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Buy the best bicycle lock | This is the best way to protect your bike against theft

Welcome to this guide to the best bike locks! As a bicycle enthusiast, you know how important it is to properly protect your new bicycle against theft. Buying a good bicycle lock is essential. There are many different good bicycle locks on the market, from chain locks to U-locks and folding locks. But which locks really offer the best protection for your bicycle? In this guide we will discuss the different bicycle locks and help you choose the best lock for your needs. After reading, you can buy the best bicycle lock for yourself.

These are the 5 best bicycle locks at a glance:

  1. R2B Bicycle Lock with Two Keys - Best Bicycle Lock 2024
  2. ABUS Iven 8210 chain lock - Best Bicycle Lock with Quality Mark
  3. R2B Bicycle Lock with Combination Lock - Best Bicycle Lock Electric Bicycle
  4. Vinz makulu bicycle lock - Best Chain Lock
  5. AXA defender - Best Frame Lock

The 5 best bicycle locks highlighted:

To determine the best bicycle locks, we look at various factors, such as safety, ease of use and price-quality ratio. Read on to discover which bicycle locks are the best and how to best lock your bicycle.

1 - R2B Bicycle Lock with Two Keys - Best Bicycle Lock 2024

best bike lock 2024

The best bicycle lock in our test is the bicycle lock from R2B Store. This bicycle lock is known for its robust appearance and reliability. Is your bicycle often at the station? Or do you leave your bike in the city center for a long time? Thanks to the bicycle lock from R2B Store, you no longer have to worry about the well-being of your bicycle. Thanks to the automatic click in function you can easily lock the bicycle. The protection of the chain ensures that your bicycle lock can withstand all weather conditions all year round. And the high quality of the lock makes it a difficult task for any thief.
  • Made of high quality
  • 2 keys included
  • Universal fit
  • Dirty cap that protects the lock

2 - ABUS Iven 8210 chain lock - Best bicycle lock with quality mark

Bicycle lock

The ABUS Iven 8210 is one of the best bicycle locks that you should definitely buy! This chain lock is one of the best bicycle locks because of the automatic click lock. This is useful for opening and closing the lock. There is also a very strong bar around the chain, these are reasons why the ABUS Iven 8210 has been chosen as the best bicycle lock by the ANWB in 2022. Furthermore, the ABUS Iven 8210 has a flexible lvytex chain cover. The chain cover is water and dirt repellent and ensures that the chain lasts longer. Two keys are included. Make sure you don't lose your bicycle keys, because the chain itself can be difficult to remove.


  • Winner of the ANWB lock test 2022
  • Lock comes with 2 keys
  • An ABUS security level of 10 and an ART 2 quality mark
  • Available in 85 cm, 110 cm and 140 cm

    3 - R2B Bicycle Lock with Combination Lock - Best Bicycle Lock Electric Bicycle

    best combination lock bike

    Everyone knows the problem of losing their keys. Thanks to the combination lock from R2B Store, this no longer has to be a problem. A bicycle key has become redundant thanks to the best combination lock. You can set a reliable code for your lock and then lock your bike and leave it safe. This combination lock is also ideal for electric bicycles. There are more and more electric bicycles and you naturally want to protect them as best as possible. Thanks to this bicycle lock you can easily lock the bicycle and leave it behind with confidence.
    • Hardened steel chain lock
    • Protective cover around the lock
    • 110cm long, suitable for use around a post or fence

    4 - VINZ Makalu Chain Lock - Best Chain Lock

    Best chain lock

    The VINZ Makalu bicycle lock is ART 4 ​​certified. This means that you are insured against theft when using this lock. Furthermore, the bicycle lock has a minimum length of 120 cm (view all bicycle lock sizes here), which ensures that you can mount the bicycle lock around a post. The weight, just like the price, is on the low side. This ensures that you can easily take the bicycle lock with you. The value for money of one of the best chain locks is excellent.


    • Quality mark: ART 4
    • 3 keys are included
    • Sturdy cover made of durable nylon
    • Lockable keyhole

          5 - AXA bicycle lock defender art 2 - Best Frame Lock

          Best frame lock

          AXA is one of the best-known brands of locks. The AXA Defender frame lock is one of the best frame locks to protect your bicycle against theft. The AXA Defender bicycle lock can be mounted with two M-5 bolts. The lock also offers the option of plug-ins with a reinforced steel insert pin of 20 millimeters. Axa bicycle lock, for example, has a plug-in chain RLC for this. The lock has the quality mark: ART-2. This means that you can insure your bicycle against theft. It is necessary to show the keys.


          • Quality mark: ART-2
          • 2 keys
          • Plug-in capability

                Buy different types of bicycle locks

                It is important to buy a good bicycle lock, every bicycle lock has their own advantages and disadvantages. Below are the most common types of bicycle locks:

                Chain locks

                These are locks that consist of a hardened steel chain. They are very robust and offer a high degree of security, but are also heavy and can be difficult to carry while cycling.


                These locks consist of a U-shaped bracket made of hardened steel that fits into a locking mechanism. U-locks provide a high degree of security and are relatively easy to use, but are also quite heavy and large. This is a safe bicycle lock.

                Folding locks

                These are locks that consist of a series of hinged bars of hardened steel that can be folded together when not in use. Folding locks are lighter and more compact than chain locks and U-locks, but still offer a high degree of security.

                Cable locks

                These are locks that consist of a steel cable that fits into a locking mechanism. Cable locks are light and easy to carry, but generally offer less security than chain locks, U-locks and folding locks.

                Frame locks

                Most frame locks are locks mounted on the back of the bicycle that fit into the rear axle of the bicycle to lock the rear wheel. A good frame lock provides a basic level of security, but is useful for short-term security while shopping, for example.

                Each type of lock has its own advantages and disadvantages and the choice of the right lock depends on the specific needs of the cyclist and the situation in which the lock is used. It is always important to invest in a high quality lock to ensure the best protection for your bike. View all prices and types of bicycle locks here.

                FAQ Bicycle locks

                What else can you do to ensure that your bicycle is well protected against theft?

                In addition to choosing the best bicycle lock and properly locking your bicycle, there are a number of other steps you can take to ensure that your bicycle is well protected against theft:

                1. Park your bike in a well-lit and busy place: Park your bike in a place where many people walk by and where it is well lit. Thieves are less likely to steal a bicycle if there are many people around and your bicycle is locked. Lock your expensive bike somewhere near other bikes.

                2. Use multiple locks: Using multiple locks makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your bike. For example, use a chain lock in combination with a U-lock.

                3. Remove important parts: Remove important parts from your bike, such as the saddle or front wheels, and take them with you when you park your bike. This makes it less attractive for thieves to steal your bicycle.

                4. Register your bicycle: Register your bicycle with the local authorities or with a bicycle registration service. If your bike is stolen, it may be easier to find it if it is registered. This way you may be able to see where your bicycle is.

                5. Make sure you have insurance: Consider taking out bicycle insurance. Bicycle insurance can help you cover the costs if your bicycle is stolen or damaged.

                What is the best bicycle lock for an E-Bike / Electric bicycle?

                The best bicycle lock for an electric bicycle is a bicycle lock that offers a high degree of security and is suitable for the specific needs of an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles are generally more expensive than regular bicycles and often have additional functions and accessories, such as a motor and a battery. This often makes them an attractive target for thieves. View the best axa bicycle lock for an electric bicycle here.

                A high-quality chain lock or U-lock is a good choice for securing an electric bicycle. Make sure that the best bicycle lock is long enough to secure the bicycle to an object, such as a bicycle rack or a post. This means that thieves cannot easily take the bicycle.

                In addition, it is wise to use a sturdy chain lock or second lock to secure the bicycle battery. The battery of e-bikes is one of the most expensive parts and it is important to protect it properly. View a special battery lock for an electric bicycle here.

                It is also advisable to use a bicycle cover to protect your electric bicycle against weather conditions and unwanted attention from thieves. This reduces the visibility of your bicycle and makes it less attractive for thieves to steal it.

                It is important to invest in the best bicycle lock and to take the right security measures to ensure that your electric bicycle is well protected against theft.

                Finally, it is important to remember that no measure is 100% theft-proof. But by taking a combination of these measures, you increase the chance that your bicycle will remain safe. In addition to extra safety for your bicycle, do you also want safety for yourself while cycling? Then go for a bicycle phone holder from R2B Store. This way you ensure that you are not tempted to take your phone in your hand while cycling. You can easily navigate and play music. View the full range of telephone holders for bicycles from R2B Store here.

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