bell is an excellent choice for cyclists looking for a powerful and adaptable bicycle bell. The different sound options and the high volume ensure that this bell distinguishes itself from traditional bicycle bells. With an impressive 130 dB and five different sound options, this modern bicycle bell promises not only functionality, but also a personal touch to your bike ride.

First Impression and Installation

The bell is compact and lightweight, which is ideal for both racing bikes and city bikes. The installation was simple and intuitive. The bell comes with a sturdy mounting bracket and all necessary batteries, which allowed us to mount it on the handlebars quickly and without tools.

Functionality and Ease of Use

The unique thing about the ARIKO bell is the choice of five different sounds. From a traditional bell sound to more distinctive tones, this feature allowed us to tailor the sound to our environment and personal preference. Switching between the sounds is easy at the touch of a button, which is very useful while cycling.

The promised 130 dB was impressive. The sound is powerful enough to cut through traffic noise, which is especially useful in busy urban areas.

Durability and Weather Resistance

We tested the bicycle bell under different weather conditions. Despite a few rain showers, the bell functioned without any problems, thanks to its robust construction and water-resistant properties. This gave us extra confidence in the reliability of the bell for daily use.

3. Best classic bicycle bell: Bicycle bell universal

During our search for a practical and stylish bicycle bell, we came across the Universal Black Bicycle Bell of 35mm. This simple, yet elegant accessory promised seamless integration with almost any type of bicycle. The bell does what is expected of it without too much fuss.

Design and Installation

This bicycle bell comes in a classic black design, making it a subtle addition to both modern and traditional bicycles. The bell is made of durable metal, which immediately gives a feeling of quality. The installation was surprisingly easy. Using a standard screw mount, which was included with the bell, we were able to quickly and securely mount the bell to the handlebars.

User experience

The operation of the bell is very intuitive; a light press on the lever produces a powerful sound. We found that no matter the weather conditions or the speed we were driving, the bell performed consistently and was easy to use.

Durability and Weather Resistance

The metal has a protective coating that is resistant to rust and wear, which is important in the changeable Dutch climate. Even after exposure to rain and mud, the bell still functioned perfectly and looked good with no visible damage.

4. Best bicycle horn: Benson Bicycle Horn

Whether you're a fan of vintage looks or just need a reliable horn, this bicycle horn is a top choice that adds both fun and functionality to your bike rides. The Benson bicycle horn can also be used for your racing bike or mountain bike. Also for an electric bicycle

Design and Installation

The classic design fits perfectly with the aesthetics of both vintage and modern bicycles. Installing the horn was simple; it came with a universal mounting bracket that easily fit the handlebars of our bikes. Attaching took just a few minutes and required no specialized tools.

User experience

The practical test of the horn was both fun and informative. When pressed, the horn produces a loud and clear classic 'honk' sound that is unmistakable. This sound proved to be very effective at alerting pedestrians and other cyclists to our presence, especially in busy urban environments.

5. Best value for money: Bicycle bell Widek steel

As avid cyclists, we are always looking for accessories that add both functionality and style to our bikes. We recently tested the Widek Steel Bicycle Bell painted black, a product that promises to combine excellent audibility with a sleek design.

Design and Installation

This bicycle bell has a glossy black lacquer, which gives it a modern and subtle look. It fits well with any type of bicycle, from city bike to mountain bike. The construction of the bell is robust, with a sturdy steel cover that can withstand daily use.

User experience

When testing the bell in a variety of environments, from quiet suburbs to busy city centers, we were impressed with the clarity and volume of the sound. The bell produces a clear, piercing 'ring' sound that effectively warns pedestrians and other cyclists.

Good price-quality ratio

For an affordable price you get a product that works well for every cyclist. A clear sound and the comfort of the fact that the bell is easy to operate. A minimalist design and stainless steel suits any type of bicycle. This makes calling with bicycle bells a lot more fun!

The most frequently asked questions about bicycle bells

Is a bicycle bell mandatory on your bicycle?

In many countries, including the Netherlands, it is legally required to have a bicycle bell on your bicycle. The bell must function properly and be clearly audible to other road users. This rule was introduced to increase road safety so that cyclists can effectively warn pedestrians and other cyclists of their approach.

Which side should the bicycle bell be placed on the bicycle?

The placement of the bicycle bell is not legally specified, but in general the bicycle bell is mounted on the left side of the handlebar. This is because most people are right-handed; by placing the bell on the left, they can operate the bell while steering with their right hand. This promotes control and safety while cycling.

Why don't cyclists have a bell on their bike?

Many cyclists choose not to mount a bell on their bicycle, mainly because of the culture and the desire to save weight on their light racing bikes. Cycling often takes place on less busy roads or specific cycle paths where there is less traffic interaction with pedestrians, so the need for a bell is less felt. However, in some countries it is even mandatory for cyclists to have a bell on their bike, regardless of where they cycle.

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