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Phone holder Mercedes

A phone holder is indispensable in any car. Therefore, view R2B's wide range of phone holders for your Mercedes A-Class, B-Class, or another Mercedes model!

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Phone holder Mercedes

✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

✓ Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✓ Easy returns

R2B Car phone mount - For window/dashboard - Model Beemster


R2B Car phone holder with suction cup - For window/dashboard - Model Purmerend


R2B Wireless Car Charger with suction cup - Phone holder - Model Alkmaar


R2B Car phone holder for window/dashboard/ventilation - Model Haarlem


R2B Magnetic car phone holder - For dashboard and console - Model Volendam


R2B Car phone mount with suction cup - For window/dashboard - Hoorn model


R2B Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Car - Car Charger - Car Kit - Bluetooth Receiver Car


Different types of Mercedes phone holders

When searching for the ideal phone holder for your Mercedes, you will come across various options. Specific phone holders with a suction cup, designed for all Mercedes models, ensure secure and seamless integration with the interior, whether on the dashboard or windscreen. For those looking for a more flexible solution, universal mounts offer the ability to hold a variety of devices. These phone holders are not only the perfect aids for navigation and hands-free use, but are also designed not to obstruct vision and ensure a hassle-free installation.

Installing a Phone Holder Mercedes

Installing a phone holder in your Mercedes is easy. The included manual guides you through a simple installation process. Depending on your preference, you can choose a holder that is attached to the windshield or dashboard with a suction cup or a holder that can be attached to the dashboard with a sturdy adhesive strip. Most of these holders do not require complex steps or the use of screws, leaving your interior undamaged. Installing a hands-free set contributes to safety by ensuring that your smartphone is always within reach, without compromising your attention on the road.

Additional Accessories for your Mercedes

An essential element for creating a pleasant atmosphere in your Mercedes is a car perfume . Specifically designed to spread a refined and long-lasting scent in the interior of your car, a Car Perfume takes the driving experience to the next level. Whether you choose the freshness of white musk, the soothing scent of vanilla, or the luxury of saffron, there is a scent to suit every personal preference. Easily attached to the ventilation grille of your Mercedes, a car perfume ensures that your car always smells wonderful. Thanks to a simple installation that does not damage the vehicle, a car perfume not only offers stable fragrance distribution, but also the flexibility to adjust the fragrance intensity to your wishes, making every drive a pleasure.

In addition to a phone holder, there are various accessories that can enrich your Mercedes driving experience. Bluetooth transmitters are an ideal solution for Mercedes owners who want to integrate a hands-free set. These devices allow you to seamlessly connect your smartphone or tablet for music streaming or navigation purposes, without the need for complicated installations or wiring. Designed to fit easily into the cigarette lighter of your Mercedes, these FM transmitters provide a strong and clear connection.

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Purchasing a phone holder for your Mercedes has never been easier. R2B's selection of products, specifically designed for all Mercedes models, offer a wide range of options that perfectly match your smartphone, regardless of brand or size. Add your chosen holder to your shopping cart and experience the convenience of simple installation, strong mounting, and the comfort our products provide, right from your own home or office.