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Universal car phone holder

A phone holder for the car that is universal gives you a great advantage. You can use this for any type of phone! At R2B store you will find different types of universal phone holders for the car. This means there is certainly a universal car phone holder that fits perfectly in your car.

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The benefits of a universal car phone holder

The big advantage of a universal car phone holder is that you can use it for any make and model of phone. Whether you have an older iPhone model or the latest Samsung: with this universal car phone holder you can always make hands-free calls or navigate in the car! The holder can be used with or without a protective case for your phone within the given dimensions.

Choose a car phone holder from R2B Store

A smartphone holder is now indispensable in every car. A smartphone has become such a big part of our daily lives that we are increasingly inclined to reach for the phone while driving, which of course does not improve our view of the road. R2B Store has several available phone holders. The magnetic phone holder "Volendam" is ideal as a universal smartphone holder. You can stick the holder to your dashboard with a metal plate and then you can attach your phone to it. Another option for a good phone holder is the "Purmerend" model. The smartphone holder in question can be attached to the window or dashboard using a suction cup. The adjustable arm allows you to pull your phone towards you, making it one of the best phone holders to buy.

So whether you choose magnetic car holders, a phone holder, car ventilation grille or another such holder. The car phone holders from R2B Store ensure that your smartphone holder fits and includes any phone case. The universal smartphone holder even has an opening at the bottom so that your USB-C cable can still fit through the holder so you can put it in your phone.

Choose wireless charging while driving with the "Alkmaar" model

What's better than charging your phone wirelessly while driving. Using the "Alkmaar" model it is possible to place your phone in a holder and charge the phone wirelessly at the same time. This way you never arrive at your location with an empty phone, as your phone may use a lot of power while navigating. But with the help of this phone holder that can charge wirelessly, an empty phone is a thing of the past!

Choose a durable universal car phone holder that will last a long time

When you order a universal car phone holder from us, you can be assured that it will last a long time and is sustainably produced. In addition, you don't have to wait long for the phone holder, because if you order today, it will be delivered the next working day. Would you like to know more about our telephone holders or do you have a question? Send an email to We are happy to help you! Also view our entire range of phone holders for the car here .