Do you increasingly shop online?

The popularity of online shopping has recently reached unprecedented levels. The range of online shops has grown enormously in recent years. Have you started buying online more often or do you prefer to go to a physical store? And what consequences does this have for the major online competition?

More and more people prefer online shopping. Will this be at the expense of the number of physical stores? According to a study conducted from 2015 to 2020 by ABN AMRO's Q & A Research & consultancy, 35 percent of people say they go to physical stores less. This number is expected to continue to rise significantly in the coming decades.

Since the corona crisis, the number of online purchases has increased enormously. It seems that the group of people who were hesitant about online shopping are now convinced of the convenience of ordering online. Where demand increases, supply automatically increases. More and more entrepreneurs see opportunities to respond to this and offer their articles online via various platforms and their own websites.

It is becoming increasingly important for web shops to distinguish themselves from the competition. How you position yourself as an online company towards your customers is essential. Since your customers do not physically see you, it is a lot more difficult to build a special customer relationship. Yet there are plenty of ways in which you as an entrepreneur can distinguish yourself from your competitors! Below you can read a number of examples that, in addition to good product quality, are key in building a long-term customer relationship.

Delivery time

Fast delivery time is a reason for more and more consumers to buy from a certain website. After all, why would you want to wait a week for a product if you can have the same item delivered the next day? It is therefore becoming increasingly important for online retailers to distinguish themselves from the competition based on delivery time. Curious about how we distinguish ourselves from the competition in terms of delivery time? Then take a quick look via this link !

Delivery costs and returns

You increasingly see that web shops offer the option of free delivery and easy (free) returns. In order to distinguish yourself as an entrepreneur from the large platforms and other entrepreneurs, it is essential to make your delivery costs and return conditions as competitive as possible. After all, would you rather order from a site where you get free delivery or where you have to pay another 6 euros in delivery costs on top of the same amount? We would know! Read here how we distinguish ourselves from the rest based on delivery costs and returns!

Last but not least: Customer service!

If you have a question about your product, order or delivery, you would like to be helped as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it often happens that you have to fill out a contact form if you have questions, after which you can then wait days for a response. In order to retain your customers as best as possible and ensure that you are also recommended to family/friends, it is important to help everyone as best as possible. Friendly, clear, helpful and fast customer service is essential to build a permanent customer relationship. Feel free to send us a message via our chat or send us a message on our Instagram or Facebook . You can of course also follow us on Social Media. We really appreciate this and would love to hear from you!

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