This is why a phone holder on the bike is useful!

Phone holders for bicycles are only rarely seen on the streets. But is this also justified? We give 5 reasons why a phone holder can also be useful for you!

1 Phone protection

Perhaps the most important reason for having a phone holder on your bike: it protects the phone. It is sometimes said that an accident can happen just around the corner. And that's right!

A small stone on the road, a ditch filled with rainwater or an unforeseen speed bump: all everyday examples that can lead to a serious crash of the bicycle.

Storing the phone in a pocket while cycling, if there is even a storage place where the phone can go, is no guarantee of an undamaged phone after a fall. A good phone holder on the bike does this. The sturdy clamps keep the phone firmly in place, even during a fall. The chance of the phone being thrown out and, for example, falling on the fragile front is virtually nil.

2 Navigate

Whether you are an avid cyclist, a meal deliverer or someone who regularly takes an e-bike ride on Sundays: everyone gets lost sometimes. Then it is of course very useful to see the correct route mapped out on your handlebars, instead of having to stop every now and then to stare at the phone screen.

For a good overview, we recommend the Universal R2B Phone Holder for Bicycle and Motorcycle . This phone holder holds the phone securely in place, but at the same time takes up as little of the screen surface as possible, making it easier to navigate. Another advantage is that the phone holder can be rotated 360 degrees. This makes reading the map a lot easier!

3 Safer calling

It is safer to keep the phone in the holder and make calls than to hold the phone in your hand while calling (and you risk a fine!). Place the phone in the holder and connect your earphones. This way you can have a conversation relatively safely.

With the Universal R2B phone holder for bicycles and motorcycles with click system, you can firmly click the phone onto the handlebars. It is possible to rotate the device 360 ​​degrees, which makes it easier to connect your earphones.

4 Measuring performance

For many people it is interesting to keep track of their performance. There are numerous programs available for athletes to track their cycling performance. Just like with navigation, when tracking sports performance it is also more convenient to have the phone in front of you instead of in your pocket. Maybe a look at the screen will give you that little bit of extra motivation to push yourself further.

For real sports enthusiasts, we offer an R2B Waterproof Phone Holder for bicycles that can withstand rain/hedges/snow showers. Due to the design, the smartphone remains dry during the entire ride. With a special opening it is also possible to listen to your favorite songs during the ride.

5 Prevents unnecessary fines

Since July 1, 2019, you risk a fine of €95 in the Netherlands if you use an electronic device on your bicycle. This means: a smartphone, tablet, navigation or any other electronic device that can cause some form of distraction in traffic. Working with an electronic device ensures that your attention and eyes are not (fully) focused on the traffic. This significantly increases the risk of an accident.

In the remaining months of 2019 alone since its introduction, no fewer than 21,000 fines were issued for traffic offenders on bicycles. In the first four months of 2020, this number was just over 11,000 fines. Although a decrease, but still a high number (due to the lockdown in 2020, the other months are not included)

Fortunately, the solution is obvious. Just as you can reduce the chance of traffic fines for using your phone behind the wheel by using a phone holder in the car , you can also reduce the chance of a fine by using a phone holder on your bicycle. This does not mean that it is safe to text while cycling in traffic, but using the phone for navigation is permitted.

A telephone holder therefore offers several advantages. It's a shame that more people don't use this!

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