Are you looking for the Best Waterproof Phone Case? Then look here now!

In our search for the ideal waterproof phone case, we have done thorough research, paying special attention to essential aspects such as waterproofing, durability, ease of use and value for money. Our goal was to find cases that deliver on their waterproof promise in all conditions, while also being able to withstand everyday wear and tear like drops and scratches, and being easy to use without compromising on protection. It was important that the cases offer good value for their price.

Waterproof phone cases are crucial for anyone who wants to protect their phone from water during various activities, from road trips to adventure trips, or just in everyday life. We looked for options that not only provide protection but are also comfortable and practical to use, with features such as breathable material and an easy-to-use design.

Our recommendations are intended to help consumers make an informed choice, by offering options that combine the best protection and durability with ease of use and attractive value for money. Whether it's cases that are exceptionally resistant to submersion or models with useful features such as removable and washable covers for easy maintenance, we've found a suitable option for everyone.

Best Waterproof Phone Cases Featured

1. The Best Waterproof Phone Case of 2024: Earkings Drybag Set of 2

The DryBag set from Earkings offers a universal, waterproof solution that is suitable for almost any smartphone model. This set, consisting of two cases, is designed to keep your phone dry and safe in all conditions. Whether you're snorkeling or braving a muddy hiking trail, these cases have been tested and found reliable by our team. Check out the in-depth review of the best waterproof phone case below.

Universal Compatibility 

We were pleasantly surprised by the flexibility and adaptability of these cases. They could effortlessly accommodate smartphones of different brands and sizes, making them ideal for families or groups with various types of phones. This eliminates the need for specific cases for each device.

Crystal Clear Screen Functionality

Despite the robust protection, the cases maintained clear and unobstructed screen visibility. Our team was able to take photos, read messages, and even watch videos underwater without any loss of quality.

Doubled Safety Features

The double closure system of the DryBag covers provided extra peace of mind during water activities. Our team noticed that even when accidentally dropped into water, the cases remained hermetically sealed, keeping the phones dry and protected.

2. The Best Waterproof Phone Case Back Cover: RedPepper Waterproof Case

The Redpepper Dot Plus is an exceptional waterproof phone case designed for both iPhones and Samsung smartphone models. The case offers both style and substance. With an emphasis on protection without compromise, this case manages to maintain the elegance of the iPhone while being a fortress against water, dust, and shock. Our team was extremely impressed with this case's performance in demanding conditions.

Elegant and Functional Design

What immediately stood out was the case's ability to maintain the smartphone's slim profile while providing full protection. This design fits seamlessly with the aesthetics of the phone.

Unobstructed Camera Functionality

Capturing photos underwater or in dusty environments without compromising quality was a clear advantage. The case did not interfere with the camera in any way, a rarity among many waterproof cases.

Advanced Protection Standards

With an IP68 certification, this case offered peace of mind in situations where other cases fall short. It effectively protected the phone from prolonged submersion without sacrificing the accessibility or use of the phone.

3. The Best Waterproof Phone Case Multifunctional: Jaunti Universal Drybag

The JAUNTI waterproof phone cases provide a universal solution for protecting your phone from water, with a simple, easy-to-use design. These cases are perfect for anyone who wants to protect their device during water activities, so you can continue to use your phone.

Ease of use

What our team immediately noticed was the simple and quick process of placing the phone in the case and sealing it. This ease of use is invaluable when you need to quickly protect your phone from an oncoming wave or a sudden rain shower. The closure provides a firm and reliable seal.

Maintaining Touchscreen Functionality

Even underwater, our phones' touchscreen functionality remained intact, making it possible to continue taking photos, recording videos, or even sending messages without removing the phone from the case. This feature has significantly enriched our experiences during water activities.

Versatile Protection

In addition to being waterproof, these cases also provided excellent protection against sand, dust, and even snow. This made them an all-weather, all-activity choice for our team. During a day out at the beach, our phones remained completely protected from fine sand and water.

4. The Best Phone Case Waterproof and DropProof: LifeProof Waterproof Case

The LifeProof FRE cover combines durability with style, providing comprehensive protection that goes beyond just waterproofing. The sleek, black design masks a rugged layer of protection designed to keep your iPhone safe from water, snow, dust, and shock. Our team was especially impressed with how this cover performed during our outdoor adventures.

Integrated Screen Saver

The LifeProof FRE's built-in screen saver was a big plus in our tests. It not only protects against scratches and scrapes, but also maintains full sensitivity of the touchscreen. This means that you can continue to use your phone as you are used to.

Comprehensive Protection

This case went beyond our expectations with its ability to protect the phone from water, snow, and dust. During a weekend trip to a snowy area, the phone remained fully functional and undamaged despite repeated exposure to wet and cold conditions.

Unobstructed Accessibility and Functionality

What sets this case apart is how it provides access to all the smartphone's features and ports without reducing protection. Cameras, buttons, and charging ports are all easily accessible, making the case ideal for everyday use.

5. The Best Waterproof Phone Case with Full Protection: Fonu Fully Waterproof Phone Case

The FONU case embodies a perfect balance between slim design and maximum protection. It combines advanced waterproof and dustproof technologies in a compact form factor, keeping your iPhone protected without sacrificing style or functionality. This case is specifically designed to effortlessly meet the challenges of everyday use and outdoor adventures. The FONU case is compatible with various iPhone models as well as Samsung models.

Responsive Touchscreen

Our team was impressed with how well the touchscreen functioned, even through the protective layer. The ability to type, scroll and use apps without being bothered by the case was a big plus. This ensures a seamless user experience.

Rugged Full Protection

During our testing, the case proved its worth by protecting the phone from everything from fine dust particles to immersion in water. The impact of falls and bumps was significantly reduced.

Unhindered Access

Despite its protective properties, the case provides easy access to all buttons and ports of the mobile phone. Our team appreciated the thoughtful design choices that made charging and using headphones a breeze.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Waterproof Phone Case:

Are all waterproof phone cases compatible with touchscreen and camera functions?

Yes, most waterproof phone cases are specifically designed not to hinder the functionality of your phone. This means you can continue to use your touchscreen and take photos with your camera even with the case in place. The best waterproof cases keep your device fully operational while providing excellent protection against water and dust.

What makes a phone case the best waterproof phone case?

The best waterproof phone case will stand out for its superior waterproofing and durability, while also being dust resistant, ensuring your belongings stay dry and safe in all conditions. A top waterproof case provides unobstructed access to the touchscreen and camera, so you can continue using your phone even during water sports. The wide range of waterproof phone cases available includes products for the latest phones from select brands such as iPhone and Samsung, each designed to protect your device without sacrificing functionality.

Can I really use my phone underwater with a waterproof phone case?

With a waterproof case you protect your phone during use underwater, which is ideal for capturing moments while swimming or diving. However, it is important to check the specifications of the waterproof case, such as the maximum depth and duration of submersion it can withstand, to ensure that your phone remains protected under the conditions you intend to expose it to.

What other phone accessories do I need?

In addition to finding the perfect waterproof phone case, there are several other phone accessories that can enrich and enhance your experience with your mobile device. A must-have for anyone on the go, power banks ensure your phone always stays charged, even when you don't have access to an electrical outlet. Ideal for long travel days, adventurous trips where you have no electricity available for a longer period of time, or simply as a backup during daily use. Our wide range of power banks includes different capacities, so you can choose exactly the right power bank to meet your needs.