Man staat naast elektrische fiets op een stadsbrug

Looking for the Best Electric Fat Bike? Read Our Honest Review

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Over the past few weeks we've been working our way through a slew of electric Fatbikes - and boy, what an experience it was! We really wanted to feel how these beasts of bikes hold up on all kinds of terrain, so we took them on trails and beaches at home and abroad. We have selected three models that really stood out to us, each with a different brand and functionality. In this blog we share our honest opinion about these bicycles. We'll tell you what we noticed, what could have been improved, and of course, which bikes were the best to ride. So, if you're as curious about the best electric fat bike as we are, and are looking for a new Fat Bike, be sure to read on!

1. The Best E-Fatbike: Phatfour FLB PLUS

From the moment we stepped on the Phatfour FLB Plus, we were impressed by its cool and modern appearance. This Dutch design really appeals to the imagination and immediately gives a feeling of quality and adventure!

Comfort and Design

During our test drives, the comfort of the FLB Plus was immediately noticeable. The saddle and suspension offered enough comfort, even on rough trails. The saddle was comfortable, although we did notice that it was not adjustable, which was a bit uncomfortable for some of us.

Performance on the Road

As for performance, the FLB Plus electric fat bike did not disappoint. The powerful support of the motor made it easy to explore different terrains. It was remarkable how smoothly the bike provided support, although we did notice that the motor was audible while riding - something that distracted a bit from the quiet nature experiences.

Handling and Safety

The bike's brakes were extremely responsive, which was a big plus for our safety, especially on unpredictable trails. The bike's good handling gave us confidence, even on faster descents.

Final verdict after our test drive with the Phatfour FLB Plus

After extensive testing, we were pleasantly surprised by the Phatfour FLB Plus. It's clear that this is a fat bike that is not only stylish, but also functional. The bike offers an excellent balance between comfort and performance. The adjustable handlebars made it possible to adapt the bike to our personal riding style, which was a big plus. The weight of the bike, while sturdy, did not prove to be a hindrance to our experience. The disadvantages were that the motor was sometimes audible, which was noticeable in quiet environments. Overall, the Phatfour FLB Plus is an impressive fat bike that we definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and versatile Dutch quality ride!

2. The Best Two-Seater Electric Fat Bike: Knaap AMS

The Knaap AMS offered a different driving experience than the Phatfour FLB Plus. The comfort of the two-seater was a big plus, especially on longer city trips. The bike has a low center of gravity and an easily accessible seat height, which proved to be very useful in daily use.

Driving Experience and Comfort

The Knaap AMS offered a different driving experience than the Phatfour FLB Plus. The comfort of the two-seater was a big plus, especially on longer city trips. The bike has a low center of gravity and an easily accessible seat height, which proved to be very useful in daily use.

Performance and Battery Life

With a 250W Bafang motor and a 36V 21Ah Samsung battery, the Knaap AMS delivered impressive performance. The five levels of assistance provided a good balance between assistance and effort, similar to the Phatfour FLB Plus, but with an added dimension due to the two-seat design.

Agility and Safety

The 20" thick tires of the Knaap AMS made driving on cobblestone streets and over tram rails a lot safer and more comfortable. The Tektro hydraulic disc brake system was also impressive and provided a lot of control and safety while driving.

Suitability and Versatility

The Knaap AMS seemed ideal for both the daily commuter and for recreational users who want to take someone with them. The ability to carry a passenger gave this bike an extra dimension of versatility.


Our experience with the Knaap AMS was generally very positive! We were impressed with the unique design and comfortable two-seater feature. The weight of the bike was a minor drawback, especially when carrying or storing. Compared to the Phatfour FLB Plus, which is more focused on solo riding experiences, the Knaap AMS offers a unique combination of comfort and versatility for urban use and carrying passengers.

3. The Best Folding E-Fat Bike: Diablo All Road

When we first unfolded the Diablo All Road, we were immediately impressed by its silver design and sturdy build. The foldable frame was a big plus, making the bike easy to transport and store

Read our extensive review below!

Freedom and Mobility

The Diablo All Road offered us a new level of freedom in city traffic and off-road trails. It was great not to have to worry about parking issues and enjoy the efficiency of this bike.

Performance and Battery Life

The bike has a powerful RKS motor with five levels of assistance, which provided us with a smooth and effortless riding experience. The rear motor provided a balanced ride, while the battery gave us a range of 45-60 km - more than enough for our daily rides.

One special feature of the Diablo All Road that caught our attention was its foldable aspect. The folding process was surprisingly simple and quick, transforming the bike into a compact size that fit into the trunk of our car with ease. This functionality proved particularly useful for urban adventurers like us, who often travel from location to location. Whether we had a train to catch or simply wanted to store the bike in a limited space at home, the Diablo All Road's foldability added a significant advantage to its already impressive list of features.

Visibility and Lighting

Another important aspect was the lighting. The Diablo All Road is equipped with automatic LED lighting at the front and bright LED lighting at the rear, which helped us to always be clearly visible, both day and night.


Our experience with the Diablo All Road was mostly positive. The combination of the foldable design, powerful engine, and practical features made this an excellent choice for both urban and off-road adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing the Best Electric Fat Bike

1. How do I choose the best fat bike for my needs?

When choosing a fat bike, it is important to consider where and how you will use the bike. Think about the terrain you'll be riding on – do you need a bike for snow, sand, or especially rough forest trails? Also look at the bicycle size and seat height to ensure that the bicycle fits comfortably with your height.

2. Why shouldn't I go for a cheap fat bike?

Although the temptation may be to go for a cheaper option, with fat bikes it is often the case that you get what you pay for. A higher price range usually means better quality in terms of frame construction, components, durability and ride comfort. A better quality fat bike often also offers better performance and a longer lifespan.

3. What are the advantages of a foldable fat bike?

Folding fat bikes offer the convenience of easy transportation and storage. They are ideal for people who have little storage space or who often want to take the bicycle with them in the car or on public transport. This type of bicycle combines the robustness of a fat bike with the convenience of a folding bicycle.

4. Is an electric fat bike worth it?

Electric fat bikes can be an excellent choice for those who want extra support when cycling over challenging terrain or for longer distances. They offer the benefits of a traditional fat bike, but with the added power of an electric motor, which can be especially useful when climbing or carrying heavy loads.

5. How important is tire size on a fat bike?

Tire size is crucial for fat bikes. Wide tires provide better grip and stability on loose, soft or slippery surfaces. The size of tires you choose depends on the specific conditions in which you drive. For extreme conditions, such as deep snow or loose sand, wider tires are better.

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