The 3 best roof box steps of 2024

A long car journey with the whole family can quickly become chaotic, especially if you have limited luggage space. Roof boxes are the perfect solution to create extra storage space and keep your belongings safe and organized. But placing that suitcase can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, roof box steps are available to make the process easier. In this blog post we introduce the top 3 best roof box steps, so you can enjoy your next holiday or weekend away without any hassle. Read on to discover which step suits your needs best!

The 3 best roof boxes at a glance:

1. Best to buy - Roof Box Step Step
2. V&P - Car Step

The best roof box step highlighted

When creating the top 3 best roof box steps, we took three important pillars into account, these are: load-bearing capacity, safety and functionality. We have compiled the list with the help of the many reviews and our own experiences.

1. Car Roof Box Step - Black

best to buy roof box step

As someone who often goes on holiday with the roof box, I can tell you that this step is a great choice. This roof box step is the best known from this top 3 and you will encounter it more often on holiday. Here are three advantages of this roof box step:

  • Easy Access : With its sturdy construction and non-slip surface, this step provides safe and easy access to your roof box. You no longer have to struggle to reach the top of your car.
  • Compact and Portable : This step stool is lightweight and collapsible, meaning you can easily store it and take it with you. Ideal for traveling and being on the go.
  • Universal Fit : The step is designed to fit virtually any car door, making it a versatile choice for a variety of vehicles.

2. V&P Car step - Car step door - Roof rack - Roof box

V&P car step

This is another excellent roof box step that many friends use when traveling. They mainly use the car step to place the ski box. Here are three benefits of this car step-up:

  • Sturdy Aluminum Construction : This step stool is made of high-quality aluminum, making it durable and able to withstand heavy loads.
  • Easy installation : The door mounting makes it easy to attach the step to your car door without the need for tools.
  • Safety : The non-slip coating on the step provides a secure grip, allowing you to reach and load your roof box with confidence.

3. Car roof box step

Stepper roof box step

Last, but certainly not least, this car roof box step is a solid choice for anyone who often travels with a roof box. Here are three benefits of this product:

  • Rugged Construction : Made from heavy-duty material, this step is designed to support significant weight, so you can be confident it will withstand heavy use when loading and unloading your roof box.
  • Non-slip surface : The stepper car roof box step is equipped with a non-slip surface, so that you can stand safely and stably on the step during use.
  • Easy to use : This step is easy to place on the door sill of your car, giving you quick and easy access to your roof box without any hassle.

These three roof box steps are all great choices for anyone who likes to go on holiday by car and is looking for a convenient and safe way to reach and load their roof box. Each step has its own unique benefits, but they are all sure to be a great help during your travels.

How does a roof box step work?

A roof box step is a useful tool that helps you gain safe and easy access to your roof box, which is located on the roof of your car. The car step provides an extra step between the ground and the door sill, allowing you to reach higher and have more stability when loading and unloading your roof box. Here is a general explanation of how a roof box step works:

  1. Positioning : Place the step on the door sill of your car, just below the roof box. Make sure that it rests firmly and stably on the threshold and that the step cannot slip or tip over.

  2. Check safety : Check that the step is securely in place and that the non-slip surface of the step provides sufficient grip for safe standing. Some steps have a hook or loop attachment that goes around the top of the door to provide extra stability.

  3. Getting on : Step carefully onto the step and make sure you keep your balance. If necessary, use your hands to hold on to the car or roof box to provide additional support.

  4. Access to the roof box : Now that you are higher, you can more easily access the roof box and its contents. Use this elevated position to load items in and out of the roof box, open and close the roof box, or to clean the roof of your car.

  5. Dismounting : When you're done, carefully step back onto the ground and remove the step from the door sill. Keep the step stool in a suitable place so that you can reuse it whenever necessary during your trip.

A roof box step makes it much easier to access your roof box and can help improve safety and convenience when loading and unloading your luggage.

With the help of the three best roof box steps and an explanation of how to use the step, you are ready to fill your roof box. If you don't have a roof box yet or if your old roof box needs to be replaced, take a look at our blog about the best roof boxes and make your choice. View the 5 best roof boxes here.