Discover the top 5 best dashcams of the moment - for safety and security on the road

Dashcams are camera systems that are mounted on the dashboard of a car to record driving behavior. They have become popular because they can help determine who is responsible for a traffic accident. But they can also be used to monitor your driving behavior, to assist with parking maneuvers, or simply to record beautiful landscapes while driving. In this blog we have selected the top 5 best dashcams on the market to help you buy a dashcam.

The top 5 best dashcams highlighted

The Best Dashcam of 2024: Qumax dashcam

With the best dashcam from Qumax you can record images of your surroundings at the front and the back while driving. The best dashcam is equipped with a high-quality IPS display on which the images are displayed in high contrast and with a wide viewing angle (170°). The parking mode with g sensor is ideal for also using the dashcam for images when your car is stationary.

Finally, the dashcam is not the most expensive on the market and that is why the dashcam has the best price-quality ratio!

Double Camera for Front and Back Recording

The Qumax dashcam is equipped with both a front and a rear camera, giving you a complete overview of what is happening around your vehicle. This is not only useful for recording scenic drives, but also crucial in the event of accidents as evidence.

Full HD Quality with Night Vision

The dashcam offers razor-sharp images in Full HD quality, even under low light conditions thanks to night vision. This ensures that all details, such as license plates and road signs, are clearly visible, day and night.

Advanced Features for Safety and Convenience

With features such as motion detection, parking mode, and a built-in G-sensor that automatically protects recordings in the event of a collision, this dashcam offers an extra layer of safety. The 170° wide-angle lens ensures that you have a wide view, while the high-quality IPS display displays the images clearly.

2. The Best Mini Dashcam: Garmin Mini 2

The Garmin Dash Cam 66 W is a compact and reliable dashcam with a resolution of 1440p and a viewing angle of 140 degrees. This dashcam also has built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, and it comes with a handy smartphone app that lets you view and share footage wirelessly from the dashcam.

To store the camera images in the desired quality, a micro SD card of at least 8GB is required. With an active Wi-Fi connection you can share video clips with others by sending a link and password, just make sure you've used the correct SD card.

Compact and Discreet Design

The Garmin Mini 2 dashcam is extremely compact, comparable to the size of a car key, making the device almost invisible from the outside. This minimizes distractions while driving and preserves the aesthetic appearance of your car's interior.

Clear HD Video

Despite its small size, the Mini 2 dashcam delivers crisp and clear 1080p HD video, even in low-light conditions, thanks to Garmin Clarity™ HDR optics. This ensures that you always have detailed video images, regardless of the time of day.

Advanced Connectivity Options

With built-in Wi-Fi® and voice control, the Mini 2 offers easy access to your footage and the ability to operate the camera hands-free. Live View monitoring and parking monitoring are also available via the Garmin Drive app, allowing you to monitor your parked car remotely.

3. Best Dashcam Wireless: Thinkware F800 Pro

The Thinkware F800 Pro is an excellent dashcam with a resolution of 1080p and a viewing angle of 140 degrees. One of the best features of this dashcam is its parking mode, which automatically starts recording when motion is detected while your car is stationary.

The Thinkware front dashcam not only delivers smooth images with the compact camera, but also has a built-in microphone that can record sound from both inside the car and just outside the car.

Superior Night Vision

The F800 Pro is equipped with Super Night Vision 2.0, making it one of the best dashcams for low-light recording. This technology provides clear and detailed images during night driving or in parking mode.

Integrated Safety Features

In addition to the standard dashcam functions, the F800 Pro offers advanced safety features such as Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS), which contribute to a safer driving experience.

Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS

Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS make it easy to download videos, adjust settings, and track your location and speed. This adds an extra layer of convenience and functionality to the dashcam, making it an excellent choice for drivers looking for comprehensive driving data and easy access to their recordings.

4. Best Dashcam with Night Vision: RedTiger F7N Dashcam

There are plenty of times when you are in the car and it gets dark. Many Dashcams do not offer the ability to provide a clear image in the dark.

The RedTiger dashcam offers the option to produce a sharp and bright image in the dark so that your dashcam works well even in the middle of the night!

Ultra 4K Resolution

The RedTiger F7N offers an impressive 4K resolution for the front camera, combined with a 1080p rear camera. This ensures crystal clear images of both the front and rear of your vehicle, so that no detail escapes you.

WiFi and GPS Functionality

With built-in WiFi you can easily download and share images wirelessly via your smartphone. The GPS function records your location and speed, which can help accurately reconstruct events.

Excellent Night Vision and Parking Monitoring

Thanks to the advanced Sony sensor and the special night vision mode, the RedTiger F7N delivers bright and clear images, even in the dark. The parking monitoring function provides extra protection by recording when motion or shock is detected, even when you are not in the car.

5. The Best Dashcam with Parking Mode: Viofo A119 V3 QuadHD GPS Dashcam

We recently tested the 'Mirage Bicycle Mirror' and it convinced us on several fronts. Mirage is a recognized brand in the bicycle accessories industry and generally receives many positive reviews on various sales platforms. This is also one of the reasons that we wanted to test this mirror ourselves.

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Excellent Image Quality

With a resolution of 2560*1600p and a Sony Starvis sensor, the Viofo A119 V3 delivers exceptionally sharp images, even under low light conditions. This ensures that all crucial details, such as license plates and road signs, are clearly recorded.

Advanced Parking Mode

The dashcam has an automatic buffered parking mode with motion detection or Time Lapse, so your vehicle is also monitored while parking. This provides extra security and peace of mind when your car is unattended.

Built-in GPS and Super Capacitor

The built-in GPS accurately records your route, speed and location, which can be essential in the event of insurance claims or traffic incidents. In addition, the super capacitor ensures a reliable power supply and a longer lifespan of the dashcam, especially in extreme temperature conditions.

The most frequently asked questions about dashcams

Where are you not allowed to use a dashcam?

In some countries the use of a dashcam is restricted or even prohibited. The use of a dashcam is prohibited in Luxembourg. However, it is important to note that in most countries where the use of a dashcam is allowed, there are rules and restrictions. For example, the dashcam must not obstruct the driver's view and obstacles must not be more than 40 mm in the driver's field of vision, according to the Highway Code. It is therefore important to always be aware of local laws regarding the use of dashcams.

How does Parking Mode dashcam work?

Parking mode is a feature of some dashcams that allows them to continue recording while your car is parked and turned off. Parking mode recording describes the function of a dashcam to record even when the vehicle is turned off. A dashcam with parking mode is designed to go into a sleep mode when your vehicle is parked. This helps save energy and minimize unnecessary recordings. Generally, parking mode is activated when the dashcam's g sensor senses a collision or jerky movement, causing the dashcam to start recording a video clip relevant to the incident. Not every camera has a g sensor, so check the description carefully to see if your dashcam has one. Some dashcams also have a timer mode, where the dashcam starts recording the video after the car has been stationary for a certain period of time.

How much power does a dashcam use?

The power consumption of a dashcam depends on several factors, such as the type of dashcam and the functions it offers. Most dashcams have low power consumption and are designed to operate energy efficiently. Many dashcams have a built-in battery or capacitor that powers the dashcam when the vehicle is turned off. However, this can lead to problems if the battery is not sufficiently charged to power the dashcam for an extended period of time. In some cases, using the dashcam's parking mode may result in higher power consumption as the dashcam continues to operate in this mode in your parked car. If you are concerned about the power consumption of your dashcam, it is always a good idea to consult the manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.

How did we choose the best dashcam?

Dashcams can be useful for capturing evidence in the event of an accident, but they can also just be fun to have while driving. We have automatically selected the best price for each dashcam. The dashcams we reviewed above are some of the best on the market, offering excellent image quality and useful features like GPS, Wi-Fi and voice control. Whether you're looking for a high-end option or an affordable one, there's a dashcam to suit your needs.

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